Heavenly Mission

Heavenly Mission

Ekin Cheng plays Autumn Yip, a triad mobster who gets caught in Thailand and does 8 years in prison before being released. He visits "The Doctor" and asks for a loan before returning to Hong Kong where he is eagerly awaited by his old triad business partners as well as the Hong Kong police who have set up a special 'anti-Triad' unit just to keep tabs on Yip. The movie shows the confusion shown by the mob and the police over Yip's sudden philanthropy as he makes headline after headline for doing good deeds, not bad. This does not sit well with his old triad boss Brother Hung (Ti Lung) nor Hung's son, Gwai Chai (Stephen Fung). Gwai Chai in particular is itching to rise the ranks of the mob and take over and sets up deals on his own which increasingly puts pressure on himself to deliver. The mob's success hinges on Yip's connections to Thailand and Gwai Chai takes matters to the extreme in order to force his deal to be a success...

The Story: Ekin Cheng plays Autumn Yip, a triad mobster who gets caught in Thailand and does 8 years in prison before being released. He visits "The Doctor" and asks for a loan before ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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