After the passing away of his wife, Sheila, and child, Raja, Sagar takes to drinking as well as singing and dancing at weddings and special occasions. Intoxicated heavily after one such event, he comes across a young male child lying in a garbage can, and takes him home. He subsequently comes to know that the child, who he decides to name Raja, is deaf-mute since birth, and decides to adopt him. Sagar's life will be turned upside down when a wealthy businessman, Kailash Nath, files a police complaint alleging that Raja is his grandson, and Sagar may have abducted and killed Raja's mom. Tortured and held in a cell, Sagar does not know that Raja's life is in danger by killer(s) who believe Raja saw them commit a murder.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Hatya 1988 full movies, Hatya torrents movie

Hatya is an experience. Through the eyes of a child. A spine-chilling musical thriller, the film is about the turmoil of a deaf and dumb child, who witnesses a murder along with his mother,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Skylar E (kr) wrote: Entertaining and kept me at the edge of my seat. Will definitely watch again!

Kieran A (fr) wrote: It was relatable to me in so many way. Found it rather inspiring even for a Rom-Com. Everyone does an amazing job. Especially Chris Evans character. The problem he had to face are so relatable

Michael D (it) wrote: Pretty cool look at a cultural icon. I don't know how he keeps his anonymity. I hope he continues to put his public art out there.

Luc L (au) wrote: Boring, over dramatized film.

Manch F (fr) wrote: The Incredibly Mediocre Hulk.

Ian C (us) wrote: Rewatch. Something really fishy going on here. How their hasn't been any arrest proves this. Another good Broomfield documentary.

Aude P (de) wrote: Je ne connais pas ce film mais je connais bien anne Frank

Brandon M (br) wrote: A delightfully feel-good movie that generates genuine laughs from second-hand embarrassment.

Luc B (mx) wrote: I can't believe this movie scared me when I was a kid. A very terrible Canadian produced film. It was very difficult to follow the action because of the poor lighting. I guess the producers did not have a lighting technician in their budget.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Walking Tall was recommended to me by a friend who informed me it had Dwayne Johnson teaming up with comedy legend Johnny Knoxville, so missing it was simply not an option for meThe nature of Walking Tall's story wasn't anything I expected surprises from since I was merely expecting it to be another story of Dwayne Johnson playing a character getting involved in crime and somehow dominating everybody with his strength in one way or another. Walking Tall has an interesting premise since because instead of Dwayne Johnson's character being a simple vigilante he actually campaigns to become a sheriff in the face of injustice in his hometown, so the plot stands slightly above the usual crime drama film of this calibre. And it deals with corruption in Casinos which is easy to agree with since Casinos are some of the most money grubbing scammers known to man who feed on peoples' addictions to gambling and drive families into the ground. 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Everything gets way too rushed from there, not to mention the fact that by that point the theme of fighting with a 2x4 has become nothing but an overused novelty. The climax of Walking Tall does not live up to its build up or the expectation that fans will have since the film is a Dwayne Johnson vehicle. If the film had been stretched on for longer, then perhaps it could have packed more of a punch than it did. But unfortunately, director Kevin Bray failed to create a climax which actually lay down a sufficient climax for the film. The fact that he cannot wrap the story up shows how inexperienced he is, and it is a shame because he had serious potential. Also, the action scenes become rather repetitive as instead of branching out into any versatile areas it simply repeats the theme of bashing people with a 2x4 too much. There is only so many fights you can put up with a 2x4 as a weapon, and Walking Tall manages to reveal just how much that is by pushing the limits a bit without actually succeeding in transcending them, despite its attempts.But Kevin Bray does at least manage to make Walking Tall a decent film from a visual perspective. It captures a lot of nice rural scenery in Kitsap which makes it a very convincing film that feels genuine, and it almost has a western feel to it. There is certainly a touch of westernism in Walking Tall, regardless of whether or not that was intentional. The cinematography was also very good and rather atmospheric, as well as the fact that Walking Tall was edited well against the backdrop of a good musical score.And lastly, the cast in Walking Tall manage to do their jobs well enough.Dwayne Johnson's lead performance is once again a good one since it has all the natural grit and charisma that he tends to supply to his usual lead role in films. 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He combines his natural comedic charisma with a touch of genuine acting, and he shares a great chemistry with Dwayne Johnson. You can tell that he is having a lot of fun in the role, and so his presence is genial. Johnny Knoxville is a great addition to the cast in Walking Tall, and any fans of his role in the Jackass TV series and movies should admire him for his role in Walking Tall.Neal McDonough also makes a fine villain in the role of Jay Hamilton and puts up a fairly good fight against Dwayne Johnson, refusing to be intimidated by his muscular physique.So Walking Tall is a basic Dwayne Johnson vehicle. It has good drama in it, but not enough action to give it a good climax which may leave viewers unsatisfied. But the acting is fine and its premise is interesting, so it comes off being half decent and should hopefully please fans of Dwayne Johnson which is clearly its intended audience.

Brett N (de) wrote: Razor wit, clever mystery, lots of alcohol, and a cameo by Shemp Howard. A nearly perfect movie.

Ava L (jp) wrote: I love this movie. If you are hoping for a realistic depiction of the field of journalism, business, and addiction, this movie is not for you. However, the one thing that it IS, is a lot of fun. The very Elle Woods-esque hero, Rebecca Bloomwood, stumbles into a job at a finance magazine in her pursuit to her dream job at a successful fashion magazine. All while, ironically, cooping with her ever-apparent shopping addiction, and building dept. You won't find a complex story line, or suspenseful twists and turns in this movie, but as light entertainment it is on par. The script is just cheesy enough to be adorable, without any overkill, and it is delivered with an excellent cast, which includes Isla Fisher and Krysten Ritter. This movie is also a perfect choice if you are looking for something more family friendly that won't make you want to claw your eyeballs out. Definitely one of my faves!

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