Obsessive master thief, Neil McCauley leads a top-notch crew on various daring heists throughout Los Angeles while determined detective, Vincent Hanna pursues him without rest. Each man recognizes and respects the ability and the dedication of the other even though they are aware their cat-and-mouse game may end in violence.

Neil and his professional criminal crew start to feel the heat from police when they unknowingly leave a clue at their latest heist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derek M (de) wrote: This well-paced, offbeat dramedy with a pure and simple plot is hands down one of the best indie films I've seen this year. Brilliantly written and carried out well by Duplass, Plaza, and Johnson. This film keeps the viewer on it's toes, even with the limited budget, and it never looks back. Despite what some may say about the final set piece, it was built up well enough to where it worked for me. While the comedy is never there in droves, nor will the humor have you on the floo -- when the funny does come, it's with a set-up and a clever punch. This is not one to skip over because you don't recognize the actors. In fact, that might be the very reason to see it. Reviewed 11/2/12. Rated 4.25 out of 5.

Anoop K (es) wrote: you will admire and become an addict to Director Ranjith after seeing this movie........

Noah M (kr) wrote: A good documentary on the design of product in our lives, I especially loved the part they showed on Apple and the amazing design this company creates.

Gilson S (us) wrote: Highly recommended!!

Ian M (mx) wrote: This movie is really bizarre... I would have no idea what category to put it in... Comedy? Mystery? Drama? Thriller? Action? It doesn't really have enough of each of them to pin it down. There are a few (very few) interesting moments, but that is it unfortunately...

Thomas B (jp) wrote: It was kinda funny at first, then it got dull

James H (ru) wrote: 5.5/10. Good try by director Stu Pollard, but it doesn't quite cut it, but almost. Inconsistent, far fetched and bland location scenes (Louisville, KY) prevent it from being a complete success. It does have some interesting scenes however and the cast is surprisingly effective.

Hoss R (ru) wrote: There may not be a better movie about the creation of art. Frenhofer is looking for truth in his paintings, and I think this film finds truth in its own canvas. The human emotions and relationships are subtle but very authentic and while the movie is taxing (I split it over two days) it does have a certain suspense. If you fall in step with its pacing you'll find yourself wanting to see the rest.

Daniel S (us) wrote: Watched this for the first time last night and I really don't know what to say. It's a horrible movie, by all means, but still a guilty pleasure. The acting is horrible in every sense. The gore is pretty low budget but still kinda cool. The one liners and gags are so horrible that you can't believe they even filmed it in the first place. There are enough funny moments to get you through to the end. I read the description of the movie on Fearnet and seemed interested, and decided to give it a shot. It reminds you of any 80's B-movie from the lines of Return of the Living Dead, Flesh Eating Mothers, or Chopper Chicks in Zombie town. I would watch this gem if you ever get the chance, for it's pretty rare to find. Don't expect anything from the movie and you won't be let down.

Thomas W (nl) wrote: Prayer won't save this one. Ja Rule stars as Miles, a reformed drug trafficker who is wanting to go legitimate but finds himself struggling with temptations from his past life. Miles remains incredibly loyal to his old circle of friends who are all still involved in the world of drugs even though he himself has given up that lifestyle. The feds, though, don't really believe Miles is going clean ... and they keep a close watch on all of his activities. As Miles tries to remain a clean law-abiding citizen, he meets pretty Vanessa (Adrienne Bailon - 'The Cheetah Girls') whom he would like to get to know better and date. Miles believes himself to be rather studly and cannot believe Vanessa doesn't simply swoon and grovel at his feet; but he soon finds out the girl is virtuous and quite pious as she is the titular "Church Girl". The man has to strive to earn her love ... and he has to become a better man in order to do so. The film has rather poor production values, the entire cast is weak (it co-stars Stephen Baldwin!) and the storyline isn't convincing. The film really wishes it were a respectable one with an uplifting moral message ... but it is horribly clunky. With a title like this, it is no surprise that the film can come across as rather "preachy". While I do not mind a Sunday sermon, I don't want one in a theater ... and if I do get one in a theater, I want it to at least be well put together.

Traci M (us) wrote: this is an amazingly beautiful love story...it pulls at your heart with the truth of family and love. I am so thrilled to have selected this to watch and consider the story and lesson a gift.