He Loves Me

He Loves Me

When Laura begins to suspect her husband is cheating on her, she is devastated by his infidelity, despite having a torrid affair of her own. While she desperately tries to save her marriage, Laura's mysterious past begins to emerge, making her more paranoid, delusional and violent in alarming ways. As her mental state continues to unravel, whoever gets in the way of Laura's myriad of fantasies becomes expendable, revealing the shocking dream world that insulates her from reality.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   infidelity,   bed,  

Dr. Nick seems to have a happy marriage with real estate agent Laura and a daughter. No, they each have sexual affair with others. Laura's therapist suspects her of exaggerating or even ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roni M (gb) wrote: Oh my gosh it was AMAAAAAZING! Sooooooo effing hilarious!

Sree K (ru) wrote: title: simhapunchline: mass appealscript: srimannarayana ( balakrishna ) is a lecturer in college. he does not like illegal activities. he lives with his grandmother. one day a girl called anjali enters his life. she is bigger trouble and srimannarayana faces them.then he realises that , anjali is related to him. the next part of the story is about a doctor simha ( balakrishna ) and how he is related to srimannarayana?execution: the movie has a fair script. the first half introduces the characters of the movie except 2 other characters. just before interval , the story begins to hook the audience. the second half is pickup of the movie and really appeals the masses. the climax is good. direction: boyapati sreenu had done a tremendous job. very much controlled acting by balakrishna and rest characters. screenplay: the script is driven with ongoing catchy screenplay. the first half screenplay is ok and the second half is good. casting: balakrishna is the main character of the movie. he does both roles to his best. simha character is the asset to the movie. nayantara had got good role in the second half. rest characters are good and apt. music: 2 numbers are good by chakri. rest are average.background score: the background score is awesome in 2nd half. nice work by sound engineers. cinematography: not much of cinematography use in the movie except one song. editing: crisp editing and nice intervals in between , to hook the audience to the seats. sharp editing is seen.cgi/ production values: nearly 25 crores on the movie is good. the action episodes are perfectly choreographed. NBk rocks in the action scenes.cgi effects are seen in limited proportions and suits well.entertainment value: the movie is entertaining for the mass audience. the class audience should survive 2.5 hours of the film. still the movie is interesting to have a look as it will appeal for the neat performance by balakrishna in 2nd half. entertaining movie.final analysis: movie begins well and goes average till interval . the interval song and scene is really picks up the momentum. second half is powerful and portraits the character of simha. the climax is good. overall a well treated movie with doses of romance, action , hints of comedy and tragedy. rating: 3.25/5

Heather M (jp) wrote: I have so many other things to do that I will have to hear many good things before I just watch movies these days.

Jeannine O (kr) wrote: Poignant film with a killer soundtrack

Gabita G (nl) wrote: Foarte frumos filmul

Aditya M (ru) wrote: 'Blue' is appropriately titled, being the most depressing member of the famous 'Three Colors' trilogy. It is my least favourite of the three, although it does have a bleak and haunting appeal.

stefn birgir s (it) wrote: In the future, people spend their lives connected to some kind of virtual reality world, lets call it "the matrix" and most are contempt. One girl isn't she fights back and ends up in a desolated world with mutants and Bruce Campbell. Also, movie sucks. Includes a opera scene.

Kavita D (gb) wrote: this one is an Icon for many: excels at all levels: script, cinematography, character sketches, acting, plot reconstruction, dialogues, songs etc.. V.V.C rocks!

I dont know w (us) wrote: Heard it was underrated.

Boogie B (ca) wrote: Plot: Solomon Northup is a good, loving, family man who is free in the United States. Suddenly things go down South from there.Review:THIS REVIEW IS SPOILER FREE12 Years a Slave is a 1853 memoir by an African-American man named Solomon Northup. Since then, his story has been adapted twice. One being a PBS special, the second being an amazing, all star cast, winner of 3 Academy Awards, and a Oscar winning 2013 film. You do not have all of these combinations, and have a poor film to show. 12 Years a Slave, is a harsh, but a sadly true subject we've seen, and read before. But I believe, 12 Years a Slave is probably the most brutal, realistic view, evil, nightmarish, heart pounding tale of American slavery since the original Roots. American slavery was awful, and Solomon Northup goes through Hell in this film. Even though this film, and its subject matter can be harsh. It is a film to view, learn from, and understand the cruelty that happened to Africans in America. I believe this is a film for everyone to see and learn from, no matter what race, religion, or region you may be from. Director Steve McQueen (Shame, Hunger, uses the best filmmaking techniques, to demonstrate the unimaginable cruelty, our main character has to through, and how our main character has to not only survive but truly live. The acting in this film is so well done. In this movie, Michael Fassbender (X-Men First Class, Jobs)is the devil. Brad Pitt (Fight Club, Oceans 12) is a good man in a cruel world. Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story)really gets under your skin, and comes off as a bully. You really feel sad for Lupita Nyong'o, and our lead, Chiwetel Ejiofor (4 Brothers, Salt) truly is an amazing actor. There are numerous scenes, when he can literally tell he has been through Hell, with just looking in his eyes. In addition, the scenery of the South is very beautiful. On the other hand, the ugliness of slavery makes the film have a very interesting contrast. Overall, I believe 12 Years a Slave is a movie everyone should see. It is a good film, that conveys a nightmarish, evil period in American history. It feels real, organic, and it is an amazing film. I am more than proud to give this film a rating of 10/10.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Rolling thru the @HDTGM library of badness can be painful at times. I have NO IDEA who this movie was made for. Kids?? Adults???

David L (ag) wrote: Number 2 of 4 in this popular Hannibal Lecter series, but I'd say it's the weakest of the bunch definitely. It's set quite a way after the previous film, where Dr Lecter is all grown up, been committing crimes for a while and has just been sentenced to life imprisonment in the infamous cell of the mental hospital. On this occasion, it's the man responsible for his capture that comes out of retirement to pick up the chase for another sadistic killer called the 'Tooth Fairy', who it is thought has a connection with Lecter. Months after their last encounter, the two men from opposite sides of the law reunite in psychological warfare with the FBI agent attempting to interpret Lecter's endless riddles and warped mind as a means of finding clues to the identity and whereabouts of this new threat on the scene. It's very much along the lines of Silence of the Lambs in its plot, what with the Tooth Fairy acting as an alternative to Buffalo Bill. I just don't think the former is a strong enough villain though and by making him what seemed the prime bad guy ahead of Hannibal, seemed a detrimental thing to do. Hopkins character is one of the most gripping characters in film history, and his every word and movement is sinister to the max. I love this iconic role but his involvement was too secondary for my liking and the overall story suffered as a result. It's still a good watch as these films are some of my all time greats but it's notably not on a par with any of the others. To its credit, it does lead nicely into the more famous 3rd chapter of the tale and pieces the jigsaw together quite nicely. Im sure there's still room for another episode to be released, perhaps with a middle aged Lecter taking to our screens, but I would worry that further instalments would really start to degrade what is an amazing sequence of films.

Brendan N (ag) wrote: The fights are poorly executed and the story is all over the place. The best parts are Russell Crowe and Rick Yune and that isn't enough to justify the running time. The movie is full of storyline holes and lacks any real impact, the villains are just boring.

Jonathan F (gb) wrote: This zombie-romance-comedy fusion doesn't sound like a particularly quality movie. But it proved me wrong. What a fantastically, brilliantly done film that is sure to warm up the coldest of hearts.

Ian C (jp) wrote: Hillarious comedy set in and around a working day in a Los Angles Carwash.