Hector the Mighty

Hector the Mighty

Flim also known as: Ettore lo fusto. A creative take of the Greek myth of Helen of Troy. An Edmondo Amati film directed by Enzo G. Castellari.

Flim also known as: Ettore lo fusto. A creative take of the Greek myth of Helen of Troy. An Edmondo Amati film directed by Enzo G. Castellari. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer S (fr) wrote: This documentary is gritty, exploitative, and deliciously gross in only the way that exploitation of the seventies and eighties can be. Channeling the vibe of exploitation films exclusively made in the Philippines in that time period, this documentary centers mostly on a certain mesh of topics, and especially focuses on the godfather of low budget grindhouse films, Roger Corman. His production company, New Horizons Pictures, made many disgustingly addictive films using the three B's: breasts, blood, and beasts. These films ranged from a variance of genres which include horror, women in prison films, kung fu, blaxploitation, fantasy, and marketing as lower budgeted versions of larger scaled productions. The film also speaks of the atrocious conditions that the actresses had to go through in the Filipino climate, including the extreme heat, cockroaches, and lack of privacy among the crew. Many of the interviewed actresses were accommodating, even found their work more hilarious than humiliating, and spoke of it with a strange mix of pride and self-awareness. Many others purported that the baring of their breasts was a statement for feminism and that the many scenes that included attempted rape, torture, and extenuating circumstances for profit was a way for them to fight back by showing parts of them that had previously been censored. The film even goes over the filming of Apocalypse Now, though that was fairly big budgeted, and starred large names of the day, including Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando. Though this film did bring attention to the directors of the day, and placed praise on these innovators, most of it was just slices of film, trying to cram as much in as possible. A lot of the content was educational and really brought the process of low budget moviemaking's dangers to attention, but it was not the deep film that could have come about.

Sean C (kr) wrote: It was pretty bad. The only reason for the 1 and half stars was Josh Brolin as a cockney rock star and Carla Gugino in a slutty nun outfit.

Sabrina M (jp) wrote: Ce film c'est un conte de fee qui tourne au carnage. Pas au sens propre mais bien au sens figure. C'est une histoire d'amour d'aujourd'hui. Je vous le conseille !

Vincent T (kr) wrote: Un duo Snipes/Harrelson sympa mais nos deux flics ne sont pas tres futes.Ce film d'action manque d'action clairement, tout ca est bien trop mou. Pas le meilleur de Snipes, loin de la.

Maksim B (mx) wrote: A fine example of the mediocre slapstick comedies of the 80s, Police Academy 3: Back in Training is not just one of the 7 installments of a legendary and ridiculously bad franchise, but also it ranks as probably the second best after the original movie. It is so absurd and so bad that it would actually make you smile when you catch it by chance on the TV on a lazy Saturday afternoon. To summarize the third delivery of this phenomenally bad (in terms of quality) and successful (in terms of financial performance) is pretty easy. More of the same stupid jokes, bad performances and inept story-telling would be unleashed upon you from the first minute of the movie and it would continue for all the 84 minutes. Therefore, the only conclusion which could be done about Police Academy 3 is that if you by chance see it on the TV and you are willing to "travel back in time" driven by nostalgia about the 80s, then it is a guilty pleasure that could be forgiven.

Bill T (nl) wrote: Wow, this was a bit of a mess actually. Al Pacino plays a playqright who is going through a bit of a midlife crisis. His wife leaves him, he's schlupping his lead actress in his new play, has 5 hungry mouths to feed, and he can't get the 2nd act quite right. Now, for the purpose of this film to succeed, Al must resolve everything right? Right. Unfortunately, he doesn't as everything just sort of mopes along, some plots are forgotten (Dyan Cannon is totally wasted here) and everything is mishmashed. Happy ending though, but even that ends awkwardly. Avoid.

Andrew L (br) wrote: Great film with tons of violence and blood. Very simple vengence story with great action and not a dull moment.

Brian F (mx) wrote: Beautiful, lyrical horror film that is sexy and strange. Good lesbian film, too (not the best, by any means, but as there aren't that many lesbian horror films, this one'll do.) Check it out.

Tim K (es) wrote: The premise and beginning of this movie actually had a creepy promising start. Then that all died along with the crew.

Brian B (de) wrote: This is a highly entertaining thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its entirety.After a truck driver wakes up inside a coffin, he discovers that terrorists captured him and are holding him for ransom. All he has with him is a phone and a knife.Despite the fact that this movie is filmed in a coffin the entire time, the movie interests us every step of the way. The claustrophobic setting makes the movie really tense. The fact that this movie is filmed in a coffin for the whole movie makes for an impressive feat.Ryan Reynolds gave a gripping performance which carried this movie expertly. His emotions and facial expressions engage us in the movie in many scenes.I'm not going to spoil the ending but it is quite unexpected and sad. However, it is fitting and the viewer understands why it was necessary. There was really no other fitting way for the movie to end.In certain parts though, disbelief must be suspended. For example, I don't think his phone would've worked under the sand. Also, he probably would've suffocated long before the credits rolled. I don't think he would have had enough Oxygen to survive so long. These nitpicks don't completely take the viewer out of the experience but it does bug them a bit.Overall, this is a pretty great movie. As long as you can get by the nitpicks then this will be a tense and claustrophobic thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Mahmoud Z (gb) wrote: a regular friday night shooter...