He Died with His Eyes Open

He Died with His Eyes Open

The inspector Staniland as always try to put himself in the place of the victim, this time an unsuccessful pianist. That's when the victim's mistress Barbara entered the appartment, look ...

The inspector Staniland as always try to put himself in the place of the victim, this time an unsuccessful pianist. That's when the victim's mistress Barbara entered the appartment, look ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (nl) wrote: The most important aspect you must come to accept when you decide to give 'Zoombies' a chance is the shabby, gaudy, tacky but very fun computer generated imagery that audiences are slapped with every which way and in just about all different animalistic forms. Always laughable, yet workable, these sequences supplement the overall aesthetics that The Asylum in known for, making 'Zoombies' one hell of a fun time.In saying this, I must confess that even for The Asylum standards, 'Zoombies' falls flat from the full potential that I was expecting. The title snatched my attention, the trailer captivated my anticipation and the artwork and tag lines sealed the deal, but there wasn't that extra oomph that I was truly hoping for after it was all said and done. I feel as if someone like Jared Cohn (Little Dead Rotting Hood, Atlantic Rim) would have directed this effort that it would have made an incredible difference.Other than the black comedic or cultish one-liners, the highlight of 'Zoombies' was the old school technique of executing a proper "Gorilla Suit" role (Kifo), something that has been underused in contemporary filmmaking, a huge pat on the back for the production team for making that call, it was a great call and a blast to watch.

Carole T (jp) wrote: Predictable, dull with weak performances and plot holes galore.

The N (kr) wrote: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Bjorn O (ru) wrote: Nej. Det r inte ofta jag frgastter mitt filmtittande men det hr r en av gngerna. Kanske skulle brja samla frimrken istllet.

Josh A (kr) wrote: Apparently the younger Hanks decided to follow in his father's footsteps in the mid 2000s and grow an atrocious mullet and accept garbage scripts just to get a paycheck. The writing is totally derivative, Hanks, although creepy, never makes for a menacing villain (see Dexter Season 6), and the acting is continually forced and overdramatic. The movie also seems to play like it has some sort of political agenda, pushing for background checks for buying spy gadgets and cameras, is unable to produce any real terror, and the ending is very unsatisfying.

Hanson M (it) wrote: Mumblecore perfection. The characters are so real

Jaret M (jp) wrote: A completely benign family-flick that's far from a home-run, but is hard not to like. Thomas Ian Nicholas, maybe the world's most charming twelve year old, leads a wholly likable cast (though co-star/director Daniel Stern seems to think he's in a different movie), but the film struggles to move past its own tired cliches. The film is at its absolute best when on the baseball diamond, and will surely please anyone who ever dreamed of the big leagues, but chances are you won't come back for more.

MandyJane K (ca) wrote: Disappointing. Expected to see much more character development. While it does a good job of sticking to his true autobiography, it leaves the viewer lacking in story development. Would love to see a remake.

Faris A (au) wrote: It starts off with one of the worst edited Opening Sequences ever. But as soon it get's started...It's brilliant.

Daniel F (fr) wrote: "Anybody goes against the Law goes against me". This perceptive and thought provoking Western is a classic in my eyes and Burt Lancaster is brilliant as always.

Sally H (au) wrote: Beautifully shot as you would expect, and evocative of a time when people knew their places and were both constrained and comforted by them. But I didn't believe the story and the ending is ridiculous. One for a rainy afternoon.

Darrin C (br) wrote: Not as good as the first, but with a new story and same style. Definitely an excellent sequel to bridge it's predecessor.

Wes K (kr) wrote: After a slow first hour, the film begins to get interesting. The structure feels as though it stops and starts throughout, with several dead end plot points or unresolved plants. The acting by all principals was decent, most notably Judd Hirsch's portrayal of the ruthless, immoral Gypsy father.