Heavy Weights

Heavy Weights

Plump kids are lured into joining a posh fat camp with the promise of quick weight loss and good times, only to find that the facility is a woodland hellhole run by a psycho ex-fitness instructor.

Gerry is not looking forward to his summer vacation, since he'll be spending it at a camp for overweight boys in order to shed pounds, only to find that the facility is a woodland hellhole run by a psycho ex-fitness instructor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan H (ca) wrote: Great movie. Kristen Stewart continues to shine after her Twilight Days. The movie is extremely original and very captivating and intriguing. 85/100

Andri A (br) wrote: A movie about tolerance, love, friendship & how differences can change the way of life...

Alex P (it) wrote: Most of the "plot twists" were really simple to call out. Just like The Lifeguard, i dont know what's up with these movies that have older women hooking up with young 20 somethings. In most soft sci-fi movies, like Eternal Sunshine i never find myself poking holes in the concept but this just have alot to argue against. I dont think the sci-fi is the point though, its being used as a commentary on how our culture is obsessed with finding "the one" and for those who dont believe in that, or soul mates will hate this movies 1st half for shoving that idea down your throat, but the 2nd half is about realizing that maybe perfect love is up to you, not some silly cliche.

Jason L (nl) wrote: Good action sequences

Daniela L (us) wrote: A very new-age Godfather-ish vibe to it. Viggo Mortensen pulls off the role with plenty of grace and manages to pull you into the story instantly. The levels of brutality make this unsuitable for the faint-hearted, but a good movie nonetheless if you're capable of powering through the gore scenes.

Amy H (gb) wrote: Such a terrible plot, story, acting and everything! Just because there is nudity, violence, sex and blood it is NOT a horror movie! And no the twist is not worth waiting for! What a waste of my memory space to watch such crap!

Erin P (jp) wrote: Awesome movie and love the actors.

Petros T (gb) wrote: "Johnny English" is a hysterically funny, prototypical spy film spoof. The titular hero is monumentally, no-holds-barred daft and that results in countless hilariously awkward situations. Rowan Atkinson is just perfect for the role and is surrounded by a very fitting cast. Overall "Johnny English" is very enjoyable and its more than fair share of iconic moments makes up for the occasional misstep.

Erik G (br) wrote: It may be unlawful and stupid but I like it when John and Duff save $30,000 for John's dream house and another $30,000 for his niece's college tuition. And when they're 'Stealing Harvard', I find a memorable liquor store robbery hilarious.

Andrew R (it) wrote: Dark, slick, and tragic, all the things you want from a movie about crooked cops, filthy killers and the family left behind. An Oldman movie in all aspects, the reason I started to care about his work.

Scott S (ca) wrote: Gritty and unsettling...a great film depicting the demise of a homeless girl.

JJ S (ru) wrote: Watched before 7/5/2012

Ryan C (fr) wrote: looks gd at shows wat dem brits did 2 the irish

Billy S (ca) wrote: another one i want to see

Wayne C (mx) wrote: Excellent. Jeremy Irvine has real star potential.

Marty H (fr) wrote: Affleck and Jackson perform fairly well despite a lousy script. Jackson's ridiculous acts of revenge are justified by his maniacal, alcoholic nature, Affleck's are performed out of pure stupidity. The relationships between Jackson and his wife, kids,and his sponsor are all so forced and unbelievable that it degrades what the movie was trying to accomplish. Affleck's relationship with his mistress was supposed to add to his depression and confusion with his situation with the file and his career. Amanda Peet failed in her attempt with a cameo to hone in on that point. She read her lines to Affleck like a drone making Affleck cry and all of us viewers as well. There is lots of good Samuel L Jackson screaming and ranting so if your a fan of that, then check this out. I would say this is one of Ben Affleck's lousiest movies, so don't bother with Changing Lanes if that is what you are seeking.

Nathan H (au) wrote: Dear Danny McBride,You are a funny actor, but here are some tips on comedy writing.The F-Word is not a punchline. A penis is not a joke. Keep that in mind if you want to try writing again.-Nathan Hosey