Heavy Traffic

Heavy Traffic

An "underground" cartoonist contends with life in the inner city, where various unsavory characters serve as inspiration for his artwork.

An animated feature which begins, ends and occasionally combines with, live-action filmed on location. A white dropout struggles to create comics and animated films, drawing inspiration from the harsh, gritty world around him. Still sharing his run-down apartment with his middle-aged parents, an oafish slob of an Italian father and a ditzy nut-case of a Jewish mother, he is ridiculed and looked down upon by his friends, hypocrites who run with violent gangs and the Italian Mafia, and a shallow Black girl who makes her living downtown with the pimps and pushers. This cartoonist gets a chance to pitch a film idea to a movie mogul, but the story proves too outrageous: a far-future Earth, destroyed by war and pollution, where a mutant antihero challenges and kills God. Complications ensue when the cartoonist's parents react in irrational ways to his various involvements. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason B (ag) wrote: Jeff Dunham has done it again in his first feature length film about everyone's favorite dead terrorist ACHMED!!!!

Ewan C (jp) wrote: Dis is sick man, allow man. Believe its the truth famalam

Michael P (gb) wrote: An unvarnished, insightful and surprising examination of humans (and how poorly we behave). Unexpectedly warm.

Carlos M (fr) wrote: A manipulative thriller that wants to be a claustrophobic experience but has an irritatingly intrusive score and a heavy-handed, unnecessarily overstylish direction. Besides, Reynolds is not very good and his character acts like an imbecile during most of the film.

Alyan H (kr) wrote: this film lacked true writting and directing skills

Cecily B (ag) wrote: thought this was quite funny and cute, good to watch around christmas

Andy C (ru) wrote: The premise is more funny than the final product but, of course, what were you expecting with tag lines such as: "Having a BAT hair day?". This film was never intended to be taken seriously but then somebody should have told the actors. This horror film is inept and utterly uninspired.

Cam C (de) wrote: no, it is a bad movie

John A (jp) wrote: Critically Seagal's Best Film. This Reunites Seagal With Director Andrew Davis (Above The Law, The Fugitive), For A Fun, Action/Thriller That May Be Predictable But Is Extremely Entertaining. This Thriller Has Some Great Writing, Solid Directing And A Show-Stealing Performance From Tommy Lee Jones (Which Without Would Make The Film Fall Flat). The Direction Creates A Claustrophobic Atmosphere Which Gives This A Realism To It. Compiled With Nice Short Action Sequences And An Excellently Choreographed Knife Fight.

David M (gb) wrote: It could be because this movie is getting close to 3 decades old, but I think it's more the fact this is just plain terrible. Was the humour always so childish & tasteless back in the 80s?

Rob M (br) wrote: I haven't seen this movie, but according to IMDB this was Paul Walker's first movie. First travesty I should say.

Van R (ag) wrote: Tough guy actor Richard Conte calls the shots on the only film that he directed during his career, ??Operation: Crossed Eagles,?? a half-baked effort that derives most of its complicated plot from the vintage Richard Burton & Clint Eastwood epic ??Where Eagles Dare.?? Whereas ??Where Eagles Dare?? took place in Bavaria, ??Operation: Crossed Eagles?? occurs in Yugoslavia. Lieutenant Bradford (Richard Conte of ??The Godfather??) and his men land from the sea for a secret mission that involves rescuing a U.S. Army courier. The courier is special because he knows the details of the imminent Allied invasion of the Balkans. Unfortunately, a double-agent informs on Bradford and alerts the local German commander, an Admiral, of the Nazi fleet about a scheduled landing. The Germans ambush Bradford??s command and wipe out everybody but Bradford. Later, an enemy plane strafes the terrain around a fleeing Bradford, but a machine gunner on the ground brings the German airplane down. Earlier, Sgt. Sean McAfee (Rory Calhoun of ??The Hired Gun??) and two men destroy a German fuel refinery. They make it back to their rendezvous and await the arrival of their transport. Imagine their surprise when they find themselves surrounded by German sailors with machine guns! They are taken by raft to a structure and Sgt. McAfee meets Lieutenant Bradford. Bradford explains that the Germans killed every man in his unit. Initially, McAfee refuses to help the lieutenant, but Bradford convinces him to assist him. They team up with the local partisans and attack the German prison where the Army courier is imprisoned. The raid fails and our heroes withdraw. Bradford and company kidnap a high-ranking German officer on his way to the German Admiral. Our heroes offer the captured German officer in exchange for their men. The suspicious German Admiral has somehow learned about the invasion of the Balkans, code-named Crossed Eagles. This lackluster, low-budget, World War II melodrama generates little intensity. Basically, ??Operation: Crossed Eagles?? is a traditional war picture where the non-commissioned officers respect and obey their officers because their superiors know what is best. Bradford and McAfee have a momentary disagreement before McAfee comes through to help Bradford. The plot convention that Bradford??s men are shot to ribbons by Germans before they can execute their mission anticipates a similar World War II movie, ??Hornet??s Nest,?? where the Americans were mowed down by the Germans and the only survivor, an American colonel, winds up using the teenage sons of the villagers to complete his mission. Conte and his ??Red Nightmare?? scenarist Vincent Fotre present the Germans as the villains, but they are by no means wicked and evil. The German Admiral is an elegant swine because he imagines that he knows more than he does. The last minute revelation about the chief objective of the ??Operation: Crossed Eagles?? has ??Where Eagles Dare?? written all over it. The subplot about a traitor in the midst of the Americans is a little difficult to accept, but Conte and Fotre foreshadow the individual??s treachery early in the action. Conte directs this shoot??em up without flair. Rory Calhoun and Conte look like they are earning a paycheck. The scenery is okay, but Conte never drums up any suspense or tension. The only people who need to watch ??Operation: Crossed Eagles?? are die-hard, World War II movie completists.

Tarun s (kr) wrote: Boring same old plot