Hate Story

Hate Story

After journalist, Kaavya Krishna exposes corporate corruption orchestrated by tycoon Siddharth Dhanrajgir, she is soon wooed by the businessman into a new job where she slowly falls in love with him culminating in a passionate night of love making. Yet, when Siddharth throws Kaavya to the curb as retribution for her expose, he also has her kidnapped and their baby forcefully aborted. This event sets Kaavya on a mission of vengeance, using her body as a sexual weapon to bring down Siddharth Dhanrajgir's empire, brick by brick.

The movie revolves around Kaavya Krishna and her transformation from a simple middle class journalist to a sex worker who uses her body as a sexual weapon destroy the man who ruined her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Glorimar S (jp) wrote: So freakin' funny!!!! The Wayans brothers are the best!!! U gotta see the horror movies so you can laugh!

Takee A (ca) wrote: A great love journey through time! :)

Dean K (gb) wrote: A dishwasher (Ryan Kwanten) falls in love with a woman (Sara Canning) just when she is about the marry another man (Ryan McPartlin).If you can get over the fact that the dishwasher is a stalker and the fact that he could have sued his ex-wife for writing a book about him being inadequate then this is quite a tender little rom-com. But the obvious plot flaws really ruin the delightful chemistry between the two stars. (3 out of 5) So Says the Soothsayer

Stephanie W (fr) wrote: James Cromwell is amazing in this. It's got a sort of southern gothic feel to it. Craig Morrison is adamantly defending his right to do what he wishes with the land that has belonged to him for decades. He's not quite willing to part with his dignity as he enters the final stages of his life, much to the chagrin of the powers that be.

Allan S (jp) wrote: David Wenham is absolutely brilliant as Eddie, he plays these quirky characters insuch a way that totally brings them to life. I was a little sad when this movie finished as I felt that there was much more to see & that is after nearly two hours. Eddie's life is falling to shit but that does not stop Eddie.

Tay W (fr) wrote: very good , i'd say its like Moulin rouge meets A walk to remember minus the singing plus a flair of New york city . soo sad , a few things id change but not much .

Harrison R (fr) wrote: If you like this movie, go make fun of Special Olympians

Josh P (gb) wrote: I had heard about controversial filmmaker Ulrich Seidl and was not sure what to expect going into this strange documentary. I found the result to be a depressing look at a bunch of down-and-out people who can no longer relate to humans and find their only healthy relationships in their pets. The word "healthy" is used very loosely as it would depend on your definintion. A few of the scenes look like they may be going places that I did not particularly want to see and thankfully Seidl spared us from anything too taboo. At any rate, there are still a number of images that will disturb you (especially if you are an animal lover) and the film as a whole will not make you want to dance around in your living room. A bleak look at the human condition that I found to be quite difficult to watch.

Amy S (ca) wrote: I've seen this movie 3 times and it still makes me cry

Matt M (jp) wrote: A sharply written period comedy film that saw Allen's return to form after many mediocre films. Dianne Wiest and Chazz Palminteri steal their show with their hilarious performances.

Cody M (nl) wrote: Excellent, so bad it is incredible.

Leigh G (au) wrote: Highlight for me was the doctor with the smoke hanging out with the ash that just wouldn't fall off, no matter how much he spoke or moved!

Vito A (it) wrote: Cornish, Ledger and Rush all "Shine" in their roles. You just wanted Candy and Dan to flourish into eternity. When I remember Ledger, this is the 1st flick that comes to mind.

Wiebke K (ag) wrote: De Niro and Duvall are brothers -- one a successful Catholic priest, the other a homicide detective, connected also through a murder investigation and its likely suspects -- well done movie, where one actually has to pay attention to the plot and dialogue.