Haunted High

Haunted High

A New England private school is visited by a demonic dead headmaster.

When Holloman Academy, a posh New England private school, is visited by a demonic headmaster, a humble janitor, who is secretly the guardian of the school, teams up with the headmaster's grandson in order to save the academy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa L (nl) wrote: I'm sure many have the idea to do what Josh Charles character does. There wasn't a great link between Charles & Demoustier, but I think it was the fact he acknowledged her both as bird, and as human.

David B (ag) wrote: It starts off strange and interesting and im curious to learn more about this jeff guy but for a short film i felt the story about his mother was boring and the story about his brother was not much better the ending is all sappy might make you cry.

Katherine B (de) wrote: when watching it, its like a peace of junk!!! For the Manga (comics), its suburb like one of the best stories i'm reading this far in the summer! if are religious don't see it because this is not for everyone. Read or watch it if not big time realigious person or not into seeing sister/brother love relationship. The Manga is Breathtaking!!!

xxCHELLExx (nl) wrote: Good flick. Of course it's a little weird guys, it's based in Australia. Fun movie. And, it's more of a reality band movie. Not everyone makes it to the top, and not everyone sounds as good as they seem. Watch it! You won't be disappointed.

hcdhdv c (mx) wrote: I really didn't like the movie or the book but if i can choose one it will be the book because that i like a little bit.

Michael K (br) wrote: Somewhat predictable and expected, but Billy Bob playing the type of role you would expect him to, and love him for it.

Brian C (au) wrote: Enjoyable werewolf movie set in the forests of British Columbia. People are being torn apart and the only being who knows something is wrong is the dog Thor.Great acting and story.

Wes S (ag) wrote: It tries to be interesting, but it's a hard watch with it's low budget effects and cheap thrills. The plot isn't too great, the characters are unmemorable, and the ending is a bit bland. It still can be a fun watch for sci-fi fans, but only as a late night riff-fest.

Brad S (mx) wrote: hilarious, especially jaffar...

Arthur R (kr) wrote: It definitely hurts the series that a few of the subjects have quit the project and we dont get any hint as to whats happened to them. Nonetheless, each installment remains intriguing viewing

Issac Michel N (au) wrote: Not as good as Rocky Horror.

Benjamin F (fr) wrote: Although there are sprinkles of entertainment to be found, the film is too long, silly, and uninspired. The film has not aged well as the action comes off dated.

Marsha W (de) wrote: I loved the movie and whoever wrote your vignette critique didn't even bother to watch the movie....I can't believe so few people saw it......it has everthing except zombies (the Lord be Praised)

Stephanie L (de) wrote: Absolutely freakin hilarious!!!

Kenneth B (de) wrote: Better than I was expecting. I often approach comedies with trepidation because I appear to have a bit of a tin ear for modern comedy. This has just about the right amount of laughs, nostalgia and even quite a poignant commentary on commercialism vs rock 'n roll rebellion, Also this was the first film I watched following the passing of Seymour-Hoffman. In which case the ending to this film was a fitting one.