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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Négy régi jó barát - a rendszerváltásig mindnyájan vasutasok - a leépítések áldozatai lesznek. Sok évvel ez után, mikor már a régi állomást is elhordták a tolvajok, Honos falu egykori állomásfőnöke Zsuzsa Lajos értesítést kap a városból, hogy menjen be az állomás irodájára. A MÁV ugyanis ezt a szárnyvonalon lévő állomást nézte ki, hogy a Taszáron állomásozó katonáknak szállított árut ellenőrizzék. Zsuzsa Lajos, hogy a négy barát alkalmilag újra álláshoz jusson azt hazudja, az állomás még létezik, és képesek ellátni a feladatot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hasutasok torrent reviews

Julio S (fr) wrote: Pretty good....but not the best.

Wondra V (kr) wrote: I can't even begin to make a list of all the things that were wrong with this movie.

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: Not a good movie to watch

Grant S (ag) wrote: Pretty bad.After a near-death experience a government agent / superhero, Elektra (played by Jennifer Garner), retires to an island and, reluctantly at first, befriends her neighbours, a father and his teenage daughter. However, a criminal cartel is after her and they are using the best resources at their disposal...Was interesting, initially. The whole "agent retires and then is forced back into service due to the bad dudes who won't let her retire in peace" isn't that new, but it was interesting enough. The interest didn't last long. Pretty soon the movie resorted to lame, by-the-numbers, action scenes and supernatural villains, plus random turns of events that save the day.Even the action scenes aren't done very well. In an effort to blind us with all that impossible martial arts stuff that gets kids to watch a movie, the director speeds up the action scenes too much, and makes them unfocused and confusing.Avoid.

Anastasia W (kr) wrote: This was a gorgeous and sweet movie. I absolutely adored it and I recommend it to anyone.

Jesse R (es) wrote: This wasn't a bad movie, which stars Roy Scheider as Frank Murphy who's an ex-Vietnam vet who's working for the police as a chopper pilot, who also was a pilot during Vietnam. Murphy takes the helm of pilot in this helicopter known as Blue Thunder. An enemy of Murphy's tries to take him out, and an armed take over of the United States. Everyone thinks Murphy is the crazy one, but in reality it's his former foe Cochrane played by Malcolm McDowell. A decent film, but they could of done so much more with this awesome helicopter.

Dawn D (ru) wrote: The insert in one of my Billie Holiday CDs, describes a recording session with Billie Holiday. I believe it was the last one before she died. She had a water pitcher that she drank from all day. During one of the breaks, an orchestra member poured a glass from the pitcher and took a big swallow. It was gin. Lady had been drinking straight gin like it was water all day long. After seeing this movie, I wonder if that wasn't an improvement for her. Bless her tortured soul and her powerful voice.

Tejas S (au) wrote: This good natured, episodic spoof of gangster movies was Woody Allen's first film as a director.

Chris Q (it) wrote: Besides the opening where there's a really out of place lounge scene, some grainy shots, and audio being out of sync in a scene where Muhammad Ali is using a punching bag, this was a great movie. Will Smith was great in perhaps his best performance, Michael Mann's usual superb direction, and super engaging and well shot fight scenes are what make this movie great.

Alma S (au) wrote: As an 19 years old I still enjoy this movie very much. Great characters and setup. I'm laughing so hard every time I see it and is also crying a little bit. Only minus is the long "fight scene" in the start. It's a little too long.

Kevin L (ag) wrote: Darker yet still very similar to its predecessor in terms of direction, The Chamber of Secrets is a longer but nonetheless entertaining installment in the Harry Potter franchise

Scott M (mx) wrote: A really good movie. Many different stories are going on at one time. So many that I had to watch the movie 2-3 times to catch them all. Murder, lower vs. upper class struggle, America vs Britain, and many more. Truly awesome.

Kean C K (ru) wrote: 2 stars. BD? ?????????????????????????????????????????????