Max and Page are a brilliant mother/daughter con team who have their grift down to a fine science. Max targets wealthy, willing men and marries them. Page then seduces them, and Max catches her husband in the act. Then it's off to palimony city and the next easy mark.

The film follows Max and Page Conners, a mother and daughter con artist team as they try to seduce a wealthy man and take his money. The con is a success but when the two are about to run away, problems starts raising. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Heartbreakers torrent reviews

Jack T (mx) wrote: This is ridiculous. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

Alailson B (nl) wrote: Elenco em forma extraordinria e um roteiro genial.

Donna L (ru) wrote: Extremely slow and not well done.

Mike C (nl) wrote: Unique and cute movie. The story is defenitely different.

Sapphire G (us) wrote: Silly, but not as horrible as critics lead to believe. However, it was probably because my expectations were so low that I wasn't terribly disappointed at the end. I was fine with the twist, even amused. It wasnt great but at least the movie came alive after having been so dull during the first half hour. That at the time of its release anyone dared to compare it with "Memento", that I can't understand. And I'm still intrigued by Carmen's statement to Kit "A kiss dots the 'i' on the word Love." Really? How? "I guess it doesnt work in English" she says, and it certainly doesnt, but neither "love" in Spanish (which she speaks) or Portuguese (which Kit speaks). Did I miss something? It's always a pleasure to see Gael acting, but his character was somewhat dull here. I honestly only liked D'Arcy's performance. Didn't care for Natalia Verbeke, whose character was incredibly unsympathetic.

Zachary D (fr) wrote: A sincere film, with fleshed out, realistic characters. Movie has horrible production value, but great acting.

Mike W (br) wrote: Bill Murray is one funny soldier!

Brendan N (gb) wrote: phil hartman is funny but the film overall is a mess. michael j fox is wasted in a thankless role and the spirit of the movie is quite off.