In a desperate attempt to save their doomed night club from being sold, four military vets execute a bloody robbery against a group of lower level gangsters, only to find themselves being hunted one at a time by a crew of mercenaries led by a beautiful but vicious female killer.

A struggling architect, being sued for divorce by his wife and struggling with booze and gambling, finds work remodeling a friend's strip club, the Paradise. There he meets a transsexual ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Heaven torrent reviews

Craig W (kr) wrote: A superbly-acted film with no easy answers, in part because it avoids simple protagonists. The title is spot-on for a narrative involving a child murderer, a single-mother priest, and the grieving parents of a missing child. Highly recommended.

Eric B (gb) wrote: Similar to Wattstax, it was pretty good documentary technique etc. The access and the cultural communication is the important part. I don't want to ever get beers with these people, but I respect their fervor. The effort they put into the theatrics, stagings etc. shows their goalmaking skills. At 1:10 is the most pragmatic in-film critique.

Jeremy P (mx) wrote: Not sure if this movie is really well liked or just really well known. Not impressive, though a bit interesting. The lead character is a complete unlikable asshole who only seems better in the 2nd half because he's facing people worse than he is. Some of the action was good but they tried too much to make him another Bruce Lee and I'm not into all the heavy prolonged breathing and ridiculous extended posing after hitting someone. Apparently this was the first movie to be rated X for violence so seeing an uncut version was interesting indeed.

Clodie D (nl) wrote: Je connais toute les rpliques de ce film par coeur! C'est voir!

Paladin of Odin (it) wrote: This sucked one of the few black marks on Chuck Norris's record

Gordon S (mx) wrote: "Stinkin Ace" would be a better title... really bad

Lovyn L (ca) wrote: The ending is ridiculous, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Adventurous, with an honest message about life.

Gosan K (kr) wrote: One of the best old school movies EVER!

Ofeli G (ca) wrote: Not the best movie there is, but satisfying enough. A bit slow, but I liked how it all came together over the long haul, as opposed to so many movies that start strong & just fall apart at the end for lack of storyline.