In old-west Texas, the cavalry's horses can't take the heat. So the military sends them camels instead, and assigns one man to convince the unit that the camels are a good idea.

A cavalry outpost in the Wild West of 19th Century USA is in need of horses. The captain of the outpost gets word that they're to receive a shipment of fine Arabians. What he gets is a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ola G (mx) wrote: Paul "The Wee Man" Ferris, was brought up on Glasgow's notorious Black Hill estate suburb in the 1960s. As a young man Ferris starts out working for two rival gang bosses, The Godfather and The Snake, but after a brutal betrayal he decides to go it alone. Carving out a dangerous and bloody career defined by violence, corruption and murder, Paul 'The Wee Man' Ferris ends up becoming the most feared man in Glasgow..."The Wee Man" is a crime drama based on the life of Scottish gangster Paul Ferris, hardly something new in the cinematic world. Everything feels too familiar, and the acting from most involved is not really convincing in my opinion. The film feels like it has been made with "Gangsterfilms for Dummies" on the table and the effort to feel authentic fails in my mind. Theres been negative comments on the Glasgow accents, which is something I cant comment on as Im not from Scotland. The fact that Paul Ferris was a gangster is a bit toned down and he is portrayed as a rather ok bloke trying to become a family man despite quite ugly violent acts. It feels unbalanced and Ferris ends up all the time being "set up" by the cops and his rivals and no shadow seems to hang over himself. Its full of clichs and I cant find anything I really liked with this "based on a true story" crime drama.

Spartacus E (au) wrote: Who knew terrorism could be so hilarious?

Ceph J (ca) wrote: I wish director & writer Hee-il Leesong had more to say than simply portray a "Romeo and Jules" gay story where both males suffer alot. I presume he's saying that there's no happy life for gays in Seoul. I refuse to believe that the gay community cannot form a productive alliance. Young-hoo Lee as "Sumin" is a poor teen trying to leave the orphanage and earn a living. When he meets Lee Han "Jaemin" during a driving job, their destiny is sealed. ( Young-hoo Lee is a charismatic actor who holds your attention.) Their relationship goes through various phases of obsession, lust, rejection, denial, manipulation, harassment, attempted murder. When Jaemin's mom tells him, "You can sleep with other men but you must get married"; it's less about homophobia than economic differences. The inexplicable attempted murder is lit so dark that you'll need to get an appointment with an optometrist. I don't know if Leesong is bitter about conservative Korea because he doesn't showcase the locations well. The photography is so dark and menacing, it's more suitable to a thriller but this is a melodrama. He keeps the camera at a distance from the characters when I was more interested in their motivations. The movie left me with a lasting feeling--I won't be planning on visiting Seoul soon.

Nicolas B (ca) wrote: en meme temps c'est niaiseux, mais en meme temps c'est beau. apres tout, on s'en fout de qui lit, de savoir s'il collectionne les poupees de porcelaine ou les editions de la pleiade...

Catherine C (mx) wrote: It's a beautifull film!!

Karen H (jp) wrote: 2016-02-12 synposis is wrong, he and James aren't trying to find it, James stole it. but pretty good overall.

Jhaneb K (gb) wrote: Paresh Rawal deserves brownie points for this one!!!

Phil H (gb) wrote: In the middle of the 'Cannonball Run' franchise (between 1 and 2), after 'Hooper', and towards the end of the 'Smokey and the Bandit' franchise (before the third), Needham and Reynolds teamed up again with this effort. Easily the weirdest movie title I've come across for some time, it sounds like a porn flick, funny thing is its actually the main characters name. So the fact this is a Hal Needham movie, you can guess its gonna be about fast cars. Yep, fast cars, Burt Reynolds, some blonde eye candy and crashes, business as usual. This time Reynolds is actually a genuine race car driver on the NASCAR circuit...instead of the regular dashing cowboy. But this being a Reynolds character, this race car driver is of course arrogant, flashy and carefree of virtually everything around him, your basic narcissistic Reynolds character. Sounds good huh, well let me ice your balls down a tad. So Ace loses his sponsor by generally being an asshole, so he has to find another. Along comes Torkel (Ned Beatty) who runs a fast food chicken franchise offering Ace a deal, did I forget to mention Torkel's director of marketing and public relations is the blonde bombshell Loni Anderson? Well that pretty much explains why Ace accepts the deal without reading shit. He then spends the entire movie (along with his mechanic Jim Nabors) trying to get out of this bad deal which sees him opening fast food joints and dressing up in a chicken suit.Yes that is in fact the whole plot in a nutshell, and yes you're right, it is extremely thin on the ground. This really does come across as a lame attempt to squeeze another fast car flick out of Reynolds by either Needham or Warner Bros. I mean seriously, the aim of the movie is for Ace and co the try and get fired by Torkel, so they don't have to do the stupid things they agreed to do by the contract. At times this does include some racing which is filmed at the famous locations of...Charlotte Motor Speedway, Talladega Speedway and Atlanta Motor Speedway. Now this might sound impressive but it isn't really as much of what we see is stock footage (clearly), and the sequences filmed for the movie are obviously done so in front of sets and small crowds.The racing segments are too damn obvious, clearly racing at a slow speed and clearly not in any real danger of anything despite what the plot wants you to think. Sure Reynolds does appear to be behind the wheel of a real moving car as we've seen in his other car flicks, but there is zero tension or thrills here, nothing to engage you at all. To top that you don't really see much racing either, a few minutes of car footage, some refueling, some wheel spins, some cars grouping bumper to bumper (at slow speeds), that's it. Its then a quick cut to the finish where Reynolds generally wins if he hasn't been beaten by his incredibly cliched young, good looking, blonde, male rival. Every racing flick protagonist has to have an arch rival antagonist who's usually blonde and younger, or the same age.When Ace isn't racing he's doing these promotions for Torkel's chicken franchise. Obviously these things aren't suppose to be genuinely funny or of high quality, they are suppose to be hokey and embarrassing for Ace, but its embarrassing to watch! There is literately nothing remotely interesting to see in these scenes, its not funny, its not clever, Loni Anderson in skimpy attire doesn't make it any better (well...) and Jim Nabors ISN'T funny dagnabbit!! At the same time Beatty as Torkel is a quite disgustingly stereotypical southern hick type who really made me not want to visit the American south. His chauffeur is played by Bubba Smith...but I don't know why because he does nothing accept lift a car up when a jack breaks. That's the sole reason why they cast the guy, for that one visual strength gag, good grief!Yeah so spoiler alert (who cares!), in the end they manage to trick their way out of Torkel's dastardly contract, with the help of Feeny (Anderson) who of course falls for Ace during the run time. Did anyone really NOT see Loni Anderson's character failing to fall for Reynolds slimy charms? You know what's gonna happen in this movie from watching the first five minutes, and no I can't overlook that. Thing is, what Ace and co do to break the contract, isn't that deception and kinda illegal? pretty sure you can't pretend to be a big company and pretend to offer to buy someone out.Yeah so if you like Needham's rollicking stunt flicks then look elsewhere, there is none of that here. This is a weak entry and offers no excitement at all from either the racing or the characters. The only plus points I can think of, that some folks might like here, is the historic car porn on display and the casting of various famous NASCAR drivers (none of whom I have any clue about).

Frances G (kr) wrote: Dorothy Malone is fabulous in this film - especially her hair. She also does a parachute jump from a plane flown by Robert Stack and is wearing high heels. Love it. Not Sirk's best film, but lots of camp, lots of Rock Hudson with a pouty face and, as usual, a seering critique of mid-America. This time in the Depression.

Adrian B (br) wrote: Fairly depressing film. Ingrid Bergman, a Lithuanian refugee, escapes an internment in the aftermath of World War II and marries an Italian, who takes her to Stromboli. There, she is miserable and tries escape the island through a port on the opposite side of the island. Much suffering throughout, but only a small satisfaction for the viewer. The scenery is at least nice to look at, but the premise and ending are relatively problematic. "Rome, Open City" it's not! Not a great film for Rosselini nor lengendary actress, Ingrid Bergman.

Dean M (ru) wrote: This is the best and favourite Larry McMurtry western movie than the original Lonesome Dove. James Garner made his magnificent performance as the role of Capt. Woodrow Call, and his final scene is at once heart breaking and resonating with strong quiet hope. A wonderful cast does memorable work, especially Sissy Spacek, Sam Shepard and Randy Quaid. In this film, pure of heart may not necessarily mean pure of deed, but at least evil is evil and good is good. It bravely balances the aformentioned violence with scenes of wry humour and gentleness.

Jamin M (us) wrote: Diary of a Wimpy Kid is one of my favorite book series. It's smart and hilarious. So as a fan of the books, I actually think this movie is an okay adaptation. It did follow the story pretty well and it did capture the characters correctly, although I did find Greg to be a bit meaner in this movie, but I still like him, and I really liked it when he took the blame for eating the Cheese to save Rowley. That was very nice. I think the film does manage to capture the humor of the book, with many hilarious moments. I think it's a nice little family movie. While the book is of course better, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a sweet, funny little comedy

Kevin C (nl) wrote: If this is Loach's swansong, then an unusually cheerful way for one of the great post-war British directors to go. Don't get me wrong it still has the Ken staples of families evicted by ruthless landowners; class warfare; church corruption and domestic violence.But for a gritty kitchen sink director this is a bit Hovis ad. And out of kilter it amuses at times, when the characters start reeling off Ken's political rhetoric in the script. It certainly ends abruptly, and there are several characters and relationships that are passed over lightly. However it has a real charm, with engaging dance scenes as the jazz age finally reaches Ireland. And in this Murdoch/Farage age i'll miss Comrade Ken.

Joseph N (de) wrote: One of my favorite movies ... Each time u watch u will find something new!