The film follows a Miami cop who's baffled over the recent trail of bloody decapitations in the Nigerian community of the city. The film is full of decapitations, blood rituals, voodoo, chainsaw fights, posession and a demon monster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Headhunter torrent reviews

Marvin B (au) wrote: Great cinematography. I'm now interested to learn Cuyonin.

Dana A (au) wrote: Was really expecting something great but I was just bored the entire time. The documentary just never went anywhere.

Adam T (us) wrote: A strong performance cast but lacked any real story, or lesson. Just a depressed and depleted picture; It didn't have what I was looking for.

Ari S (es) wrote: I really loved this film. I don't know why it took me so long to get around to it. It's honest and portrayed so well by the whole cast. However it's all pulled together, by at that time in his career a young Ryan Gosling. There are projects that actors do so they can get to the projects they can't yet. Gosling was more or less a good actor at the time and I think he hit a home run in terms of the the trajectory of his career by choosing to deeply commit to such a character. He's flawed, lonely, confused, heart broken yet pathetically beautiful because he at the very least has one moral piece to him. He may drown out his true self constantly with drugs but it's ironic that he says a few times through out the film that one thing doesn't make a man yet the only thing that holds him together is the opportunity to hopefully change someone life. The beauty that gosling brought to the character is what his ability to say so much with out saying a single word of dialogue. That's what makes him a fantastic actor. Drive is the perfect example of that ability. I highly recommend this film it's shot very well. There was so much that I got out of not seeing them talk about that were deeply rooted issues but by the character responses in body language and facial expressions it said more than any written script or set could have brought to the table. Once again proving that films like this will always be more honest and respected than huge budget films it's not for a pay day but for why we love films.

Lian S (br) wrote: Personally I thought it was brilliant film that has an obvious story line yet it's highly enjoyable and a quite formal film. The acting is great and there is nothing Patriciaularly wrong with the film.

Bojana L (ru) wrote: samo za istinske ljubitelje horora, koji imaju dobre ivce i ne moe ih puno toga okirati :)

Darren P (us) wrote: A lot of times it feels like a cheaply produced TV show, but it is entertaining enough.

Chris G (ru) wrote: i like this movie alot i would like to see this movie

Private U (ca) wrote: As Giallo's go, this one is well-paced and interwoven. My only complaint is that the nursery rhyme the killer bases his handiwork on is goofy in the extreme, and wouldn't inspire most to continue reading, let alone to a killing spree. That said, the spirit of the movie is tense enough to overlook these details. Worth seeing.

Donald D (mx) wrote: I think the writer/director is someone some smart producer(s) should take a chance on. I think the budget and Lifetime's control sometimes make the movie feel too independent or too hokey.

Clay B (fr) wrote: Frida (2002) My Rating: 7/10 Genre: Drama Director: Julie Taymor MPAA Rating: R Runtime: 123 minutes Available On: DVD, BLU-RAY

Chris T (br) wrote: This movie is something else. Did not expect anything from it when I rented it, but it has quite an impact. Historically it is pretty accurate too which is always a plus.

Jason J (au) wrote: Coming 2 years after the first Godzilla movie, this is a total letdown in the kaiju genre. There's too much padding going in the storyline which is full of irrelevant scenes and it's fairly boring until the final third when Rodan start smashing up a city by using the power of it's wings. That was really good with some impressive model work and special effects. The ending is a bit crap with not one but two Rodan monsters committing suicide in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption created by the army. Think I'll stick to the Godzilla movies, much better than this one.

Jon A (ca) wrote: Strictly for fans. A few good lines, mostly from Hope, but the whole thing looks far more fun to make than it is to watch.

Lucas M (kr) wrote: The charming cast cannot over come an overly clich (C) and bland story.