Heart of the Storm

Heart of the Storm

On the eve of a hurricane threatening New Orleans a dangerous convict escapes from prison with two accomplices. When the high winds and flooding disrupt their escape plan they're forced to take shelter in the remote bayou home of Cassie and her two daughters. Unable to count on estranged husband Wayne the women must use their wits to stay alive.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A family in the midst of a break-up is held hostage by escaped convicts during a hurricane. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Heart of the Storm torrent reviews

william b (mx) wrote: love this movie so much

Evita C (de) wrote: OMG!!! i read this book, its one of my favorite book series!!! OMG!

Danielle K (gb) wrote: i really though this move was so cute! and jake is HOTTT!!!

Roger H (ag) wrote: Not something I'd be interested in.

Emily A (kr) wrote: This movies was SO disappointing, especially because it held such promise. When I was watching this, all I could think about was how much better it could have been. The characters were wasted where there could have been depth, there was clumsy fighting where there could have been finesse, or at the very least graceful dialogue. I even found this film vaguely misogynistic, with none of the female characters having any internal merit. Plus I hated the main character. If this was remade by someone with a brain, I might be interested in that movie, but this one is a total failure.

Mark W (ca) wrote: Kelly Brook is better than Dennis Hopper in this film - says everything you need to know.

Charlotte B (mx) wrote: haha so funny. and bless little rupert with his curly hair and genius-ness.

Timothy G (us) wrote: Adequate sequel that still has the charm of the original. Although Steve Guttenberg is absent, Johnny 5 keeps things alive, this time heading to the big city in search of input and getting caught up in all sorts of trouble. Fisher Stevens is back as Ben, Johnny 5's friend, and the story touches on these friendships (which are still a new concept to a robot struck by lightning).

Ellen B (gb) wrote: The end of this movie is hilarious.

Duncan K (kr) wrote: With the tracking shots lasting several minutes, and the oddly natural yet witty dialogue, it doesn't feel like watching a movie. It feels more like walking through Paris with these two people and listening to their very interesting and humorous conversations.

Andrea M (ag) wrote: this is by far a must-see.ridiculous from the get-go with a finale that can only be described as a humongous pay-off.the antagonist is also this perfectly creepy blend of bill pulman and alan rickman. no joke. there was some genetic splicing going on here for sure.

Fabiana C (mx) wrote: super recommend this one, pretty awesome!

Donna20 F (fr) wrote: No where near as good as the original Gojira. I hated the dobbing in English too.

Lawrence C (mx) wrote: Terrible, got one star because of who was in it

Chloe C (it) wrote: This film is pure dog shit! "J-Lo" stop wearing dead animals and trying to act please! for the sake of humanity!