Amongst the desperation and fear growing in a crime ridden estate in northern England, one man becomes embroiled into saving what community life exists.

Amongst the Desperation and fear growing in a crime ridden sink estate in northern England, one man becomes involved into saving what little decency and community life exists. It's the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Harrigan torrent reviews

Amy C (kr) wrote: I thought it was a great movie! Different and interesting. Not sure why it's rated so low.

Chew Keng K (ru) wrote: tries to be somewhat of a screwball comedy, started promisingly, but weighted down by excessive length.

Shaun C (it) wrote: Grim heavy unpleasant dark disturbing realistic

Richard W (fr) wrote: Most people don't watch this type of movie for the story or the acting, instead they watch it for the dancing. However, you will find that there isn't anything out of the ordinary. The only good part of the dancing was the gogo brothers in the finals, other than that even the power moves were mediocre and the camera work was terrible.

David H (mx) wrote: A sort of soft wandering through Lennon's early life, highlighting the weird relationship with his mother, and his shyness with some people compared to his over confidence with others. Some amusing scenes, strong 1950s England feel, strong morally ambiguous drama, the forming of the band is very much in the background, expect to reflect how young they are.

Wade W (ag) wrote: Let Me In has solid young actors and a few scary moments. I wasn't satisfied with the conclusion and I felt like a certain character went to waste. But, I can't deny that it's a good film that stands as one of the better vampire flicks of recent memory.

Wes S (us) wrote: It's in bad taste. While it is rather humorish and dark, it goes a bit too far. The characters are snobbish and the ending is expected. It gets points for some originality with it's presentation, yet it's hard to like.

Anssi V (ag) wrote: A biographical film about the legendary Finnish rock band Hurriganes and especially about its founding father Remu Aaltonen. The film focuses on the childhood and teenage years of Remu before exploring the early years of the band before it really hit on. I think it was a good choice to do it like that, because it allows us to know Remu's character better and to follow the key points in his life. And it's a decent enough story. I personally didn't know much about Remu's past before this film, and I'm not really sure how much of it was romanticized for the movie, but I liked the story I was given here. There was drama, low points and high points, there were struggles and personal victories, the whole nine yards.Eero Milonoff does a good job as the leading man himself. He's cocky and abrasive, like a proper "rokkikukko" (rock rooster would be the direct translation) should be, but when the character has to suffer and show his vulnerability, the man has enough depth and acting skill to really pull it off. The rest of the actors are for the most part just okay, though Tommi Korpela is always a memorable performer, no matter what the role.I'd say the music was the other highlight of the film. You can feel the energy, the vibes and the excitement of their rock and roll, their happiness to be playing in front of a live audience. When a fan walks up to Remu and claims that "they're the best live band in Finland", you get what he's talking about.I liked this film. I wouldn't go as far as to call it great, but any fan of Hurriganes should give it a watch, because they're going to enjoy it. And I'd claim that any fan of musical biographies in general will find some good things in it.

Dave M (fr) wrote: The spiders in my bathroom are more frightening than the terrible CGI ones here.

Scott S (mx) wrote: honest rating still enjoyable

Daniel D (gb) wrote: I was extremely dissapointed. The biggest problem was the voice over. I mean I'd she motions for you to sit, you don't have to tell me I can see it. I can when you're having a meal, it felt like an audio book. While yes it was entertaining and fairly sad that voice over just ruined the whole thing for me

Matt N (de) wrote: I wouldn't consider wasting the valuable brain cells required to watch something ridiculous like Tupac attempting to be cool