Claudia Wagner dreams of being a lawyer and, along with her boyfriend Sonny, must put all her knowledge into use when, one by one, her girlfriends become victim to a serial killer. Can she uncover his identity before she becomes the next victim?

Claudia Wagner dreams of being a lawyer and, along with her boyfriend Sonny, must put all her knowledge into use when, one by one, her girlfriends become victim to a serial killer. Can she uncover his identity before she becomes the next victim? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Billy S (us) wrote: Very cool movie. Went into it knowing nothing and was greatly surprised. Definitely worth a watch, or two.

Noah Abraham G (es) wrote: "Beneath the Darkness" is nothing groundbreaking, but it's funny, entertaining and, yes, even a little scary. The story follows Travis (Tony Oller), a troubled teenager who has problems at home ever since he lost his sister. Which isn't to say he's maladjusted, as we can tell from his friends; token love interest Abby (Aimee Teegarden), average guy Danny (Devon Workheiser) and douchebag-with-a-heart-of-gold Brian (Stephen Lunsford). There's nothing wrong with these characters, really, there's just nothing particularly great about them either. So why on Earth do I give this film a high recommendation?Two words: Dennis. Quaid.Those who know me should know that I'm not at all a fan of Dennis Quaid. I really don't understand why he's had a career, he's just not a good actor. It's baffling. But this film totally makes his entire career worth it.Dennis Quaid plays Ely Vaughn, the local mortician with a dark secret. The opening scene is actually quite effective and a little scary, but even the worst scenes of horror are elevated by Quaid's performance, which borders on TOO MUCH, but remains entertaining throughout.Of course, the film is contrived. It's slow in parts, and it's not as scary as the best horror films. But Dennis Quaid is just a blast, and he really helps make this one of the best uses of ninety minutes I've had in recent memory.

Laimis Z (fr) wrote: a lithuanian action comedy of sorts. what exactly is it about? does it matter? not really. its funny and overall entertaining. a very macho film. paints a great image of lt relationships. lol. what a mess of a black comedy. oh well, take anything i can get. call it progress.

Katie D (ca) wrote: Lone Scherfig's film, "An Education", set in 1960's London, portrays a smart 16-year-old girl, Jenny (Carey Mulligan) who is unsatisfied with her boring school life and is ready for adulthood and adventure. She soon comes upon David (Peter Sarsgaard), who has the fun and luxurious life she has always wanted, yet he is over 10 years older than her. Although the age difference is quite strange, Jenny quickly falls for David as she joins him and his friends on many fancy outings including a trip to Paris. This new extravagant life tempts Jenny to throw away her college dreams and she soon faces the decision that could change her life forever. Though this movie was upbeat and interesting, the awkwardness of the age difference can be uncomfortable at times and this is why I did not enjoy it. In modern day, most young girls would never engage in a relationship with a much older man. Having to watch Jenny and David fall in love made me feel uncomfortable because in our lives, it is inappropriate and awkward to watch, even if it is just a movie.

Matthew P (br) wrote: What can I say? I'm a sucker for tear jerkers.

Ernie T (es) wrote: Schlocky, gory, entertaining '80s B-movie about killer man-eating slugs over running a quiet New York town.

Peter S (gb) wrote: ona recent journey to patagonia, i met sandy sudar, an "eco artista visual" and i immediately recmmened that she see this documentary of the work of the "nature" artist andy goldsworthy. back home, i viewed it again, convinced that its inspiring message deserves multiple exposures

Isaac H (nl) wrote: Unusual exploitation of gore throughout. Not a particularly rewarding movie going experience.

Matt (es) wrote: A TNT original movie that takes wiliam shakespeares king lear and turns it into a western. Patrick stewart is a veteran shakespiran actor that give an A+ preformance to a B- film.

Dan K (jp) wrote: classic one liners zip by in this hollow little film that has way too little by the way of exposition. really ends up saying nothing much about singapore, america, politics, or much else.

Kris K (jp) wrote: Why Ray's name and his brilliant skills as auteur are not better known in the West is beyond me. Here he explores themes similar to many of his other films: religious hypocrisy, the different ways in which patriarchal culture, society, and religion all require (and at the same time conflate) the figures of the wife, mother, goddess, and demoness. Ray's technical skills are astounding here, as well as economic: the flawless editing; the use of sounds and music (especially during a brief dream scene) to convey the characters' emotions; how Doyamoyee's toes cringe when her father-in-law bows to her as "a goddess"; the glance shared by Doyamoyee and her husband upon his return, the slight shake of head, the way Tagore can act with the bat of an eye -- quite literally. While this might not be as technically sound as Ray's later film, Charulata (1964), it is a haunting, stunning piece of cinema that is as relevant today as it was when it was made.

Shinhui A (es) wrote: I may die soon if I watch this movie again... but I also quiver with joy, quiver with joy...

Pedro J (es) wrote: This is Sinatra's best film, and the soundtrack is killer, and the dames are hot. A rightful classic.

Mavrinac D (ru) wrote: I love trash movies, but this one is just bad taste, starting from music.