Hei ma wang zi

Hei ma wang zi

A man falls in love with a woman from Shanghai, who's come to Hong Kong to look for long-lost-mother, but problems arise when her wealthy father assumes she's been kidnapped.

A man falls in love with a woman from Shanghai, who's come to Hong Kong to look for long-lost-mother, but problems arise when her wealthy father assumes she's been kidnapped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul S (it) wrote: A truly excellent movie. Great cinematography, acting, and directing.

Nstor G (mx) wrote: A fascinating and magical experience. A beautiful documentary.

kyo 9 (ag) wrote: Another ground breaking movie..The boy who lives his entire life in a prison camp finally escapes to find freedom in Denmark.. His journey have met him with all kinds of people and further on reunited with his mother.. Great story!

CrisTina H (es) wrote: I watched this movie hundreds of times!! Great story, amazing acting!

Aron A (nl) wrote: What more can you expect from a 1995 film of amateur actors and a 500 budget (it seems). Regardless of this, I found it rather entertaining.

Kyle B (jp) wrote: This is DeNiro's third character; he plays a creepy person who becomes obssessed with someone! The other two are the tough mobster, or a converse of the tough mobster (analyze this/that)

Daniel C (us) wrote: The 400 Blows of Quebec film, I love how it turns dark so quickly.

monsieur r (ag) wrote: At first an average Western, but with Gregory Peck this is a tolerable film that ends very well. While it starts pretty typical, the scenery later is terrific. Good cinematography. The supporting cast (mostly the young outlaws) are average actors. Two are veteran actors. The soundtrack is average. After a 7-8 year stay in prison, Gregory Peck is looking for a bank robbing partner that got betrayed him. In the process, he is burdened with a nasty tempored 5 year old orphan girl. He feels bad not caring for the girl despite his better sense. 3 young guys follow Peck and cause him trouble. While made in 1971, this film has all the scenery, cinematography and real open West feel as seen today. This film is all about legend actor Gregory Peck. He elevates this film FAR above what it should be. Slow paced, were it not for Peck's performance, personna and the scenery.... let's just say it would be no Shoot Out at all. NOTES: Unusual to see mild curse words (occasionally) coming from Peck and an orphan 5 year old he befriends. Also, we see Peck jumping out of bed with some woman he knows early in the film. Stay for the ending on this one. Revenge is sweet. Starring: Patricia Quinn, Gregory Peck, Robert F. Lyons, Susan Tyrrell, Jeff Corey Directed by: Henry Hathaway Produced by: Hal B. Wallis Rated: PG (suprisingly as killing is often and graphic) Runtime:95 min Sound Mix:Mono (Westrex Recording System) Color:Color (Technicolor) Aspect Ratio:1.85 : 1

Jacky L (es) wrote: from the DVD cover, it looked a rather grim, artsy kinda flick. the first 15 minutes proved otherwise; hey this could be a lighthearted watch for a sunday noon! well it's part comedy but part 'heavy' too. this is basically a story about the middle and lower class in paris. middle class portrayed by the lecherous but essentially good man, Mr Lestingois and the tramp he saved, Boudu. gotta say though - i found Boudu to be unlikable; not one bit endearing. Was wondering to myself why the hell he was swaying and walking around like that? was he stoned?? seems there are two camps here, one that think the actor who played Boudu did an excellent job, and the other camp who think otherwise. I belong to the latter. I'd need to catch a second Renoir to determine if I like his works.

Scott C (fr) wrote: Very weird movie. A wildly atmospheric early horror gem. A bit un-PC in places, but that was the 1930s for you. Way better than Lugosi's 'Dracula'.