Haseena Maan Jaayegi

Haseena Maan Jaayegi

Wealthy Seth Amirchand (Kader Khan) has two good-for-nothing sons, Sonu (Sanjay Dutt), and Monu (Govinda). They spend their time comically attempting to extort money from their hapless dad. Amirchand decides that the best way to deal with them is to separate them; he sends Sonu to Goa, and Monu to Bombay. Sonu ends up with the Verma family in Goa, consisting of Gulzarilal (Anupam Kher), his unmarried sister, Santho (Aruna Irani), and daughters, Pooja (Pooja Batra) and Ritu (Karisma Kapoor). Sonu falls in love with Pooja, and calls upon Monu to act as his paternal uncle for match-making. Monu ends up falling for Ritu. Unknown to him, Santho has also developed a crush on him. To complicate matters even more, underworld don, Bhai (Ashish Vidyarthi) demands money from Amirchand, only to have Amirchand mock and ridicule him, thinking it is another prank by his sons, this is when the family realize that pranks can indeed turn deadly, with Bhai who has sworn to avenge this humiliation.

Wealthy Seth Amirchand (Kader Khan) has two problems, namely his two good-for-nothing sons, Sonu (Sanjay Dutt), and Monu (Govinda). Their time is mainly spent on comically attempting to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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