He Got Game

He Got Game

A basketball player's father must try to convince him to go to a college so he can get a shorter sentence.

Denzel Washington does some of his best work as a prison inmate trying to earn himself an early release by talking his estranged son into playing basketball at the governor of New York's alma mater. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (au) wrote: At first it appears to be a very moody examination of grief and coping with loss, but as the story progresses it gets much darker than that, and unexpectedly so.

Lanky Man P (mx) wrote: Children of Sorrow would be great if it was only 20 minutes long and it was the last 20 minutes of the film.

Bevan S (mx) wrote: There are a lot of interesting ideas that crop up in here, but you'll probably miss many of them thanks to the way the film presents them. Giving academics 10 minutes to quickly rattle out their theories on ethics, truth, ecology, etc., just manages to create a frenzy more than anything else. I think I'll track down some texts of the folks who interested me in order to get a real idea of their thoughts.

CW R (ca) wrote: not bad for a low budget horror flick. warning: scenes from this movie are EXTREMELY gruesome! You should only watch if you can stomach very graphic scenes.

Jolle L (jp) wrote: Film dprimant. Je m'attendais autre chose mais je suis reste accroch je voulais savoir comment tout finirais. La finale est d'un humour noir...

Ryan R (de) wrote: Spike Lee is one of those directors that many people love to hate, but his quality films cannot be denied. My favorite films of his are Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, Inside Man, and the documentary, 4 Little Girls. I picked up the Spike Lee Collection Vol. 1 on Blu-ray out of a urge to revisit He Got Game during the 2014 NBA Finals, and a curiosity about this film that most people in the forums I visit were interested in, 25th Hour. Boy am I glad I did. I actually preferred this film over the one I bought the double feature for most.The film follows Monty (Norton) as he prepares to go to prison for a seven year sentence the following day. He's highly respected among New York's seedy underbelly, and he has to come to grips with the decisions he's made and effects they are having on his friends and family. This is truly a performance driven piece, and said performances are all top notch. Edward Norton leads a stellar cast in this gripping dramatic tour de force. He's joined here by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rosario Dawson, Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, Isiah Whitlock Jr., and an exceptional Barry Pepper in what may just be his best performance to date.A few things to note here are the amazingly gorgeous visuals and the fantastic score by Terence Blanchard. The cinematography by Lee and Diego Prieto (The Wolf of Wall Street, Argo, Babel, and many other beautiful films) is washed out, with high contrast, and looks damn near painted on a canvas. There is true technical prowess on display here. I recommend seeing the film for its visual and auditory artistry alone. And definitely on Blu-ray if possible. It has a top notch transfer.I do have some complaints, but they are few and far between. Some of the characterizations seemed pointless and out of place, like Paquin's character for example. While her performance was rock solid, her role seemed unnecessary. Whatever message her relationship with Hoffman's character was meant to convey, it was lost on me. Perhaps with time and revisits that will become more fleshed out in my mind. Another complaint I had was that it seemed to meander a bit towards the end, and the curve ball they threw was somewhat unsatisfactory. Even with those complaints, there is a lot to love here. Great film.

Honor M (jp) wrote: I cant stand Steven Seagal

Miguel G (kr) wrote: Bellsima historia de un britanico identificado con la cultura indigena, que por un inters ecologico (y apoyado por una linda india) se ve envuelto en una cruzada por los castores, pero que le traer problemas a su vida personal

HBMully (ca) wrote: Pretty good documentary...her attorney was useless but I still believe she didn't act in self defense in any of her killings, she knew exactly what she was doing.

Justin R (it) wrote: A total grindhouse feature that is just ridiculous guilty pleasure horror

Bill R (kr) wrote: The film upon which 12 Monkeys was based.

Chrisanne S (kr) wrote: (in spite of the picture) Pokes fun at mysteries in general. Price is great as ham actor, Mitchum is his usual tough guy role, and He and Jane Russell are great with the one liners.

Jaime L (it) wrote: Like Bambi it doesn't really have strong characters or plot and meanders for a chunk of its short run time. Unlike Bambi though the music is better and what plot it does have flows better so when the story peaks it feels natural. Dumbo also has a rather trippy scene that would no doubt get gasps of "think of the children!" in these modern times, rather amusing. Even the mildly racist crows were fun.