Hate 2 O

Hate 2 O

Olivia and her girlfriends arrive on a secluded island to perform a purifying water fast. No food, no phones, no electricity, no way out. Only long forgotten Hate that rises to the surface. Just add water.

Olivia and her girlfriends arrive on a secluded island to perform a purifying water fast. No food, no phones, no electricity, no way out. Only long forgotten Hate that rises to the surface. Just add water. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jer m (it) wrote: A typical wrestling story. Lots of heart break in that industry coming out of something special.

Andrew B (it) wrote: Absolutely atrocious in every way. Terrible opening sequence. Awful first five minutes. It never picks up from there. It deserves negative stars.

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Gerardo F (gb) wrote: Me gust... pero honesta y triztemente no puedo decir que sea buena. Original tal vez, pero no buena. El tema de Cthulhu es una excusa para desarrollar una historia bastante sombra y que se supone est basada en "La Sombra sobre Insmouth". La pelcula logra desarrollar un ambiente y una atmosfera bien interesante, pero que est lejos de un cuento de Lovecraft. No apta para fanaticos acerrimos de los primigenios.

Kyle M (jp) wrote: One of Disney's more successful DTV sequels that managed to suppress the enjoyment of the predecessor with about the same magic but more in the fun, charming, heartwarming and emotional nature, despite containing some recycled points. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

George P (nl) wrote: Amazing! Michael Jai White is the lead but Scott Adkins steals the show. Top notch fighting choreography excellent executed.

Ashley D (fr) wrote: I would say this is not the best movie from the Muppets collection. I would say after this movie came out from the Muppets defiantly went down hill from there. I would say that this movie is for a younger audience but not one of the best muppet movies that the muppet collection had made.

Mike S (au) wrote: Dated thriller held together by great performances by Close and Bridges.

Leon B (ag) wrote: Review:What was Woody Allen on when he was making this film? I must admit, it's shot extremely well and he really looks like he's in some of the old footage, but the storyline is completely bonkers. It's about a human chameleon who seeks treatment for his weird condition. I really wondered what was going on while I was watching the film because it looked so real. The added commentary and interviews also made it seem really realistic but the storyline does go from one extreme to another. Watching Allen's character change into a Jew and a black person was cleverly done for a movie that was made in the 80's, but I was wondering what was Allen trying to attempt. It's shot like a documentary so there isn't much comedy but the concept is original but weird. I did stick with the movie because of the crazy storyline, but I don't know if I liked it or just thought that it was mad. Watchable!Round-Up:Personally I think that this movie would have been much better if he had some top class actors in it. The scene were Zelig was sitting behind Hitler trying to get his wife's attention was impressive and Allen played his character well. When all of his wife's started to pop out of the woodwork, the moral of the story comes into play but it's still a crazy movie. It's worth a watch just to witness Zelig change into different people and to see how he cleverly put the movie together. It does seem like your watching the History channel because of the old footage, but when you see Allen's face pop up in some of the shots, you realise that it's his warped sense of humour that created such a off the wall movie.Budget: N/ADomestic Gross: $12millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there Woody Allen movies about human chameleon, trying to to be cured of his condition. 5/10

Andrea B (us) wrote: Very funny comedy with lots of twists. Battle of the sexes comedy that doesn't cop-out. They should remake this but they'd probably ruin it!

Hallvard J (nl) wrote: Very enjoyable movie, not extremly known actres, but very well played in my opinion.