Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman

Seven college kids take a shortcut on their way to a party and unfortunately end up in Wormwood – a "lost" town in the middle of nowhere. They find something strange and sinister happening there – bones and weird decorations line Main Street. The cause: local Wormwood legend says on All Hallows Eve one hundred years ago, a crazed man tortured the youngsters in town and then cut off their heads. In retaliation, the townspeople killed him by cutting off his head. Seeking revenge every seven years, he returns and takes seven heads from children in the town. Now the seven visitors find themselves hunted one by one as the Headless Horseman claims his due.

Seven college kids take a shortcut on their way to a party and unfortunately end up in Wormwood, where the spirit of the Headless Horseman hunts them one by one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John T (ag) wrote: This movie was scary. If the Shining took place in a house next to a canal it would be this film. I didn't particularly love this film but it was good and I felt the pain of the main character. Definitely worth watching.

Jorge D (ru) wrote: Great idea for a story, structurally interesting, and the vague and slightly ambiguous ending worked fine. But it takes awhile to get on track, with sloppy dialogue throughout, even with such talented actors... Jeremy Irons gives a moving performance, and Bradley and Zoe are good even with clunky dialogue. Dennis Quaid is miscast as a literary celebrity; he'd be more believable as a lecherous CEO (and why is Olivia Wilde so hot for him?). Ironically it's an average screenplay, while titled "The Words." Somewhat irritating characters (Cooper and Quaid) who don't really draw you in; they either need to be more sinister or more heroic, rather than just average people. The Jeremy Irons sequences, both acting and narration, make the movie worth watching, because it's really his story... the rest is too self consciously "literary" while missing the mark.

Rohan D (nl) wrote: Great movie. Could have defended the points a little better, but other than that it was thought-provoking and truly interesting.

Komal S (de) wrote: Blahness. Personified. Multiplied. Horrified. Urgh. -Only cause I had typhoid at the time. smh.

alivia t (es) wrote: omg I really want to see this movie!!

HungYa L (it) wrote: Maybe it is just me but I really loathe this movie. Just don quite understand what it is all about.

(ca) wrote: Not the best movie I've seen of Ash's. I still think she's the best. Love her! But the story wasn't the best. I hated how it took forever for Vivek's character to realize that he loved Diya and even in the end didn't do much about it. I didn't like the ending because it was just a bit too much for her to have to do that to get him to realize he loved her. The music isn't that great either. But one great part of the movie was Amitabh Bachchan. He's hilarious as the immature uncle but very wise when it comes to life. So the best parts of the movie were Ash and Mr. Bachchan. I didn't like the pairing of Vivek and Aishwarya even though I know at that time they were actually together in real life. Well just like that didn't work out, my seeing this movie and really liking didn't as well. :(

Andre T (fr) wrote: Thriller film based on Michael Palmer's 1991 novel of the same name, about the ethics of how far we are willing to go, and how much we are willing to sacrifice, in order to cure the world's ills.With a "conspiracy theory" plot, this is a well made thriller with some surprises.Worth a try.

Asif H (ru) wrote: Had it`s moments but you can see the comic talent of Jimmy Fallon thus he went on to become a successful late night talk show host in the US

Gavin P (nl) wrote: A brutal and harrowing tale about family, life and destructive habits. Jake (Morrison) seems like a decent guy with a nice family, until he starts drinking and you seem the horrible effects that alcoholism have on him as he takes out his rage on Beth (Owen). The impact this and later events has on Grace (Kerr-Bell), their eldest daughter, is the main plot and a deeply touching one at that. Solid acting across the board, as well as some nice New Zealand scenery thrown in to counteract the extreme violence. Not fun, but a well-told story.

Felix T (us) wrote: It is funny and is okay other then that it is a highlight for Bill Murray's acting

Jordan K (kr) wrote: The Thing with Two Heads is a lame racist comedy from the early 1970s that is a big heavy load of B-movie action. Giants player Rosie Grier and Ray Miland are a bad team to work with together and have no chemistry at all.The movie follows a dying old bigot, Maxwell Kirshner, who is a rich doctor. As he is dying, the only way to save him is to transplant his head on a healthy body, turning out to be death row prisoner Jack Moss. After nearly a half hour on the screen of boring transplant work, Maxwell and Jack's heads are on one body. Back in the 1970s, I guess this was funny but it's just plain stupid for me. Since this is a soul brother-like 1970s movie, the two-headed man run from the cops on dirt bikes with groovy '70s soul music playing. A doctor is also held hostage by them and follows them wherever they go. It's a cheesy and somewhat boring movie.Why do I find it boring? Because half of the scenes in the first hour are transplant work in the ER. It's just boring, until car chases appear and soul music starts playing. Then it just feels like if Good Times had a feature film.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: I saw this when it was in theatres. What kind of person goes to see this at the theatre??? Even at 15 I knew it was way-subpar nonsense. Camp has its limits.

Tuukka P (ca) wrote: Finnish WWII movie which ends up sacrificing realism for style which almost never works on a war flick.

Facebook U (ru) wrote: Still totally watchable, the story starts slowly and develops into a murder trial. Huge surprise during the trial when the real killer admits to the killing. However, I see a cruel downside to this: the police trying to outsmart people they think are guilty by having them confess. Now we know that so many confessions are not real, we can only wonder if this would apply to the trial mr. Lincoln won... but in reality the witness did not kill his friend and the murderers simply were released because the witness lied about being able to see with the moonlight that night.

Emily L (mx) wrote: I've heard that it's funny...

Fawn O (gb) wrote: Expunging cynicism to exploit the inherent merriment in some otherwise austere circumstances, Horrible Bosses is brutally unrestrained and boisterous, especially with Charlie Day -- as per usual -- delivering nearly all of his lines by flamboyantly yelling them in constant exasperation. Although the premise heavily relies on some run-of-the-mill subject matter, the film triumphantly deviates from the familiar direction of exploits. Instead, this premise supports an angle that brings us to an entirely new level of criminal activity. In other words, your average hard-working men who deeply and passionately despise their respective bosses for reasons the audience may readily commiserate with, are finally taking matters into their own hands and they are going to do so with such extreme measures, we haven't witnessed anything like it from any of the many similar efforts involving a disgruntled working class that is just aching to air out their job-related frustrations in more inconspicuous and law-abiding schemes.Charlie Day, Jason Bateman, and Jason Sudeikis radiate harmonious relationships that override any thinly veiled plot defects or patterned comedic structures and they are relentlessly entertaining as they devise ludicrous homicidal schemes to take out their respective bosses permanently. Jennifer Aniston playfully immerses herself in a refreshingly novel role. Her screen personality deviates greatly from her reputation as the sweet, down-to-earth, girl-next-store type and she nearly steals the show as a nymphomaniac dentist, Dr. Julia Harris, who is determined to jump Dale's (Day) bones the moment he lets his guard down. Aniston offers a stellar and very sexy performance (even if her character's representation supports an undeniably sexist convention). Kevin Spacey, on the other hand, plays a sociopathic nightmare of a boss for Nick (Batmen), who struggles to keep his calm composure in the face of his boss's incredibly abusive antics. Colin Farrell, and this is debatable, spews some of the more amazingly horrible and politically incorrect lines in the film because he absorbs a role so despicably terrible, if he were your boss, you just might want to whack him too, but not before he trims the fat!No matter how utterly awful these bosses are, you'll be delightfully entertained when Day, Bateman, and Sudeikis reach their wits end and begin plotting their poetic justice! There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a personal fantasy be executed on the big screen for your viewing pleasure. [C+] -- 64%

Simon P (au) wrote: A celebration of Joe Orton's life with a great Alan Bennett script plus top performances by Gary Oldman and Alfred Molina. Fun and tragedy in Stephen Frears' well made biopic, contains the most camp fight in film history, a shirtlifter in Islington and sardines with rice pudding. Delicious.