Harnessing Peacocks

Harnessing Peacocks

Sir John Mills, Peter Davison and Serena Scott Thomas star in this warm, funny and romantic story of a woman forced to make a new life for herself in a Cornish seaside town. Based on Mary Wesley’s bestselling novel, «Harnessing Peacocks» is adapted by the multi-award-winning Andrew Davies.

The beautiful Hebe has been cast out by her family after a teenage pregnancy to a masked stranger during a fiesta in Italy. She makes ends meet and pays for her son's school fees by cooking... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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F B (jp) wrote: They don't come much more boring than this. Painfully slow and lacking in anything

dallas j (us) wrote: it is a movie that shows us how our fate is never really determined and how many things can change the very foundation of who we are. when jake takes a look on his life and sees that everything that has happened for him and what could have been for his friend it just caused him grief. the plot was easy to follow and it was good to watch.

Yinal R (gb) wrote: Twisted from the beginning, to the very end...

Jose C (br) wrote: This is the kind of movie I love!!

Jaspreet S (nl) wrote: Boring and confusing. Zayed Khan is wasted and Sanjay Dutt is unconvincing as a writer who is slowly losing his grip on reality. Aish is passable as usual, but one wonders what possessed her to do this film?

Annie S (gb) wrote: Not for children, the first three minutes of The Triplets of Belleville are loaded with sizeism and racism. An erotic dancer who is supposed to be Josephine Baker is shown topless, dancing in nothing but a banana skirt. Suddenly the men in the audience turn into monkeys and attack her, removing all the bananas. If that is not shocking enough, this movie was made in 2003. But, of course, you will find many apologists for trashy, thoughtless art masquerading as edgy, avant-garde, etc. (Google "Artist's Shit.") Sadly, what is really edgy and avant-garde are films that treat people of color, people of all sizes and people of all genders and sexual orientations as, well, people.

Angela G (fr) wrote: Another boring movie! Dan Mac is still hot though lol

Margarita S (gb) wrote: The pacing is off - the sexual relationship begins abruptly without proper lead in or development and then the storyline drags. There is no chemistry between Stephen (Irons) and Anna (Binoche).

Kevan C (mx) wrote: NOT a kung fu flick, despite the inaccurate picture. This is a rare screenplay for the big screen by Alan Bleasdale starring regular cohorts Michael Angelis and Bernard Hill, and was surely the inspiration for Peter Kay's Pheonix Nights.

Ryan H (br) wrote: Best buddy cop film I have ever seen. The interaction between Alan Arkin and James Caan is hilarious. We love how much they love/hate each other. The film gives us a main story of two cops trying to keep a man alive to put him in prison later, while we get the side story of these two guys and their strange relationship. I also love how they can shoot up anyone at any time and it doesn't matter, they just walk away. Such a ridiculous, over the top, and highly entertaining film!

Liliane S (ca) wrote: An old time classic from childhood!

Todd S (jp) wrote: This movie has the feel of a family movie (spoiler warning), and then the antagonist just gets gunned down in the back of the head. I mean, he didn't even instantly die, it was like a slow confused "I've been shot in the head!?" death. The plots absolutely awful, and I still don't exactly know why the antagonist wanted the ticket. If you like corny children's movies and also like spine tingly GSW's to the occipital lobe, give it a try.