He Snoops to Conquer

He Snoops to Conquer

George Gribble is tea-boy at Tangleton town council, he gets ravelled up in the councillors money-grubbing machinations concerning compiling and then cooking the results of a government sponsored housing survey.

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Scottt F (br) wrote: Exceptional doc that best asks the question: Was Whitey a rat? Bulger comes across far more honest than the FBI, Justice Dep't and prosecutors.

Said C (nl) wrote: um i didn't really know what was going on. this was a deep rooted cultural thing. it was so far from the first movie i didn't know what to think. i guess tony jaa wanted to show us his acting range. on another note tony didn't look too fit in this movie. he looked a little loose around the edges really. this movie was like street fighter meets the exorcist.

Tony D (us) wrote: Great movie, Diane Lane nailed the part, should have received an Oscar.

Kelly B (br) wrote: Simplistic Western about a man whose horse is stolen, and he handles his pride in a journey to get it back. There's nothing special about the story at all, yet Sidney J. Furie's direction(The Ipcress File) is impressive, and Marlon Brando and John Saxon deliver solid performances.

Brandon R (nl) wrote: Great documentary highlighting the Pixies 2004 reunion tour!

Carole T (ru) wrote: Great performaces from both Diaz and Collette but a little too cliched for me.

Luke P (it) wrote: Well-acted and engrossing. Infernal Affairs is a intelligent cop thriller relying more on story and characters then over the top violence

Tim R (it) wrote: One of my all time favorite hood movies. Not as good as Boyz n the Hood but still a great film.

Calvin C (de) wrote: Thank goodness there was the TV show.Grade: C

James M (ca) wrote: An average horror movie which isn't particularly memorable.

Charlie M (es) wrote: Off to grandma's house we go in this chilling tale. Louise Fletcher makes Nurse Ratchet look like Mother Theresa.

Gary C (ru) wrote: Fans of HK crime drama may be tempted to see this because of the big name partnership of Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau, but despite their star presence, this is a very lacklustre affair. Other than the inclusion of some nice locations, the direction is flat and lifeless; the rare action scenes lack style and are unexciting and the plot is hackneyed and sentimental-the scene where Chow Yun Fat and his girlfriend start nursing an injured puppy is one of the most laughable I've ever seen! But by far the biggest handicap for a non-cantonese speaker were the appalling subtitles. I needed a translator for the translations...

Wave C (jp) wrote: weak script but loaded with action and spy thrilled

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Justin B (kr) wrote: Its anthology execution of one seamless story provides a lot of variety and at 70 mins it's easily digestible but it's still nothing spectacular, even for a b-movie.