He's Just Not That Into You

He's Just Not That Into You

Remember that really cute guy who said he'd call – and didn't? Maybe he lost your number. Maybe he's in the hospital. Maybe he's awed by your beauty, brains or success. Or maybe... he's just not that into you.

The Baltimore-set movie of interconnecting story arcs deals with the challenges of reading or misreading human behavior. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jan v (jp) wrote: Title: Hilarious and dramatic events within an Icelandic village. Men, women and horses play equal roles as protagonists, with hormones and social conventions as main driving factors Saw this film at the Noordelijk film festival 2014 in Leeuwarden (NL). Beautiful landscapes with men/women looking after horses and riding on them, while at the same time very occupied with the other women/men in the village. The movie is carried by several intertwined story lines to keep the flow going, including all sorts of humorous and dramatic events. The village population sees and knows everything that's going on with their neighbors, even watching more distant neighbors and their interactions by means of binoculars when line of sight allows. Much of this was exactly as I remember from my youth, having grown up on a farm in a very small village (750 people, 100 houses). There was one remarkable difference, however, namely that the horses in this film were treated very different in comparison with the cows I am more familiar with. I felt these horses to be more closer to humans than cows ever were in my remembrance. Not all village life is a happy life, however, in spite of the romantic feelings we derive from adverts with green meadows filled with happy cows. It involves tedious manual labor in difficult circumstances, in good and bad weather, and long travel distances that cross unfriendly rocks and rivers. We had to witness two funerals in the process, something wherein the whole village comes together and sympathizes in the family's grief. Major events like rounding-up horses to be brought to the market when ready to be sold, also form opportunities where the whole village works together in taking the herd over the rocks and rivers and the vast fields in between, typically a task that can be completed only when everyone joins in and cooperates. On a more frivolous note, we see hormones at work within horses as well as people. It is something that can unite as well as break up people or even families. Phenomena like this were more hidden in the village where I grew up (it was in the sixties, and maybe I was just ignorant and as youngster did not see the obvious at the time). Anyway, hormones in this village are prominently present and active, with a definitive influence on everyone's actions. We witness several actions frowned on by any church I know of. The whole village witnesses it, or at least hears about it, and certainly has an opinion in the matter. As an example I can mention a hilarious scene where a price winning mare is being sired (is that the correct verb?) by a young stallion, while the owner of the mare is still sitting on its back.... This event involved lots of additional shame, as it happened while the proud owner was actually showcasing his newly bought mare. Everyone in the village saw it happening from close-by or via their binoculars. Yet I did not fully comprehend the aftermath of this intimate gathering of the two horses, who actually did nothing wrong while following the call of nature. I assume that the shame and being the talk of the town played an important role in the decision. All in all, the landscapes, the inside view in the micro cosmos of an Icelandic village, with the horses as important protagonists together with their owners, it all mixes very well while showing dramatic as well as hilarious events. A lot of interesting things happen on screen in only 81 minutes, which is an achievement in itself. You don't get the chance to loose your attention while so many things are happening.

Fai D (ru) wrote: A terrific Kahaani. One of India's finest films.

Brad R (br) wrote: Sean William Scott Saved this movie

Kong L (gb) wrote: "ENDEARING | INSPIRATIONAL | MOVING | POWERFUL | RIVETING" (95-out-of-100)

Mathieu T (kr) wrote: Dark and in a gritty and hopeless world, this amazingly well played movie is a one-ticket into madness..

Brett D (mx) wrote: This is a very enjoyable film; the characters are likable and the non-linear storytelling is entertaining rather than annoying. Its main fault is the ending, which is far too rushed. Enjoyed the score, too.

Eric R (br) wrote: A Warlock from the 1600s arrives in 1980s Los Angeles to continue his devotion to the devil. On his trail, a warlock hunter from the 1600s who has followed the warlock forward in time. WARLOCK is essentially a b-movie supernatural version of The Terminator. It's an entertaining film which features some fun gruesome deaths, courteousy of our Warlock. Julian Sands is extremely creepy as the Warlock. He oozes unease and really does a great job at creating a memorable villain. This film has a good amount of 80s cheese but its damn entertaining.

Michael N (br) wrote: Not nearly as good as the original.

Daniel Q (mx) wrote: I thought this 1972 made for TV movie was pretty decent. The acting was actually pretty good and the dialogue was not that cheesy. Somehow this werewolf movie plays more like a murder mystery then a horror/suspense. The whole werewolf story seems to be a subplot, which is pretty disappointing. The movie plays out like an episode of Scooby Doo, in which you have X amount of characters and you need to figure out who the monster is. In this aspect, the movie did have me guessing, every time I thought I had it figured out, I was wrong. The run time is perfect and the movie never over stays it's welcome. Overall for a made for TV movie that is now bordering 40 years old, it's actually watchable, and decently entertaining.

Jean F (mx) wrote: Sexy, witty, endearing-- I've wanting to see this feelm for decades and wasn't disappointed. A bit uncomfy watching it with the in-laws, though as it's pretty much sex, sex, sex. I heart Anton Walbrook so.

Greg D (au) wrote: I'm not a big Moore fan but this is a decent movie to checkout.

Edgar C (ru) wrote: - A woman that demands too much from others, expecting positive emotional responses from people as long as these responses are born in their hearts without previous request. Such expectations create a world of fear around her, with people ending up scared to create an emotional attachment with her of any kind.- A woman that tries to outdo her emotional abandonment, substituting it with a self-created independence, until realizing that complete independence from people is not something that exists in this world. We are not alone, and our actions, thoughts and words have an impact of variable magnitude on the direct or indirect receiver.- A woman that is willing to assume responsibilities of greater magnitude than her own perceptions and beliefs, until such circumstances come and make her question her true value as a person and, most importantly, as a woman.The stamps of American Beauty and Irritu are present throughout. Those are good qualities. No matter how many films we remember being about "the same", they will never stop being good because the high relevance of these topics is permanent. However, in order to state a message as true as "it's the time spent together that counts, more than blood. Time counts the most.", high directorial expertise is required to out-stand among your genre, Garca. Keep trying; you are on a good path.67/100

Gerard M (kr) wrote: Two kids steal a cop car and a great film ensues.