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Hathyar torrent reviews

Bonnie C (kr) wrote: How wrong was I to assume that this would be light movie just because the main character was obsessed to recognized as dead-on "Tony Manero", the character from Saturday Night Live. The obsession leads him to many paths totally unthinkable. I gotta watch Saturday Night Live to see what the deal is anyway.

Miss J (mx) wrote: A wonderful inde-style film. Great characters, interesting story, and plenty of quirky-ness. Worth the watch!

Lyle M (ag) wrote: Paz Vega and Sandler are dynamite.

Lisa R (fr) wrote: Very low budget gay film, that is so much better than most of the very low budget gay films out there.Extra half star for being what it is!

Gareth M (ag) wrote: Comedy Gold, which you can't go wrong with, and has a lot of heart.

Ky K (jp) wrote: The movie has its funny moments, altough the director departs from the initial idea, leaving the improvisation, and therefore, the film loses its originality.

Zachary T (ca) wrote: This film starts off with a interesting plot but then goes down hill with a sloppy third act.

Justin T (es) wrote: Probably the best since the first one, if not better.

Sam C (us) wrote: Fantastic. A man reluctantly purchases a film camera to film his newborn daughter, only he starts to find other things to film instead. Relationships are destroyed and people are filmed (but is it art or voyeurism?). We meet plenty of characters to like and dislike and my opinion of them goes back and forth: some prove to be douchebags, while some turn out all right. Not Kieslowski's best, but still really good.

Brad S (us) wrote: Saw this in the theatre as a kid and wanted to revisit it. It's an amusing family film, Kevin Peter Hall("Predator") really adds some humanity to "Harry". The film also features some great character actors such as John Lithgow, David Suchet, M. Emmet Walsh, and Don Ameche. Worth a watch for families.

Marcus G (au) wrote: The film which heralded the revival in disaster movies. Still watchable, but has been surpassed with ease...