Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails

Heterosexual pretending to be gay to keep his work in the world of art, which is not without creating many misunderstandings with his wife and mother.

In order to make money fast to put his company back on track, Dominique finds a job as an antique dealer. But soon he realizes that the only way he will keep his job is by pretending he is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maggie v (gb) wrote: Don't let the R rating fool you; it stands for Rousing! If the Golden Girls married Sex and the City, this would be their love child. Michon is amazing as the film's Triple Threat: co-writer, director, and star. Supporting cast is also marvelous, which makes it difficult to single out any one performer but for me, the standout was Dot Marie Jones as Christine. Playing the characters straight was a great decision on the part of director Michon. This is one of the best methods in comedy, leaving pratfalls for the kids ... well, actually, there are great pratfalls in this as well, in scenes where pratfalls are unexpected.(W. Bruce Cameron, co-writer with Michon, and known for "8 Simple Rules ... " as well as "A Dog's Purpose," "A Dog's Journey," and "The Dogs of Christmas" made a cameo appearance in Muffin Top as the plastic surgeon.)Michelle Featherstone's music is perfect, as is Tom Clancy's cinematography, Brian O'Hara's sets, and Yoshio Kohashi's flawless editing.If there's a showing near you, see it. If not, download it.DISCLAIMER: I am not related to anyone involved with the movie. I'm just a fan.

Elia O (de) wrote: This movie was lovely. Heartbreaking. Surprisingly poignant and devastating, carrying the message that your actions have consequences without becoming preachy.

Steve P (us) wrote: A fun, light film that was an easy watch. I enjoyed all of the characters, and I'll be recommending it to my friends!

Mayank F (ca) wrote: lousy as it wastes time trying to hold on to a good premise.

Douglas L (fr) wrote: What makes this movie as good as it is is Jay's character. He plays a person who just has bad luck no matter what he does and he always has someone else to blame for his screw ups. I think he\s a character that many of us as viewers can say we have acted like that or we know people that live their lives like that. Also this was done very well and had basically no budget to it. The real gem wasn't its budget, it was the script. And scripts, are what many movies are lacking nowadays.

Arthur R (es) wrote: ok for a direct-to-video movie but ultimatly forgettable. No characters that are really fleshed out or likable who gets offed early on (exept gray teams Reace).Still their fun to be had in the first couplee of viewings

Blind P (de) wrote: All sides speak in this abortion debate documentary that contains some footage that some people will find shocking, and by allowing unfiltered comments from all corners it gives the viewer the respect to choose what to believe, which is more than some people would be willing to give to others it seems. I find it strange that the "pro-life" side is the one with the guns, bombs, and threats while the "pro-choice" side seems to more soberly and intelligently frame their arguments and offer no hint of wanting to use force to silence their opponents. There are examples on both sides of ridiculous claims, but some of these pro-lifers are bona fide nut-jobs. That seemingly intelligent people on their side trumpet that their violence has succeeded in reducing abortion availability in a climate of fear is all I need to hear to brand them dangerous enemies of personal freedom. But, watch and decide for yourself...just don't let them hear ya swear! You'll be killed for blasphemy!! (as some as quoted as saying they advocate..yikes!)

Grant K (kr) wrote: Superb acting following a heartfelt but thouroughly disturbing and depressing journey of a loyal soldier who is betrayed by the very country he risked his life for. Excellent entertainment that is not only entertaining but informative.

matt m (ag) wrote: Fiction. Really bad fiction at that.

Cam E (br) wrote: I really like Click. Despite mixed reviews from the critics I found Click to be pretty good. I think Frank Coraci directed this film pretty well. He also chose a good cast for this film. Adam Sandler plays the main character, Christopher Walken also plays a main character along with Kate Beckinsale. They are all good in this film. Click definitely offers laughs however I disliked some of the jokes in this film as I thought some were disgusting and inappropriate. But Click certainly is still a good film despite some strange jokes in the film. I like the idea of Adam Sandler having a magic remote where he can basically control the universe, which he does. I enjoyed Click very much and I think it is a good film. "A Cracking Comedy Treat" is the quote from Daily Star and I agree with them click definitely is a comedy treat. Aside from some of the jokes I enjoyed Click. If you like comedy's and like Adam Sandler then you will enjoy Click

Brad S (br) wrote: Just watched this one for the 2nd time, it is an outstanding documentary helping to shed light on some unsung heroes of some of the all-time top songs that came out of Motown. There's excellent interviews with the surviving members of the Funk Brothers who were the session band members of most of the top Motown singles. Some good covers of great songs are featured in the concert reunion footage. Seek this one out!

Erwin M (us) wrote: The world is expecting so much from Jimmy. He's torn between his choices, not knowing what to do. It's OK. In a way, it reminds me of "The Graduate" (a much less interesting version).

N I (ca) wrote: It's a kid's movie. I saw this movie as a kid and enjoyed it. However, I saw the made for tv remake first. That one was made for my generation and I enjoyed it. I remember not liking certain things in the oldie movie because it wasn't that way in my Witch Mountain. However, as the original this one is probably better of the two from an unbiased perspective.

Stormy (us) wrote: Frank Sinatra shows his tough guy side, as Tony Rome, co-starring the ever sexy Raquel Welch. This movie is great and a very cool time warp to a cooler and better time.

Adam R (fr) wrote: A bland and unmemorable film that didn't impress me. I like Humphrey Bogart as much as the next person, but this isn't one of his better movies. (First and only viewing - 9/5/2010)

Davey M (gb) wrote: A typically bizarre, sporadically entertaining and ceaselessly strange Danny Kaye vehicle, with comedy, song, dance, and dead people inhabiting the bodies of their identical twin brothers. Kaye is an amazing performer, even if I often don't really find him very funny at all, and it's not really a very good movie, but it's a movie I enjoyed quite a bit for just being so very weird.

Dustin D (gb) wrote: Robert Rodriguez made an amusing homage to B-movie horror, but with more artistic value. A lot of fun, even if it is not very accessible to general audiences.

Roberto A (de) wrote: Belo fime! Excelente indicao