Heaven with a Gun

Heaven with a Gun

Glenn Ford plays Jim Killian, a preacher who arrives in a town divided between cattlemen and sheep herders. But Killian isn't just any preacher. He is a former fast gun who has set upon a different path.

In the small western town Vinegarroon the conflict between cattle and sheep breeders escalates. When a stranger appears in the town, the ranchers suspect he's a gun man, hired by the sheep ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter H (ca) wrote: Not good in many ways- skip it.

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Alysia V (ca) wrote: This is one of the rare cases in which I can that I honestly enjoyed the movie adaptation of this story more then I enjoyed the book. Yes, I did like the book but I did not find myself loving it. I was, however, excited to see it made into a movie because I had a feeling that it would show itself well on screen, perhaps better than through words..and it did. This movie was so beautiful visually in the very serene and stunning setting of China and the story itself was equally as beautiful. Forbidden music, forbidden books and forbidden love. All things that we take for granted and this movie really makes you appreciate your freedom to enjoy these jewels of life. The way that these characters are so enthralled and passionate about such simple things as modern literature is moving, to me. I can very much relate to that sort of passion for books and music. I love that they must have these things in their life, no matter what the cost. That sort of love for something cannt be suppressed and I think that's a beautiful thing.

Stefan G (au) wrote: Due to how important chemistry is to the plot, they probably should have called it Formula 51, because with a name like "The 51st State", I had a completely different picture in mind. Either way, it's not a very good movie. Samuel L. Jackson is quite good in this film, but that's all. The plot is either somewhat difficult to comprehend, or just uninteresting. Whatever it is, it's not the mark of a good action thriller. The film's overall style isn't bad, but it can be quite flashy. The action isn't so much guns blazing as it is car chases and explosions. It's not a bad formula, and the film has some decent ideas, but they just aren't executed well enough.

Bean D (ca) wrote: Excellent character driven film.

Mark M (ca) wrote: Not Pam Grier's best, but still pretty enjoyable.

Knox M (kr) wrote: Blending my two favorite Bonds, Connery and Moore, Diamonds are Forever is a fun movie. Sean Connery gives a zestful performance.

Colin D (ru) wrote: One of Hitchcock's better later films

Johnny K (ag) wrote: I saw this when I was still in the phase of being way too easily entertained by any and every movie, and since my parents have decided to waste money on the sequel and force me to join them, I decided to review this. My young self did chuckle throughout, though he was fairly let down considering how much of a sucker he was for the TV spots. It kept my young self reasonably entertained, but ultimately it is a forgettable affair, seeing as I can't remember anything about it aside from all the fatty fall-downs, some of which didn't get me when I was a kid. Verdict: C

Aidan H (jp) wrote: Not terrible but not great.