Heera has two passions in his life, namely his love for Reema, an air-hostess, and photography. When Reema passes away during an airplane accident, Heera is left with only passion in life - photography. During one of his photographic sessions with Raja Saab, a priceless diamond is stolen by Panna, and is hidden in Heera's car. When Heera comes to know about this theft and that he is in possession of stolen property, he decides to turn Panna in to the police, and that's when he comes to know that Panna is Reema's younger sister.

Heera lives in a small rural town in India with his father, a Magistrate, and housewife mother. He meets with the town's moneylender Dhaniram's daughter, Asha, both of them fall in love, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Waffler T (kr) wrote: Johann (Sommer) is a guard at Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Art Museum. He is happy to live a quiet life, having lived one filled with noise as a younger man. He is, however, quite lonely, so when he encounters Anne (O'Hara), a Canadian woman in Vienna to visit her terminally ill sister, he offers her assistance. Alone in a city whose language she doesn't speak, Anne is happy to spend time with Johann, who takes her on trips around the city, showing her a side of Vienna tourists ignore. In the process, his eyes are opened to the little wonders of otherwise mundane city scenes."Cinema is life with the dull parts cut out", Hitchcock once famously said. Director Jem Cohen apparently disagrees, as 'Museum Hours' is an exceptionally dull film with all the life taken out of it.The plot, and its Viennese setting, would have you believe this is a mature reworking of 'Before Sunrise' and for the opening half hour this is exactly what it resembles, albeit without Linklater's verbosity. With Johann letting Anne know he is gay, it removes any romantic dynamic and becomes a more interesting look at a short term friendship. Sommer is an amateur actor, in fact his day job is in Vienna's Film Institute, performing a similar role as his character here, but he's a charming presence with a wonderful drawl that resembles a softer Werner Herzog. O'Hara, known more as a singer and the sister of actress Catherine, is less charismatic, quite wooden at times even, but they form a charming dynamic nonetheless.Unfortunately, Cohen seems to have little interest in his characters. New to narrative cinema, the director is known more for his portraits of urban areas and in the second act his attention switches away from Johann and Anne, focusing instead on mundane street scenes like a de-stylized Godfrey Reggio. Vienna is one of Europe's most aesthetically pleasing cities but you'd never know it from Cohen's drab portrayal. If the kid from 'American Beauty', who filmed a plastic bag blowing in the wind, grew up to be a film-maker, he'd probably make films like 'Museum Hours'. At times, Cohen's story-telling style manages to appear both obtuse and heavy-handed, no mean feat. One cringe-worthy moment sees him cut from the news of a character's death to a shot of dead leaves. There's an arrogance about the way he transitions from his own compositions of mundane Viennese street scenes to the artwork hanging in the museum and this reaches a pretentious nadir in the movie's post-script, where Johann describes these everyday scenes the way a museum tour guide would a piece of art.Cohen tells us to look closer at life but, by ignoring his human characters, he's ignoring his own advice, much to his film's detriment.

Donald E (de) wrote: Si me tuviera que dejar llevar por las actuaciones en esta pelcula le dara la mitad de una estrella. Las actuaciones estuvieron patticas. En cuanto al vestuario me parecieron bastante acorde a la poca. Las tomas llevadas a cabo estuvieron excelentes.

Noname (ca) wrote: I hardly remember anything from first movie actually more than that it had some unique cool stunt scenes which is called "Parkour" (a movement style) . Basically it means to move from a point to another as quick as possible. Its very similar to the videogame Mirror's Edge if you have played that. Anyway the story continues in Paris year 2013 in "Sector 13" which is a the worst criminal territory and once again the supercop Damien Tomaso teams up with Leito for another mission there.. Its a pleasure to watch both of them in action ,, martial art mixed with stunning stunt scenes pretty much on the same level as "Transporter" i would say. This action movie was very good overall with a great music score aswell and if they make more sequels i will look forward to them without a doubt.

Julianne B (es) wrote: bad cast but kurupt was pretty funny, Goldberg & Kurupt together reminded me of Shrek & Donkey LOL

Nia E (us) wrote: A gripping film from the beginning to end. It was better than what i thought it would be as i only watched it for Leighton Meester, and it turned out to be a really good film.

Tammy R (us) wrote: A solid movie with very good acting. I found this movie too be just as much about a school teacher having an affair with a student as the power of manipulation.

Penelope T (ca) wrote: I was irritated by all the repitition at the time I was watching it, but continued to think and think about it, so.. thumbs up

lyric a (us) wrote: Love dis movie!!! u gotta see it!!

Lindsay D (es) wrote: This movie was just a great big waste of time and film.

Steve B (au) wrote: Fun, funny and sexy. Well worth your time.

NOT SO BAD E (gb) wrote: a let down for this franchise ...... but a good movie overall.....

Adam P (ag) wrote: Thrown-together sequel to Black Caesar is possibly one of the most slapdash films ever made, and possibly a piece of genre deconstruction on par with Godard. The only question to break the tie is whether or not art can be made by accident. Either a 2.5 or 4.5 star movie, depending on your stance, but fascinating and unrelenting nonetheless.

Jason R (fr) wrote: Kind of an odd, intentionally unbalanced, coming of age story set in Nantucket (shot in California). The intentional part of the story is that it tries to show kids being kids and then contrasts it with some serious stories of a wife who's husband has gone off to fight in WWII. The story is based on Herman Raucher's true experiences and a real encounter he had with a woman named Dorothy in 1942. The movie's jarring nature comes from tryijng to go between a kids "trying to have sex for the first time" story to a serious drama, and it doesn't feel like it always works.

Tyson P (gb) wrote: you have to give jet li credit because even though he uses many wire stunts his choreography is still mesmerizing. jackie Chan and Tony Jaa impress us with their acrobatics and wire free martial arts so jet li is is somewhat of a fresh look at martial arts movies. switches up the formula a bit. Fearless is loaded with action and has a somewhat thoughtful story to boot.

Isaac J (ru) wrote: Reese Witherspoon stars as blonde bombshell, Elle Woods, in this romantic comedy, which sees this Malibu sorority sister follow her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School in order to win him back. Though this movie's cover shows a corny, annoying chick flick, upon watching it, you are pleasantly surprised. Legally Blonde, whilst still very frivolous and banal, is an enjoyable watch about self-discovery and perseverance and Reese Witherspoon plays both perrceived dumb blonde and later strong lawyer perfectly, aided by a competent supporting cast. Yes, the story is formulaic and predictable and the film is far from a masterpiece, but it far exceeds expectations and is an enjoyable and entertaining comedy, that you can't help but enjoy in all its plasticity.

Ric M (kr) wrote: I would love to make something this good

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