He Walked by Night

He Walked by Night

This film-noir piece, told in semi-documentary style, follows police on the hunt for a resourceful criminal who shoots and kills a cop.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:79 minutes
  • Release:1948
  • Language:English,Spanish,Chinese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   nurse,   disguise,  

This film-noir piece, told in semi-documentary style, follows police on the hunt for a resourceful criminal who shoots and kills a cop. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin Z (br) wrote: This bedazzles me and keeps me watching until the end.

Dave G (fr) wrote: Insane story of the making of "Fitzcarraldo." Worth seeing to see Werner Herzog as a young man, and to confirm that YES they actually did pull a steamship over a mountain for this film.

Matt W (kr) wrote: The feeling where you don't know what to say. I have been experiencing this a lot lately.Mainly because I have been watching a lot of generic films. I just felt a little empty at the end of the film.The main downfall of this is Dan Fogler, who is really quite awful in this. There was no charm to him. They tried to give him some development, then about 30 minutes in- you lose it all, and you just get him shouting loudly.Anna Faris was fine in the film, but her story could have been cut out, and the story or film wouldn't have changed. It seemed they just used her for the name.I actually just wanted to concentrate on the single relationship between Topher Grace, even though his character is a little unlikable- but Teresa Palmer and Grace did seem to have some chemistry, that i wished we could have concentrated more on, instead of getting outlandish stupidity.There were a few chuckles, and a nice central romance. But Dan Fogler.That is all.

Phil H (es) wrote: Have you heard of Errol Flynn? well I should hope so. The title of this film of course refers to his classic 1938 Curtiz directed swashbuckler 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' which he is probably most remembered for. Alas this is not a biographical surrounding those good old days but the last days of his life which he spent in financial difficulties and dogged by accusations of rape due to his relationship with the much younger Beverly Aadland.Unfortunately old Errol was too much of a ladies man and it got him into trouble, trouble which admittedly he managed to dodge relatively well for the most part. To this day he is still seen as the ultimate swashbuckler, the dashing handsome rogue with a gleaming smile, slick back wavy hair and that period fashionable pencil thin tash. And he was just that for the best part of his career, a leading Hollywood action man, ladies man, a man's man, he smoked and he drank but that was all part of the suave debonair glitzy Hollywood image. In his later years he ran into money troubles due to bad luck in Hollywood, mainly his unfinished movie 'The Story of William Tell'. His particular brand of movies had become old hat as public taste changed after WWII and added to that he was in bad health from excessive drinking and smoking. Flynn had been accused of rape before in the 40's but was acquitted, none the less this didn't help his movie career and overall image. The relationship with Aadland during in final years only made things worse really despite the fact she loved Flynn and they were seen as a couple. This film picks up at the time of Errol's death when the press were all over the story trying to splatter his highly controversial last affair across the headlines. With Flynn now gone and unable to defend himself the press came down on Aadland digging for a scoop whilst her mother was seen as encouraging the whole affair...for monetary reasons of course. From there we go back a couple years as the story is told in a flashback leading to the current event, an overused concept if you ask me.We do indeed learn that Aadland's mother was very much a part of her relationship with Flynn, at first very happy and naturally flattered by it all, then realising Flynn's actual intentions but deciding to pretty much ignore it and carry on. Whether everything we see in this film is actually honesty truthful I don't know, I assume facts have been uncovered and the truth is being exposed...in a relatively tame way of course. The film does seem to skim across the surface of reality to be honest, it did feel like large gaps in the affair were left out, purposefully or not I don't know. On one hand this film wants to give an accurate portrayal of a legend but on the other it also felt like they still wanted to keep things pleasant, as if they didn't really want to tarnish this silver screen star because he was so damn likeable. I mean come on, who doesn't love good old Errol and his sword twirling antics.The story is the main aspect of a movie like this but the cast is possibly even more important, mainly the man to play Errol. Sure if you like Flynn then a film about his life, whether good or bad, is gonna excite you, but how well the lead actor can portray Flynn is probably the most important and interesting factor here. I think it was obvious that Kevin Kline would play this part, many a time in the past I have looked at Kline with his clear well spoken voice and that little tash he often has and thought he is the epitome of a classic old fashioned Hollywood star. I think we can all agree Kline has always had that pompous swashbuckling presence about him and he is perfect as an aged Errol Flynn...visually at least.OK so its not gonna be easy to try and replicate that slight Aussie twang but at least Kline has a good voice to start with, problem is his performance is kinda hammy. That's not all his fault of course as the dialog is pretty darn hokey at times, trying to recapture Flynn's charming ways and of course the time period. Its not a bad performance per say but it just seems more like a parody at times, he has the smiles, grins, leers and winks down to a tee but after a time it feels kinda creepy, its all he has, all he can do, and it feels more like a spoof. Sarandon as Aadland's mother is solid but tends to come across as a twitching wacko murderer just waiting to explode at any moment, like a character out of a Stephen King novel. Lastly Dakota Fanning as the all important Beverly Aadland is probably the best thing here, she looks the part and you can really feel her emotional dilemma, maybe even relate to it, but despite the fact the plot is all about her it seems underwritten for the character. To look at you'd think this was a TV movie frankly, it doesn't feel like a big production movie which was clearly trying to be an Oscar contender. Visually it looks fine with good authenticity abundant...the vintage cars, interior decor, outfits of the time etc...but it doesn't blow you away, its nothing special, nothing you haven't seen before. Heck 'The Wonder Years' actually looked better than this at times. I did like the tiny shots of 50's New York, real footage boosted with a dab of CGI I think and colour enhancement which looked nice.The problem with this film is the fact they tend to gloss over the fact that Flynn did in fact rape Aadland when they first met, apparently. Yes she fell in love with him over time and they became a couple but that doesn't really ignore the fact that the movie is saying Flynn did force himself on Aadland, which in turn makes you think he probably did it previously to others. Of course times were different, attitudes were different and you can't really get around that but there should have been some recognition of what happened. The film makes it out to be Flynn merely seducing her with his flashy smile and charms, a simple little bump at the start of their relationship. The film can't decide whether it wants to be a brutally honest direct biopic or a soft and cuddly love letter to a screen legend. In the end they seem to show what really happened (apparently) but don't take it seriously, there is more of a sentimental vibe going on yet at the same time the film isn't really a happy one. For the most part its mainly about Aadland's mother pushing her daughter into the arms of a very rich and famous aging movie star (ignoring the age issue) so she can reap the benefits. Its a jumbled piece that starts off OK but soon deteriorates into a pretty sad downhearted affair that ends on a dejected note.