Head Hunter

Head Hunter

A night security guard finds himself trapped in a warehouse with an escaped serial killer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A night security guard finds himself trapped in a warehouse with an escaped serial killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Head Hunter torrent reviews

Stephanie H (de) wrote: I must have fallen asleep watching this movie at least twice; BORING. Please let this be the final movie, please

Peter W (ru) wrote: Not all the jokes hit for me, actors could've played it more straight faced.

Eddie G (it) wrote: boring i wasn't even able to watch it till end, boring

Ken O (it) wrote: I loved this movie... you guys are crazy!

Jude G (us) wrote: Control is a hauntingly beautiful and engaging biopic with sublime performances and stellar direction

Maria S (mx) wrote: I cried for a long time afterwards. For a cynic like me, that means, is a damn good movie!

BaDgIrL 91 (nl) wrote: this is a good movie.

Donna F (fr) wrote: Great cast in this quirky spoof of daytime soaps.

Sean L (kr) wrote: A moderately hard-edged drama about the private and public lives of comedians, with a special emphasis on the desperate lengths they'll go to for a laugh, or to get an edge on the competition. Sally Field is the focal figure, a mousey housewife who feels destined for greatness but can't locate her own voice, while Tom Hanks plays a big supporting role as a natural performer who's an irresponsible, selfish a-hole behind the scenes. It's an uneven picture that doesn't really click for a number of different reasons. Primary among them is this unspoken sense that a movie about comedians should be funny. Though the on-stage segments are indeed quite flat, big punchlines (if you'll forgive the pun) aren't really the point of this story. Less forgivable is the awkward, cloudy relationship between Hanks and Field that dominates the plot, and the constant shifts in tone from one scene to the next. I never got a real handle on where the film was going, what it wanted to be or to say. That writing jokes is hard, I guess? Sometimes the happiest guy in the spotlight is actually a poisonous, miserable bastard? A complicated, tentative take that's puzzling in its lack of a firm identity.

Ugly T (es) wrote: Arghh those speeded footages bored me a lot. A very good spoof has been ruined from such idiot scenes. Vincent, Vincent. forever, anyway! ehhhmm dance of bomb-girls it was relly HOT. I'm crazy for MINI-SKIRTS!!!! yeah!

Mark S (es) wrote: A very basic Charlie Chaplin film where the main gag is him dressing up as a woman, which was quite a popular conceit in the early silent movies.

Daniel D (nl) wrote: A series of long, and often uncomfortable scenes, weather it's a rape of a nun or an ignored daughter, the dark film brings a certain jazz to pessimistic situations. This is due to a combination of Kietels electric yet grimly performance and director Ferrara adding his love for style in. The film is perverted and graphic earning its NC-17 rating to the fullest, teaches you to snort coke and get a fake blow job. Many scenes were pointless, and to long, but an equal amount of other scenes were stunning. The oddly symbolic church scenes brought surrealism to the screen, with the slum scenes bringing a strong sense of neo-realism. My favorite of the three Ferrara films I've seen.