Hassan wa Morcus

Hassan wa Morcus

When the lives of Mahmoud, a Muslim Sheikh (Omar Sharif) and Boulos, a Christian Priest (Adel Imam) are threatened by religious extremists on both sides, the Egyptian government inducts ...

When the lives of Mahmoud, a Muslim Sheikh (Omar Sharif) and Boulos, a Christian Priest (Adel Imam) are threatened by religious extremists on both sides, the Egyptian government inducts ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian G (es) wrote: Lights between Oceans is a little surprising as its predigree plays out as a Focus Features or TWC period romance that might have come out in the depths of winter or spring, as opposed to the tail end of summer through DreamWorks as part of their new distribution package, as a lot of Blockbusters and odd indies usually come out around that time. It is beautifully shot and solidly acted by Fassbender and Vikander as a couple who marry shortly after he takes assignment at the local lighthouse, and whose marriage becomes challenging when she experiences difficulty keeping her pregnancy to term. Of course the melodrama comes in the form of a dingy coming to shore with a dead man and a baby who is still alive, causing the moral dilemma through the backend of the film of what would you do given your circumstances. Plays soapy and that is sort of the point on this one, and will be known as the film that set us up with the Visbender relationship of the leads. Not bad, not all time but solid for its genre.

Licinia C (mx) wrote: I could say terrible acting, terrible script, terrible directing, but it's much easier to say EVERHING IS TERRIBLE.

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Tyson J (mx) wrote: I like this movie a lot, because it deals with things i can relate to. it has a great story line of true life events in this world. As a teen it makes me want to make a difference in my school and community. The characters of this are perfect in their roles, as they all seem to have a big part in the movie. I really enjoyed this movie and would watch it again.

Jason K (au) wrote: So Mos, we want you to sound like your mouth is numb for 90 mins. Annoying? What are you talking about? No, seriously- people will think its a great character choice. Trust me.

Marito R (jp) wrote: Cute, I love Cher!, Meryl Strip.

Jackson T (es) wrote: lol childhood. The middle part's still decent for nostalgia though and OH MAN THE LATE 90S SOUNDTRACK

Cresswell S (nl) wrote: Cop is a little known police thriller; it stars James Woods and was released in 1988. It contains the perfect movie ending of all time. I don?t mean in terms of shock or surprise (there are many of these out there) I mean in terms of simply ending. For years Hollywood has made us sit through 5 ? 10mins of crap to tie up lose end, like we are that dumb. I will say that sometimes these endings are needed a good example is Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, All 27 endings were required to tell what happened to all the characters, but was it really necessary for this to take 30 mins ? FUCK NO, some movies cop out and simply have title cards that detail what has happened. Seeing as I had to piss like a goddamn horse for these 30 mins didn?t help much either. Most of the time the moments after the climax of a film is just pointless; Die Hard 2 is a good example. After Bruce Willis saves the day, he is wondering around looking for his wife. COME ON! Why the FUCK wouldn?t she live and run to him. It was a pointless ending. This rant leads me to Cop. Based on Blood on the Moon by James Ellroy. It follows a gifted police detective on a quest to find a serial killer that has been murdering for nearly 20 years. Now as a movie the film is nothing really special unless you are a fan of James Woods (Yes, the high school in Family Guy is named after this actor). It is a typical police drama. Woods is on a quest to find a killer; his superiors try to keep him down etc. etc. etc. For those of you who don?t know of James Woods?s work, there is really no one in the movies that can play a smug arrogant asshole quite like him. He does it so well that you actually end up liking the characters he plays. As with any police movie the good guy gets his man. The difference in Cop is that the filmmakers don?t give any clues away as to who the killer is. Usually the killer is someone a minor character in the movie, but in cop you find out who the killer is at the same time as James Woods. That is not what makes it the perfect ending. What makes it the perfect ending is the fact the movie just STOPS! Right when it should. Here is how the movie ends. The cop has defeated the killer, the killer says Killer: You?re a cop and have to take me in. James Woods: Well there?s good news and bad news to that statement. The good news is that your right I am a cop, and have to take you in. The bad news is I?m suspended and don?t give a FUCK! The cop shots the killer with a shotgun, the credits roll. FUCKING RIGHT!!!! No bullshit about him being suspended or any shit at all, it just ends!! More movies should be like this. It is a FUCKIN awesome ending!

Christopher B (au) wrote: How alternative sports can be both mental and mind games - if you can see past the biceps and pecs.

Tess (br) wrote: Cute animations thats about it.

FilmGrinder S (ca) wrote: 81%"You drink then! You drink it! You drink the filth!"-William Hargood (Geoffrey Keen)Drink of choice: Bubbly or Scotch, with a blood chaser"Would you be willing to sell your souls to the Devil?"-Lord Courtly (Ralph Bates)

Joyce R (ca) wrote: More Bande a Part, than Breathless. I love Hanna Schygulla's boots. I wonder where she got them.

Stella D (ca) wrote: while it's certainly a white fantasy of black life in 1943 (where racism didn't exist) it stars many of the greatest entertainers of the 30s and 40s. bill robinson was already 65 when this was made; lena horne was an up and coming 26. of course their relationship was completely desexualized and the plot was just an excuse for musical numbers anyway. but it's hard to beat fats waller, cab calloway in a zoot suit and the fabulous nicholas brothers.

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