Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

A glowing orb terrorizes a young girl with a collection of stories of dark fantasy, eroticism and horror.

A glowing orb terrorizes a young girl with a collection of stories of dark fantasy, eroticism and horror. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan M (br) wrote: This is definitely not for everyone. If you hate middle school humor, not for you.

Ben B (fr) wrote: Batman: Under the Red Hood features an unusual voice cast for the characters presented, including Bruce Greenwood as Batman, John DiMaggio as Joker, Jensen Ackles as Red Hood, and Neil Patrick Harris as my favorite hero, Nightwing. The movie starts out with Joker mercilessly beating Jason Todd (the second Robin, after Nightwing) and leaving him to die from an explosion in a warehouse. Batman doesn't arrive in time, and he's left digging up Jason's dead body. The rest of the movie takes place 5 years later with a mysterious figure calling himself the Red Hood taking over organized crime.I have to start out by giving huge props to the animation. The landscape of Gotham City is eerily pretty as we watch impressive chase scenes and action sequences unfold. Also, the voice cast really works here. It's always disheartening to see anybody's name except Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as Joker, but Greenwood and DiMaggio really shine. I also love Harris' charm as Nightwing; he's a perfect fit for the character. Christopher Drake, a frequent collaborator with DC Animation, creates an energetic score effectively increasing the intensity of every scene.The absolute best part of this movie is the climactic battle between Batman and Red Hood. I won't spoil anything here, but it is easily the most emotional moment in all DC animation. I'm aware that I'm geeking out over this movie, but, as a film, Batman: Under the Red Hood actually does hold up. Animation was definitely the right route to take with this property, and I can say that this is one of my favorite movies of all-time. You're doing yourself a disservice if you enjoy superhero properties and haven't seen this gem.Final rating: A+

Steve D (kr) wrote: Fun for the kids with a lot of faces you will remember

Freddie K (us) wrote: Trey Parker and Matt stone always seem to have an arsenal of crude, racist, disgusting and quite frankly politically inconsiderate jokes at their hands. And in this movie they certainly deliver. To this day, the dick speech remains one of the best comedy scenes of all time and their portrayal of stereotypes is done so well that if you were going to take this movie seriously, you would be pretty illogical to do so. Hilarious.

Ian C (de) wrote: This time Kersey has moved to Los Angles and is doing well for himself. His daughter is getting back to normal after been in a mental hospital after her rape ordeal. However, a gang of thugs lead by Laurence Fishburne gang rape his house maid and kidnapp, rape and kill his daughter. This time Kersey sets out to hunt everyone of these scumbags down and reap vengeance upon them. The gang rape scene is extremley graphic and disturbing so you enjoy Bronson wasting each of these scumbags. The soundtrack from Jimmy Page is 80's gay.

Andrew M (kr) wrote: Anyone who likes music should watch this

Matthew D (es) wrote: A hysterically campy satire on the shallow wold of beauty and fashion as well as the excessive glamorization of crime is as relevant today as it is now and it's filled with the kind of charactors and dialogue only John Waters could even come up with (witch might be a good thing. Tee-hee!). JW also wrote the theme-song (which is sung by Divine).

Scott E (us) wrote: Simple movie about the worst comedian going around desert bars to tell bad jokes and being miserable. Boring, no matter who jumps in to save this dribble, it has no pay off.