Has Anybody Seen My Gal

Has Anybody Seen My Gal

When a 1920s millionaire tests the fiber of his Vermont family, a young lady and her boyfriend feel the repercussions.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   snow,   statue,  

Wealthy Samuel Fulton is getting older and has no family of his own. He decides to leave his estate to the family of his first love, who turned down his marriage proposal years ago because ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicole B (br) wrote: Must see- action from beginning to end

Jackie S (ru) wrote: mary elizabeth winstead is amazing in this

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Steve D (au) wrote: England was missed and the movie took the original and idea and made it a bad joke instead of a tong in cheek slasher

Goran R (nl) wrote: I thought that the plot was very poor and unconvincing as was acting. It is a shame for such cast to be wasted due to serious problems with the script, meaning that the story is difficult to follow and vague. Also, the characters were not developed enought to be able to create a quality movie.

Ke H (nl) wrote: I might just be a chick bawling over mushy stuff, but I thought there were subjects in this film that could interest male viewers. I thought most of the main characters had depth and Mick Jackson didn't overplay a sentimental soundtrack. Maybe my only complaint is that Mitch's professional work was portrayed a bit cartoonishly.

Joseph F (jp) wrote: This is one of my favorite funnydumb movies

Ally C (fr) wrote: Not a bad adaptation of Terrence Rattigan's Cause Celebre but a few performances over-egg the pudding a bit. David Morrissey makes an early career appearance as Bowman, the man who has an affair with Helen Mirren's Alma and may or may not be the murderer of her husband Rats. David Suchet puts in a sterling performance as T.J. O'Connor, the defence barrister for Alma and is the best thing in the play by far. Mirren's performance is good but it was never going to be as iconic as her more famous roles in later years. The play builds up to a cracking ending but there was a bit too much celebre before the cause but the main players cannot be blamed for that.

Laney C (ru) wrote: Does this go with the series I liked so much?

Adam R (ag) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/21/2010)

Filipe C (us) wrote: What a gutsy, heart-wrenching, down-beat feast. This is not only one of John Huston's best films but also one of the best cinematic portraits about people who struggle to find a place in life. This is masterful filmmaking by a director that understands minimalism and knows how to direct his actors. What astonishing performances!

Slvio T (jp) wrote: Pessoalmente, aprecio muito a criao de universos paralelos flmicos nas quais os movimentos de expanso/contrao requerem a compreenso da lgica interna de seus componentes, no possuem aplicabilidade real imediata. Embora os filmes almejem em geral algum flerte com a realidade com uma mensagem elaborada a partir do espao racional de seus conceptores, s vezes a distncia entre o discurso e a aplicao de suas bases exige retorcer ou distorcer os elementos bsicos que o fundamentam para compreender a relao. A chance de transmitir a mensagem cada vez mais opaca na medida em que esses mundos necessitam de tratamento mais sofisticado para a percepo dos pontos em comum.MASH utiliza de um elaborado trabalho de construo de um microuniverso para denunciar e por vezes evidenciar atravs do exagero e do absurdo os problemas morais e consequentes de um grupo preso a normas especficas e condutas definidas (muitas levando a uma distoro completa do ideal, moral e justo). Da desfila em meio a uma guerra onde mortos, feridos e sangue clamam por auxlio, um local onde o sexismo, a trapaa, o humor e a crtica religio reinam absolutos sem fronteiras atravs da supremacia do poder hierrquico e dos mandos e desmandos das autoridades que dominam o pensamento.Aqui o som que emerge como soberano ao invs do tempo ou espao, invadindo, perturbando e percorrendo os arredores do hospital. Ele est presente em tudo e jamais se cala, seja expondo personagens controversos atravs de um microfone escondido, seja num ritual de morte sem sentido, seja estrangulando a voz de personagens sem fora quando outros sons se destacam mais quando falam e o pblico sequer consegue compreender o que dizem e muito mais.Bom filme, que infelizmente ainda hoje vejo crticas pesadas ao que parecem no ter percebido o tom irnico e irreverente. A estes sugiro rever porque por detrs da capa de comdia irresponsvel h, em uma camada mais profunda, um roteiro inteligente e cido pronto para ser dissecado. MASH jamais seria um de meus filmes preferidos simplesmente por preferir a comdia de outros subgneros, mas muito agradvel de se ver e bem melhor que eu pensava (no gosto de humor com guerra nem terror).

Allan C (ag) wrote: From the director Cheh Chang, who'd later go onto fame as the regular director of the best Venom Mob films (i.e. "Five Deadly Venoms") comes this martial arts tale about a swordsman who renounces his wealth and position to go on the run with his beloved after assassinating a corrupt official responsible for his father's death. One thing Chang always does well in his films is provide a slow build of the fight scenes so that the final one is the mindblower and he does that well here as well. However, this film lacked a cool star, like Gordon Liu, to carry the film, but the excellent fight scenes are more than enough to make it worth watching.

Amanda D (jp) wrote: A fun musical full of Rogers/Hart music. Gene Kelly's verison of Slaughter on 10th Avenue is wonderful!

Josh L (it) wrote: Changing Lanes keeps you on your toes with a tense screenplay that does not let up until the final scenes when everyone is tidied up a little too well after all the chaos that ensued. Samuel L. Jackson is terrific as usual and rides the line between doing what he needs for his family and crossing that line. Ben Affleck is better in these roles than he is in the action role, playing a hotshot lawyer that realizes all the unethical crap he pulls will eventually catch up to him. I was actually expecting this to have more action than it did based on the title and previews, but I'm not complaining when it was this well done. Ultimately, the only knock I have is that the conclusion is a little too easy based on the rest, but Changing Lanes will keep you guessing and is entertaining.

Indra W (ru) wrote: I did not watch this movie to the end, the acting was bad. I only wrote this review because I liked the idea: mixed family.