Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

The film takes place a few years after the events shown in Bummer (2003). Kostyan "Kot", who lost all his friends, the woman he loved and was nearly killed in the first installment of the ...

The film takes place a few years after the events shown in . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony20 M (ag) wrote: Well done performances. Hidden jewel

Pedro A (de) wrote: Mais um de Hong Kong... Infelizmente estava meio ensonado e adormeci uns minutos a meio. um thriller interessante, eventualmente um pouco confuso, mas isso pode ter sido por ter passado pelas brasas.

Leslie C (ca) wrote: A fun, low-budget thriller/horror with a powerful cast od little-known actors. So worth a watch.

Zdravko P (ru) wrote: This movie freaked me out suprisingly. In the middle of it I literally thought to myself "I don't wanna watch this anymore" Good Job.

Charlie M (br) wrote: People often tell me that they don't like Woody Allen movies because they find him annoying, but what is often overlooked is his skill at making a dramatic film. While Interiors is weighty and overwrought Match Point is daringly reserved in-spite of it's dark and foreboding tone. This is a moral & philosophical thriller that accomplishes an operatic level of tension, which Crimes & Misdemeanors only skimmed the surface of. A film about class & luck, two social climbers try to make their way into a wealthy family, but only one has the grace and wit to succeed. Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Chris is well-mannered and modest but he's equally detached as he stealthily maneuvers his way into success. Scarlett Johansson's Nola on the other hand is blatantly rudderless with only her sensuality to keep her afloat. While the two have the same aims, their unbridled lust for one another could disrupt both their paths.The third act of this film is my favorite. It's a calmly sadistic in it's tension as every slight movement and choice of the character brings into question what will get these two caught in the act. Having seen this 3 times already I was surprised by how much anxiety I had, despite knowing the outcome. There are long moments of artful quietness but the tension comes from knowing that luck is the only determining factor.For a director who has made 50 movies over the past 48 years some of the best Woody Allen movies are the ones that have the least of his fingerprints. This is the first of his 2000's European career renaissance which includes Vicky Cristina Barcelona & Midnight In Paris. Both of those films are very Woody-esque, whereas Match Point has fewer recurring themes and is a half-hour longer than almost all of this movies. There is doomed adultery, unresolvable sins, nihilistic life views, henpecking mothers, the absence of sensuality within marriage and a moral dilemma. But what it doesn't have is monologizing or humor. Chris has dilemmas and judgements but he never discusses them. His greed and passions are private, and in the end he has to live with the darkness in his empty, albeit lucky world.

Sean B (jp) wrote: Stuart Little is a movie-fan's favourite and in #2 he continues his big small adventures. Margalo states a very important life lesson which is, life is an adventure everywhere ya go which is very good for kids. The story line is great for kids and adults. Snowbell is funny and loving. The littles are a family of loved people who care for others so much and don't have a fight. The music also fits in with the movie so good and the tunes are awesome and relaxing at times.

Jane T (it) wrote: This movie is hilarious.

Laura N (gb) wrote: I had never seen a Bing Crosby or a Bob Hope movie before. Quite silly and not what I was expecting. I really enjoyed the musical numbers.

Mickey S (kr) wrote: Pickford's first talkie, she plays the role of flirty teenager in love (though Pickford herself was 36 years old) with plenty of conviction. Everybody in this movie, including those behind the scenes, seem to be uncomfortably adjusting to the concept of talking pictures.

Adam R (us) wrote: (First viewing - In my early twenties)

Edouard G (fr) wrote: this movie was fx bullshit , complete trash and y 2 movies amost the same in the same year ?

Ryan L (au) wrote: Danny Boyle is easily one of my favorite directors. His style is so unique that only he can pull it off. but sometimes, style can be overdone.In Sunshine the sun is dying and earth is becoming a dark and cold place. so a group of astronauts is sent to reignite the sun with a huge explosion, which is based completely on theory, none of the astronauts know if it will work. sounds like a science fiction classic right? well it has shades of a classic. the acting overall os very good. Cillian Murphy steals the show, he is phenomenal in this movie and he disappears into his role. Chris Evans is good but not great and so is the rest of the cast. the visuals are gorgeous as well. No Danny Boyle movie has ever looked bad. but his style does hit yiu over the head slightly too much in this movie, especially towards the end. I still believe it is directed very well, but some of the more psychedelic shots near the end kind of bothered me, but not to were I hated it. The suspense is very good, which is suprising as you really only care for Cillian Murphys character. the rest of the characters felt expendable and I felt little attachment. and I blame the script for this. it had many great ideas, but it forgot about the character depth. I did really enjoy the ending. I thought it was handled very well, and the last shot gave me a good sense of closure. overall I really enjoyed this movie. way better than a lot of the sci-fi garbage that comes out now. check it out if like you Science fiction and Danny Boyle. 7.4/10

chandler c (jp) wrote: Classic Movie. After the end it'll have you singing the yankee doodle dandy song and others in your head.