Haseenon Ka Devata

Haseenon Ka Devata

Gopal intends to take over the entire region under Raja Saheb, by hook or by crook. Things go his way when Raja signs a power of attorney in his name, and then accidentally shoots and kills...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Gopal intends to take over the entire region under Raja Saheb, by hook or by crook. Things go his way when Raja signs a power of attorney in his name, and then accidentally shoots and kills... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bindu C (es) wrote: Bangalore Days, a very youthful, vibrant, peppy and entertaining movie by director Anjali Menon. She has tried to beautifully capture various individual behaviours / perceptions, lovely camaraderie / friendship among cousins, positive outlook towards life in spite of personal hiccups / challenges, individuals having different outlook towards a situation, passion to fulfill one's dreams etc. She has successfully justified various characters. The beauty of Anjali's work is that she has not tried to be preachy, but makes us believe that every individual has their own frame of reference i.e. perception towards life. Anjali facilitates us to think that it would be unfair to justify a particular outlook towards life / things, rather every individual has a reason / logic behind his or her choices. The title is almost justified with all the three main protagonists landing up in Bangalore and the twists and turns happening in their lives in this city, which is the utopia every Malayali youngster wishes to escape to in search of his dreams (as projected in the movie). The movie begins with the narration of Kuttan aka Krishnan PP (Nivin Pauly), a techie, who is in midst of a job interview and grabs the offer to join at Bangalore after completing his training at Mysore. He is a hard-core Malayali at heart, who loves everything about Kerala. Then he introduces his cousin vivacious and bubbly Kunju aka Divya Prakash (Nazriya Nazim) who aspires to pursue MBA from IIM and then be an entrepreneur. Another cousin carefree Aju aka Arjun (Dulqar Salman) is shown to have the courage to create his own rules of life, who pursues his dreams passionately, whether it is to be a graffiti-artist, or bike-racing or repairing the bikes / vintage cars. Kuttan, Kunju and Aju have great bonding since childhood, who took different paths after school, but yes, their relationships remained intact. If Kuttan is shown as traditional Malayali guy who wants Kerala touch in every aspects of his life, Aju is projected as a rebel who doesn't believe in giving answers to anyone, but he creates his own sets of questions and answers, Kunju is traditional enough to bid adieu to her IIM dreams and get married for parents' sake to Das (Fahadh Faasil), yet assertive enough to get her due share in relationship.A beautiful song 'Mangalyam' is there when Kuttan, Aju and Kunju dance together during Kunju's marriage celebrations. They look so good together. Ultimately, all three of them reach Bangalore: Kuttan for his IT job, Aju for his bike-repairing assignments, and Kunju shifting from Kerala to Das' apartment in Bangalore after marriage.Das is a workaholic, who loves his own privacy and remains confined to himself most of the time. Kunju is just opposite, and extrovert, full of life and adaptive as well. Das seems an odd man out amongst Kunju, Kuttan and Aju. Whenever Das goes for outstation trips, three of them just hang out together and have a blast. Lot of light hearted as well as great moments are shown in the movie viz. Aju, Kuttan and Kunju teasing each other, Kuttan's fantasies about falling in love with the Malayali Airhostess Meenakshi (Isha Talwar), Kunju inviting almost all the neighbours for tea at home, RJ Sarah (Parvathy)'s compering with lot of positive messages for the listeners, Aju falling in love with the positivity of Sarah and his effort to surprise her with his impulsive visit to the studio etc. Anjali has definitely taken a very realistic and balanced approach in this movie. When there are so many light moments in the movie, every character is also shown facing a few challenges of their own viz. Aju's impulsiveness and brash attitude, Das not being able to get over his past of Natasha (Nithya Menon, his past is a pivotal point in the movie), Kunju's disappointments and void in her life due to stoic Das, Kuttan's failed relationship, Shobha (Praveena, Kunju's mother)'s obsession towards astrology etc. Rather every character is a story in itself.Certain serious instances viz. marital disharmony is also projected very lightly viz. Kuttan's father wanting to breathe after suffocating for years in marriage and mother wanting to break free from the confines of a small village and to enjoy the excitement of living in cities or even abroad. Script has fabulous humour to project partners having different perspectives and outlooks.The movie has ensemble cast who have given magnificent performances. All of them fit in so well with their characters.Bangalore days, a great entertainer, perfectly blended with emotions, passion, dreams, romance, positivities, family relationships etc ... The impact would linger on for sure...

Joe G (ca) wrote: Really well done documentary that for me really started foody-docs, before chef's table, etc... Well shot, good narrative and very entertaining.

Varsha s (br) wrote: a must see for every duo (or trio) of friends!!!

Tim M (jp) wrote: nicely shot, and some good bits, but the film like the characters didn't seem to know where to go

Ray R (jp) wrote: A serious start for a comedy, yet this movie quickly evolves to tragicomedy and builds to a crescendo of intermingled tears and laughter and culminated in teary-laughter (for me and mine). A bitter-sweet life lesson that combines good writing and directing with a major dose of great acting crowned by confident restraint. Watch for the "extras" scene where Eduardo Blanco steals the show! And my girl friend was very surprised when she realized I guessed Dick Watson's claim to fame correctly. By the time of this writing it achieved an 86% rating on this site and I agree with that rating 100% ;) I saw the original version with English sub-titles and I loved it.

Philip S (gb) wrote: I performed in the stage version at UofT, so I'm naturally curious.

Leo L (gb) wrote: I'm not a fantatic of the Stuart character. This film directed by Harold Ramis was hilarious! I enjoyed watching the entire movie.

Samantha C (nl) wrote: Interesting to see, the historical aspect is neat. Great cinematography.

Anders A (us) wrote: It's starting very promising with a great build up, Rock Hudson really don't do for me, even though he carries the personality through in a natural way. I just can't stop thinking about his alienated persona which strikes me.

David T (fr) wrote: Partimos de la base que ver esta peli tiene merito, porque no es nada facil conseguirla. Esta b asada en hechos reales, en 1954, donde una ciudad de Alabama es presa de la corrupcion y otros males que aporta el juego, la prostitucion... Alli, donde los gangsters campan a sus anchas, un grupo de honrados ciudadanos tratan de establecer un nuevo orden... La peli es muy violenta para ser del ao 1955, con escenas realmente fuertes. Tiene como estrella al fordiano-manniano John McIntire, y el resto esta hecho con 4 euros. Eso si, el director es Phil Karlson (solamente he visto 4 pelis de este tipo), pero tiene obras notables. Era un buen director de series B, y esta pelicula es realmente novedosa en muchos aspectos. Lastima de discursito moralista que jalona la historia. Sin ese recurso a lo capra, la peli seria de sobresaliente...

Martin T (es) wrote: The first meeting of Powell and Pressburger. A decent spy thriller that rises above the usual rah-rah wartime propaganda and allows a human face for the Germans. You can definitely see the beginnings of that P&P touch, although there is also an annoying inconsistency in when they have Germans speaking English or German. It makes the early parts of the film rather confusing... also the music often drowns out the dialogue. The plot is kind of hackneyed too, but heck, it's entertaining enough.

Precious A (ag) wrote: this movie is too funny!

Marilee A (jp) wrote: Like a poor mans Pulp Fiction

James H (de) wrote: This was horrible! My co-worker said this was the scariest movie he has ever scene, but that was total BS.

Shivani J (ca) wrote: typical rom com, no surprises. decent actors.

Amanda S (br) wrote: Such an inspirational, amazing movie!!

Ian M (kr) wrote: Well, if you want to see a movie that although well acted is not enjoyable at all this is for you! It's pretty convoluted in a way, but very creepy and well-shot! Will most definitely not rush to watch again!