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Jay H (nl) wrote: This is our modern day "Slap Shot". Very well done movie, funny and serious at the right moments, and really shows the side of the most underrated players in a hockey club.

Genevive C (de) wrote: They certainly kept the best story for last. But the story with Hugh Jackman is cute and funny. And the story with Cate Blanchett is appropriately crazy.

Ruth L (nl) wrote: Simply sweet and silly, this movie is a lot of fun. Then English subtitles are abysmal, but the charisma of the actors, particularly of "Mario" more than make up for any issues with translation.

Lyric B (it) wrote: This story ceratinly deserved to be more than just a made for TV Disney film. I hate being one of those people that say the book is better, so I try really hard not to do that. With this film, I felt that the story was so great it deserved to be a high budget film... the cheap TV animation ruins a wonderful and enormous story. The book is a five star book, the movie is just scraping by with three stars. I loved the cast, I would have just liked to see this film with a budget more on the scale of the Narnia movies.

Matt T (jp) wrote: Joanna Going, Live Schreiber and Ben Affleck attracted me to this movie, but they could not save it; it's rubbish!

Jason B (us) wrote: A fat guy in a ninja costume with a serious attitude & hilarious mannerism. Great movie for fun very goofy.

Jamin M (gb) wrote: I absolutely adore this film. I fell head over heels for it. I love the characters. I love the animation. I love the comedy, the drama, the musical score, everything. The emotions are very genuine and the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless is very poignant and very touching. Yes, the story is predictable with many been-done elements, but the way the story is executed and how well-paced it is makes those elements work very well. One thing Dreamworks is good at doing is casting and it clearly shows here. I loved every performance. The way the dragons work is kind of confusing, but how cool the dragons are more than make up for it. The film is, in my opinion, practically perfect. It's my most favorite Dreamworks film next to it's sequel. It's an absolutely stunning, funny, heartwarming, surprisingly intense, action-packed adventure that both kids and adults can enjoy. It's straight up wonderful

Michael C (jp) wrote: I never expected a movie of this nature to be so emotional and engaging.

Brodie A (de) wrote: The troops are celebrating the end of the Gulf War, but three of them want more. The Three "Kings" decide to go after Saddam Hussein's gold. Along the way they realize the Iraqi citizens are not receiving the American support they were promised for standing up against Saddam.The Three Kings are Marky Mark, George Clooney, and Ice Cube. They are a bit clueless and erratic. It feels LULzy yet is still entertaining. The acting wasn't that great, and it wasn't very realistic either. It wasn't extremely awful, but I wouldn't watch it again for awhile.

KJ P (it) wrote: "Racing Extinction," a film showcased on the Discovery Channel, is essentially about how our world is falling apart. Following a group of documentarians, this story predates the dinosaur era and explains how methane may have been the extinction factor billions of years ago. This is a very honest, yet preachy film about how we are destroying our planet, while trying to keep ourselves alive. I really admired the impact that these filmmakers were trying to accomplish, and for the first half of this picture, I was enthralled. "Racing Extinction" derails a bit when it dives into the diets of human beings and what we should be eating. I feel that after showing all of the statistics and visuals of what we are doing to ourselves and the planet we live on, it spoke for itself. Although the film does get slightly preachy with it's messages toward the end, it is a very effective documentary with impressive footage and thought-provoking interviews. Not only was I interested in this story, but I felt myself really thinking about the world afterwards, and for that reason alone, I believe this film did it's job perfectly. In the end, this is a very well-made film from start to finish that I would highly recommend to those who can forgive a bit of preachy every now and then. "Racing Extinction" is very good.