Heartbeeps stars Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters as domestic robots who fall in love and run off together.

Two household robots run away and try to start a family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grady H (mx) wrote: Ok, there are some funny bits, but this not a funny movie by any stretches of the imagination. Some of the names alone are good enough for a solid laugh. C'mon Dick Shadows... I rest my case

Mike V (ru) wrote: This is a very moving, sad story. Vincent Lindon and Sandrine Kiberlain were both very good in their respective roles.

AD V (ru) wrote: Overall its a modest thriller that has some slasher conventions but contains very little blood as the murders are all seen through the killers POV and they wear a thermal imaging mask. Even with that I might have been able to appreciate this a little more if it werent for most of the cast having various accents and then they all talk over each other making it even harder to understand what the hell anyone was saying. Good idea just very underwhelming.

Manning B (ru) wrote: Great actors doing their best with a mediocre script and too many competing devices.

Aaron M (br) wrote: Even if you've read the books, don't try and make sense of it all. It takes away all the fun. Just like the first entry in the trilogy, it's far more enjoyable to revel in the creative chaos (and yes, sometimes stupidity) of it. You can't blame the script for everything since it is based on the novels, but certain aspects of it keep this from being elevated into the realm of truly innovative filmmaking. Still, it's refreshing, and more often than not totally cool. Here's hoping that "Dusk Watch" will wrap things up with a little more clarity

Gavin P (us) wrote: 4 stars just becasue it's about AC/DC, the greatest band ever! Some of it's not so funny, but it has a great cast & a nice story.

Cathal M (mx) wrote: Some good supporting actors are utterly wasted in this movie.

Dead A (ru) wrote: One reason why I didn't like this movie because of that boob sucking scene. Honestly it seems more like a porn movie. You want to show some reality of life then show it. But why showing these? Retards.

Gautham R (ca) wrote: Wow, that sums up my review. Always been curious to see this flick to see how Inception lifted and adapted its concept. Ironically, the fact that this was animation, really made it limitless in what it could do. I really dug Inception,but ultimately it took place in reality, unlike coming out of Satoshi Kon's insane mind, and in many ways Inception's vision of dreams comes off as limited in comparison to this. This movie is not meant to be 100% understood. I think its meant to be discussed and thought about. And it certainly accomplishes that. Artwork and soundtrack are amazing, as I expected, but the story and visual storytelling is in this other realm and really blew me away. Satoshi Kon's left quite an interesting legacy behind.

Steve S (jp) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Matthew C (gb) wrote: ZARDOZ IS GREATEST MOVIE PUTTING CITIZEN KANE IN A STRUGGLING 2ND PLACEThe adventure begins and ends with small breasts. The entire film is full of great haircuts and small breasts. The red diapers and bandoleers are a true warrior's outfit, thus death to all the dirty brutals in their cheap black suits. My favorite scene is when Friend gets pissed at the Vortex for not knowing that his query should have covered all car manufacturers rather than just Ford. The sudden "zing" of Arthur's face during his "it was I who..." revelation split my sides and I'm deeply satisfied that Boorman made extra effort to keep that shot in the sequence. The Oscar goes to Connery of course. "I love to see them running. I love the moments of their deaths - when I am one with Zardoz." - Zed

Laura C (es) wrote: Worth watching for Bette Davis and a subdued but touching performance by Claude Rains. I loved how vanity was tackled in this film, as Fanny (played by Davis) becomes increasingly desperate to cling to her youth,. It is shocking how Davis ages in this film. Thankfully the makeup department does a wonderful job- a bad job would've completely undermined the power of the film!

doris c (us) wrote: another classic movie....

Allison H (de) wrote: This movie was so bad i don't even know how to review it. Seriously...a puppy in his trunk? There are so many scenes that I literally laughed out loud in.

Joe B (ru) wrote: clearly a last ditched effort for two friends to do another flim before one dies

Scott C (ca) wrote: John Woo's first American film. A bit of a step down for Woo, but this film definitely had a certain visual flare. Also, Jean-Claude Van Damme is fun to watch as usual.