An accomplished headhunter risks everything to obtain a valuable painting owned by a former mercenary..

An accomplished headhunter risks everything to obtain a valuable painting owned by a former mercenary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben R (de) wrote: Less than an hour into this movie, I felt like there was already so much to dissect and analyze. I know it's pretentious to say that a movie feels 'literary,' but this really did - every line out of every character's mouth felt so perfect, so calculatedly chosen to provoke humor and emotion while also giving the audience a deep look inside the characters' minds. Sure, it's maybe not the most naturalistic of movies in terms of the dialogue - it does feel written. But it feels written in the best way.It's just so dense. I'd be pausing constantly if I wanted to write every line that stuck out to me, or every thought I had about one of the characters, or the dynamic between any two of them. It's fascinating how Alex Ross Perry makes space to develop every one of the main characters, and it also seems like each viewpoint is chosen to come in at the correct time to relieve us of the previous viewpoint. Right when Philip reaches the height of his assholeishness, we take a long break from him and just focus on Ashley and how she's dealing with it. We see how she views Philip, and we see how quickly he could go from being this likable, hilarious, genuine person to being narcissistic and egotistical. It's beautifully illustrated in this flashback scene of Ashley practicing double- and triple-takes with Philip, and I laughed so hard as Ashley laughed so hard, because it was so cute and happy, but then Philip suddenly blows up at a guy in the bar and both Ashley's and my smiles slowly fade.And then we see the viewpoint of Ike Zimmerman, a guy who's just like Philip but older and even more jaded, like the person Philip could easily become. At first, Ike seems like the wiser version of Philip; he wants the best for Philip and his writing, and it seems like this older guy could provide Philip with the grounding he so desperately needs. He's one of the few people who challenges Philip's authority and general behavior. But then we realize that Ike's advice could also bring out the worst in Philip, as when Ike tells him not to denigrate himself, saying that being blunt and egotistical will serve him well in his writing. And if there's one thing Philip does care about, it's himself and his writing.There are so many ideas and potent images that Alex Ross Perry wants to cram in here that a voiceover is necessary. Some might say it's too much, and some of the voiceover explains things that are more obvious than other things. But one of the things I like the most about this movie is that there's no prancing around what idea he's going to EVENTUALLY get to. When we immediately recognize that Philip is an asshole, he starts getting called on it right off the bat. I love the scene with his ex-girlfriend, who tells him about how fame and success have turned him into such an unlikable person, because it made me blink and kind of laugh, having thought that it'd be a while before someone close to him actually calls him on anything. But I also love how unsentimental it all is, and how self-aware everyone is. As his ex tells him that, she's just kind of smiling, and she continues to grin at all the terrible things he's saying, as if she's just waiting him out. It's so much more effective than if she'd blown up at him.All the acting is just so good, and it really says something that Jason Schwartzman is the least impressive of everyone. He's still fantastic, creating this utterly believable pretentious person, speaking in overly flowery language and acting utterly selfishly, but lashing out at people as if he's not the one who's selfish. Jonathan Pryce is so good, creating another contemptible man who will be jaded and bitter for the rest of his life. Krysten Ritter is great as his daughter, and you can just see how much she wants him to show her affection and pride, but all he does is call her a pain in the ass and a bitch. Still, everyone in the movie, crucially, has a point of view that makes sense. This isn't a world of cartoonish villains. Ike and Philip both act out of self-interest, but they have a definite moral code that they live by, and serious insecurities that make them act the way they do. Philip feels betrayed by Ashley just as she feels betrayed by him. Speaking of which - Elisabeth Moss is just phenomenal. Every twitch in her face deepens the character, and I was so invested in her story.I'm not really sure what else to say about the story, because to try to get into some real analysis would open up a whole can of worms, and I feel like I need to rewatch it before I truly understand every character. But as it is, every scene and every character felt crucial, and every theme and idea felt fully explored. The camerawork and graininess were great, and I loved the super close-up shots, forcing us into the characters' perspectives. When it comes to indie dramedies, I tend to like slow-paced meandering and understated stories that naturally hint at bigger ideas (Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus, Happy Christmas, etc.), but this one was packed with ideas, and it left me thinking long, long afterward.

Erick P (us) wrote: I only lasted about 20 minutes. Unbelievably bad. The 20 minutes I saw could have been left out and its information delivered through a quick flashback.

Zack B (us) wrote: Where did this film go? Was it talked about at all? I found it to be a spectacular experience, both progressive and traditional (his imaginative creations of dreamlike scenes a la Georges Melies) for Gondry, and full of performances so natural I was in disbelief that it wasn't a documentary. With drama that unfolds in clear-cut Cassavetes-style and a cast of colorful characters adored by their creator as the characters of Dazed and Confused were by theirs, "The We and I" is an engaging and entertaining film.

Russ V (ru) wrote: With a name like "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" no one would expect this movie to be good, but it was still much less fun than it should of been

Kenneth Y (mx) wrote: Tense and Sharp! Much better than I expected!

Aida W (mx) wrote: The first few minutes were extremely shocking. Peace should be at the top of the pyramid of the things that are the most important...

Daniel B (au) wrote: Nice French comedy which is rather French.

Kane L (mx) wrote: The remake of the omen is style drenched and coated in as many slick visuals as humanly possible to count, yet it pales in comparison to it's superior predecessor. The cast are all on the ball and deliver acceptable performances, and some even extend the roles from the original and furnish the character with their own interpretation (mia farrow as mrs bay lock) yet despite these qualities, the omen felt a little too... remade. The omen did nothing for itself in the sense of its storyline or the events that went down, this bothered me somewhat as i believe remakes are better when they can mix it up and do things a little differently instead of re applying the original's exact structure with more polished effects and a modern look. Also, the creepiness of the first film was due to the child seeming so innocent and oblivious to his papa's influence, yet here the child is shoved in our faces with sinister expressions and a seemingly planned arrangement in the story, this i didn't like. That said, it makes up for its mistakes by being a very entertaining and interesting plot to revisit. Worth a viewing, and a reviewing since audiences will definitely be conflicted by this oddity.

Rachel M (br) wrote: wow. just wow. hard to believe he thought he did all he could to prove his ideas. He only tested it once! And he didn't even know German. His education needed to be expanded. He made some very foolish decisions and his life was ruined.

Alexander N (us) wrote: A really fun follow-up to the great zero budget original, with much improved appliance and effects work. Kevin Van Hentenryck is great once again, and Annie Ross really livens things up with a memorable turn. Well worth an evening for fans of stuff like this.

Ian G (jp) wrote: Starts almost immediately after the shocking twist ending of the original Planet of the Apes, showing Charlton Heston and Linda Harrison finding the Statue of Liberty to confirm that the Planet of the Apes is indeed Earth. Then starts on a second arc focusing on the rescue team, in particular Brent, who was sent in after Chuck only to find an escalated situation with the Ape Military having taking over the Ape City and starting to plan the search and possible extermination of the lost civilization that exists within the Forrbidden Zone. The final act is what makes the film for me since the initial sequences are essentially reintroducing similar aspects of the original. When we find the underground city of radioactive survivors living amongst the ruined historical landmarks of NYC worshiping the atom bomb as some sort of false idol is where things get awesomely trippy. Pretty heady stuff for the 60's and shows when the mindset of the population was at the time. Pretty top shelf and would be pretty hard to find a darker ending around that same time period.

Alex K (mx) wrote: I usually don't watch chick flicks but this one is excellent. Lots of witty humor and a great back and forth between the two leads, which sets up for an unconventional love story line