Head Above Water

Head Above Water

Judge George (Harvey Keitel) brings his young wife, Nathalie (Cameron Diaz), to a remote island for a vacation. But while George accompanies their only neighbor -- Nathalie's childhood friend Lance (Craig Sheffer) -- on a fishing trip, Nathalie spends time with her ex, Kent (Billy Zane). When Kent ends up dead the next morning, Nathalie tries to hide the evidence before her husband gets home. After the body is found, the events of the previous night unravel, with unexpected revelations.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boat,   judge,   remake,  

A prominent judge, his wife, her ex-lover, their neighbor and a dead body that complicates their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kate H (kr) wrote: Well done. Tells the background of the picasso painting.

Jack L (it) wrote: Devudu Chesina Manushulu (Telugu)Puri Jagannadh - The name stands as an agent for mediocrity and eccentricity at the same time. The former is related to his view of normal human perceptions but the latter is totally his self. Ravi Teja is probably one of the best energetic heroes in Telugu cinema. The duo has dished out one too many successful films in the past and any new venture is sure to spike up expectations.I'll take a different route on reviewing this movie - it'll be more of a monologue or ranting or both rather than a review. It's been a while since the movie got released and apparently it bit the dust right from the word go. Naturally I had no chance / interest in catching up with the movie at a nearby theater. Eventually, I got a glimpse of it on Roku VOD over the weekend and was shocked about the film getting "bombed".I shared the thought with couple of my closest buddies and they started distancing themselves from me, well, for a limited amount of time. They were pretty sure that I lost it and were on the verge of suggesting me an asylum to get myself cured. Maniacally I had to introspect myself for a goddamn movie and then I thought - Holy Heavens I'll write something about it.Every soul that watched this movie must question itself as to1. Is there no story? - Damn you we are talking about commercial telugu movies. Why the heck do you need a story?2. Screenplay was bad? - This film has one of the best screenplay's ever and even the director would've been shocked at the outcome. It's based on a random workless guy and his banana peel - throwing it on the road vs. dumping it in a waste basket. I would say it's utterly commercialized and our own Rashomon.3. Music was bad? - Pardon my dumb wits but it has it's dose of regular watch once forget it kind of songs. They infact are foot tapping given the lead pair's energetic dances. As telugu people we are not new to any of this.4. Dialogues were bad? - Knowingly or unknowingly Puri has penned one of the best lines in his career. Add to it Ravi Teja's usual style of diction and highly animated antics - they are more than entertaining.5. What is ultimately bad then? - Nothing. It's not a great film or an instant blooper in the world of telugu cinema. It's a damn good entertaining film and nobody can answer to it's box office fate.Only let down point for the film is it's climax but given the entertainment ride till that point, you can shove it in to "passable" bucket. All involved parties did their usual job of performing to their permissible limits. There is no mockery relating to god or divine power as one might expect from it's first look.I feel bad for the makers (not that it matters) that it ended up a dud inspite of being a racy commercial entertainer.

Drake S (br) wrote: The 1999 series Walking With Dinosaurs is in my opinion one of the greatest, most revolutionary documentaries ever made, so how is it possible that a movie based on it can be one of the worst? There is almost no originality with this film, the plot is just the typical underdog story we've seen a million times, the only difference being that it's with dinosaurs. One of the biggest gripes about this film is that the dinosaurs talk, actually only like 3 or 4 talk, the rest of them roar like how dinosaurs should.

JuanKa P (ca) wrote: La secuela de Mean Girls. Jo Mitchel (Meaghan Martin) una chica hija de un padre soltero llega a una nueva escuela. Muy desenvuelta y segura de s misma, empieza a ganar popularidad y amigos al no tener que buscar la aprobacin de las chicas populares, lo que paradjicamente la vuelve la ms popular. Uno de los padres de una chica que sufre bullying la contactar para que se amiga de su hija, con un pago de por medio, lo que generar un conflicto

Roxanne R (de) wrote: From my perspective this is a coming of age story, but most importantly a story about FRIENDSHIP. Furthermore it is depressing and makes you feel so grateful for what you have, reinforcing the old adage of never taking anything for granted. Our protagonists Lily (Juno Temple) and Alison (Kay Panabaker) are two disadvantaged teens living on the shores of Salton Sea- the largest lake in CA with a salinity exceeding 4.0% w/v (saltier than seawater) and many species of fish can no longer survive so there are plenty of dead fish around. Lily yearns for something better and to escape her miserable surroundings and boring life whereas Alison is happy in her comfort zone. One day they encounter some teen boys skateboarding near their neighborhood and become fast friends. Lily vows to make it to Los Angeles (where the boys are from) and visit that magical city. What takes place next is a journey the girls will never forget that will test their friendship, courage, maturity. The acting was very good for a primarily teen cast and of course watching the shots of Sunset Blvd in LA brings me memories. However; the message is loud and clear: Lily's LA adventure is nowhere near more encouraging or better than the environment she left behind!! Who on their right mind arrive to Los Angeles without money and a place to stay- well apparently these teens. As an adult I can see all the mistakes made by our characters and I feared for the bad company the girls got mixed up with. Alison is the most mature of the bunch and this film gives you plenty to ponder about especially for those living in the City of Angels because the city can and will chew you up and spit you out if you come empty handed. LA is NOT a city for the meek, for the timid, for the homeless..The films shocking ending though is a powerful statement to the meaning of FRIENDSHIP. So watch if you don't mind the sad, cruel and depressing reality that so many homeless teens face today in America.

LaShonda R (fr) wrote: I loved this movie! The soundtrack is awesome.

Mari J (nl) wrote: this sucks i can't watch the movie

Zulhilmi Z (de) wrote: Great chemistry between Bette Midler and Dennis Farina sustains my interest in this otherwise very average movie.

Edgar C (fr) wrote: Incredibly stupid-looking and cheesy, which makes it smarter than what the pre-production standards ever ambitioned. This cool action flick has basically everything, including an odd camp aroma from the 80s that few movies maintained. Talk about irony...55/100

Anson H (fr) wrote: This was a piece of crap. If you want to watch good animated time travel, watch Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Nothing works here.

Keenan S (fr) wrote: Sometimes proclaimed as a female version of Dumb And Dumber, Romy And Michele's High School Reunion is a sweet, funny, and very enjoyable friendship comedy. While not as funny as Dumb And Dumber, it's still a great time to watch and a sadly lost relic of 90's comedies.Romy and Michele are two best friends living together even ten years after graduating high school. Romy works at a Jaguar dealership, while Michele is unemployed. When the two friends aren't designing and making their own clothing style, they like to go out and party or just hang out watching films. The two have essentially never grown up from their teenage years, but don't think much about it until they get wind of their upcoming high school reunion. Suddenly, they realize that they have done nothing of particular relevance since graduating high school, which is especially problematic since they want to impress the bitchy popular girls from their class and everyone else who goes.They try to reinvent their image, but can't lose any weight at the gym and Michele can't get a job. Romy manages to hatch a plan to impress their classmates by getting a Jaguar from the dealership she works at from a co-worker who has a crush on her and the two intend to be businesswomen claiming to have invented post-it notes.But, on the way there, the two have a fight that threatens to end their friendship and they decide to go their separate ways at the reunion...without figuring out how to change their stories. Things go haywire for the duo when their dim-witted scheme comes to light by the popular girls and now they have to figure out what to do next.The story, while not particularly original, has the right amounts of charm, humor, and messages about life and friendship to keep it lively and fun. It also helps that it has such bubbly and fun characters as they get involved in a series of ridiculous scenarios.The acting is pretty solid, though some have complained about Lisa Kudrow's performance as a dumb blonde character. I didn't find her to be annoying or bad, but I find her to be quite funny and fun to watch. She's never dumb in a way that gets agitating, but rather, her character is sweet and endearing. Mira Sorvino's performance as Romy is also great fun to watch as she tries to play the smarter of the two friends who comes up with all the ridiculous schemes. The other actors are pretty solid, but like any friendship comedy, the two leads take center stage and do great jobs at their performances.As a comedy, it is indeed a very funny film. It's not as funny as Dumb And Dumber, nor will it come within a thousand miles of being the greatest comedy I've ever seen, but this film still has loads of charm, great jokes that had me laughing a lot, and it also has a big heart tucked under the guise of its lunacy.Romy And Michele's High School Reunion is a wacky, funny, heartfelt, and very enjoyable comedy. It has a well written story, terrific acting, and is filled with all sorts of creative ideas and craziness to keep everything fresh and lively. If you still have a fondness for 90's comedies, this one won't disappoint.

Jose M (de) wrote: Good movie to see. You won't regret it

dude m (au) wrote: An instant classic that never gets old.