Professor David Ash exposes false spiritulists and mediums. He is invited to Edbrook to resolve the fears and torments within its secretive family. Soon after arriving Ash begins to doubt his own senses, and watching the strange behaviour of its residents does not make his task any easier. In time, he finds there's more to Edbrook than even he can debunk.

Professor David Ash is invited to Edbrook to calm the fears of the elderly nanny of the Mariell family. Nanny Tess is seeing things, and Ash's book debunking such phenomenon makes him a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Haunted torrent reviews

Brandon D (es) wrote: Western version of John Wick.

CJ C (jp) wrote: Whiny women, doofus men & a kickass sound effect lead to nothing. It tried to be surreal & fizzled out...

Simon D (au) wrote: I couldn't work out if this was supposed to be a comedy with action, or an action film with more than the usual smattering of mildly amusing quips. That is because is wasn't particularly funny and had only one recognisable comedian in it. It did have a fairly well known cast though. I think it just didn't get this film, it was a bit all over the place really.

Dick D (gb) wrote: Uitgebreide achtergronden over het leven en de moord op Robert Kennedy. Veel info maar een te lange zit. Kwaliteit beelden houdt niet over maar dat is logisch....een 5-je

Arash B (gb) wrote: A pointless film to say the least, More proof to the fact that being realistic is not enough for a movie to be good, The film depicts poverty & struggle without exploration or insight , It only tries to impress with its shallow bitterness & harshness and Fails

Edward D (fr) wrote: Dark, cheap and mesmerizing. That's how I feel about I Know Who Killed Me. It's a sour pill to swallow, but it at least gives you something to taste, even if it's not always pleasant or as fulfilling as one would hope.

Ethan W (fr) wrote: 3 TIMES MORE PEOPLE ARE KILLED BY SODA POP MACHINES THAN SHARKS EACH YEAR! Stop ignorance-based fear killing, and start thinking!!!

Erin S (de) wrote: A cute, funny movie. Sometimes ridiculous, it still has a good heart. Not a spectacular movie, but certainly not horrible.

Corey L (gb) wrote: A couple find that it is easy to stay married when during the hard times or the bad, but the in-between stage is hard to stick around. Whenever this couple start to make a decent living but not to rich they hate each other and want a divorce.

Becki S (ag) wrote: So watchable. Stephanie Powers and Jerry Van Dyke are a hoot to watch as teenagers.

Xavier G (us) wrote: Loved, loved, loved it!!! This movie was amazing. Heard and Costner were amazing!

Carlos R (fr) wrote: Exhilarating, well acted, and a great premise. Final Destination is an over the top dumb fun thrill ride that offers some maturity aside from all the silly gory deaths.

Loren R (au) wrote: Ein mittelmssiger Action Streifen mit einem arroganten Vin Diesel! Sicherlich ist der angehauchte Agentenfilm sehr selbstironisch, verspricht dabei aber nichts Neues. Die Action- und Stuntszenen sind schn anzuschauen, aber die Dialoge kann man nicht ernst nehmen. Am Besten ist Samuel L. Jackson: Mit seinem Narbengesicht versprht er eine Leinwandprsenz am meisten. Obwohl er nicht so viele Auftritte, in diesem Film hat!