Hartmann: Science Faction

Hartmann: Science Faction


  • Category:Comedy
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  • Uploader:NickDan
  • Country:USA
  • Director:N/A
  • Writer:Thomas Hartmann

Et comedy show til nørden i os alle! I sit nye show, Science Faction, tager Thomas udgangspunkt i sin evige interesse for underlige facts; “Jeg har altid haft den regel, at jeg ikke står på scenen og påstår noget er sandt, hvis det ikke er tilfældet,” siger Thomas Hartmann. “Dette bliver, i det nye show, mere aktuelt end nogensinde.” Science Faction bliver som vi kender det fra Hartmann - klassisk, verbal stand-up comedy! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy B (kr) wrote: Once upon a time in Mexico I got robbed by the cops. Once upon a few thousand times in Mexico I scored really potent drugs. Such are the exploits of a San Diego-born hooligan like me who saw Desperado about thirty times since I was sixteen. Was my code of conduct shaped and corrupted by the onscreen mayhem in the films of Rodriguez, Tarantino and Michael Mann? More importantly, do I care? Not enough to object to a great sequel like this. Here we have Johnny Depp doing a swell job making things interesting and funny, with priceless quips like "Are you a Mexi-can, or a Mexi-can't?"

Facebook U (mx) wrote: What a ride! Great story line, with enough realism to be immersed in it. There were a few things, at the beginning on the island especially, that seemed a bit too dumb for an adult to do. But still kind of believable. Writing HELP did not make sense, SOS should have been written. Getting stuck four years seems also pushing it. There is so much traffic all over that someone should have showed up. It does make a lot of comedic sense though. The film has a lot of heart. Good work!

Movie K (fr) wrote: One of the funniest movie from Stephen Chow. The magnet fighting part and the helicopter firing canon part are innovative. The ending part when the emperor call for the guards to lock Stephen Chow but instead lock the bad guy in disguise is quite a surprise. Carina Lau also gave a good supporting role and is funny as well.

Jose Luis M (gb) wrote: Una constelacin de estrellas en esta disparatada comedia.

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