When a gangster takes over the art of karate and causes unrest in a town, one man rises to fight against them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Hindi
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Simpleton Raj Verma alias Raju return home one day to find that his sister is publicly raped by gangster Beharry and one of his wrestlers also Raj's childhood friend Duryodhan. When Raj ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Heart torrent reviews

Eric R (us) wrote: 4 stars for the acting and casting, the story was a thriller/suspense so don't think its going to be a docudrama 2 stars for the cliche negative view of self hating closet case/homophobes and irrational religious people... even gay hating homophobe pastors know that murder is wrong.. the ones who don't know the difference don't cover up thier crime because they think its righteous.. kinda tired of the negative way Christians are portrayed. True Christians don't behave like this.

Phillie E (fr) wrote: Watchable, but it probably would've been better without Cruise.

Kevin S (nl) wrote: This is suppose to be a sequel to Purple Rain and it is a complete joke. The story is a joke. The kid and Morris Day fight over ownership of a club and different types of music. This movie is a disaster. The acting is terrible. I would be ashamed to call this a sequel to Purple Rain. Stick to watching Purple Rain and skip this garbage.

Leonard D (fr) wrote: Just as great as the book!

jimmy m (us) wrote: a brilliant classic british film with very funny comedians and stars a must see

Tim W (us) wrote: More interesting/entertaining than I thought it would be. Forgettable though. Nothing special. Cute but cliche.

Andrew G (ca) wrote: An hour-and-a-half of nonsensical, zombie ridden action sequences strung together by a flimsy plot and forgettable characters. But it is a step up from Apocalypse.

Andrew B (nl) wrote: Ingmar Bergman's exploration of war is just as disturbing and affecting as you may expect, but its psychological subtext runs to levels much deeper than almost any "war" film. Max von Sydow's character in this one might be one of the most interesting male characters Mr. Bergman has ever written.

Richard D (es) wrote: A thunderstorm takes down the power lines in a small southern town and the electricity surging through the ground causes the local worms to go nuts. Strangely this includes worms that weren't actually in the ground. A local girl and her boyfriend visiting from New York try to convince ... yeah, you know how it goes. I like a few of Lieberman's films, quite a bit actually, but not this one. This suffers from uneven casting (including unappealing leads), a threat that doesn't really seem very credible for most of the film (dig the close-ups of screaming worms ... "Night of the Screaming Worms" is a better title), a plot that only kind of makes sense and choppy action.

Jared E (jp) wrote: Underlying tones of how childish most military action can be. Very good point. I liked it.