Held Up

Held Up

While they're on vacation in the Southwest, Rae finds out her man Michael spent their house money on a classic car, so she dumps him, hitching a ride to Vegas for a flight home. A kid promptly steals Michael's car, leaving him at the Zip & Sip, a convenience store. Three bumbling robbers promptly stage a hold up. Two take off with the cash stranding the third, with a mysterious crate, just as the cops arrive. The robber takes the store hostage. As incompetent cops bring in a SWAT team and try a by-the-book rescue, Michael has to keep the robber calm, find out what's in the crate, aid the negotiations, and get back to Rae. The Stockholm Syndrome asserts its effect.

While they're on vacation in the Southwest, Rae finds out her man Michael spent their house money on a classic car, so she dumps him, hitching a ride to Vegas for a flight home. A kid ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emaster E (de) wrote: movie was great i just wished killer frost and harley made it out alive

Nick U (mx) wrote: 2/27/16 Amazon VideoA cute, fun and entertaining movie with some good comedic lines that men of a certain age will enjoy and relate to. Certainly not a comedy classic but a nice light departure to the murder and mayhem of most movies.

Mike V (nl) wrote: This movie starts with a dysfunctional family all with their own agendas and baggage, and with various negativities towards each other. That is, all except for Little Miss Sunshine. Along the road trip they each experience personal traumas of varying degrees, resulting in bonding and healing. The final scene at the pageant is touching, celebrating innocence, individuality, and the importance of family. There are both funny and tragic moments in this film, but which is ultimately an uplifting experience. AAN 1001

Brody M (au) wrote: OK movie but towards the middle, You already figure out the ending

James H (us) wrote: This one is in the Rotten Tpmatoes data base twice, so wasn't sure which one to review, so chose both. Expectedly crude, occasionally funny but moist of the gags fall flat. The plot is a bit much and far fetched. Fair acting.

Luke S (de) wrote: Return of the King is the epic conclusion to the epic trilogy, full of breathtaking visual effects and epic battles and moments.

Sarah G (nl) wrote: Flixter's descriptions of movies have a tendency to mislead. The film is the dramatic portrayal of how lies can destroy lives, even those who do not know the lie exists. The story is nothing too spectacular. Fine acting; I'm always glad to see Patton in movies.

Sapphire W (br) wrote: I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed this film. It was also surprising to see how much comedy has changed in the last couple of decades.

Nicolas A (gb) wrote: Great directing and acting in this beautiful western

Henrik S (mx) wrote: I love John Ford and the The Quiet Man might very well be my favourite movie but this flick is plain and simple a horrible, dull and very racists piece of crap. Claudette Colbert makes for a cute lead with Bambi eyes but her role is very one-dimensional and limited to the faithful wife of the American Soldier. Henry Fonda is colourless and bland. What upsets me the most is the ridiculous portrayl of the First Nations and black people, they are either ravaging monsters and blabbering idiots. To make things worse, at the very end of the movie, to the sound of the national anthem everybody pledges allegiance to the flag, including the idiot Indian and servant black woman !Of course, this being John Ford's first colour film, there are some lovely scenes of great cinematic beauty to be seen in this movie (inspired by Gone with the Wind it seems) but that does not excuse the lack of story and the blatant racism.Utter Rubbish. HX

Pete C (us) wrote: Sorry it is a guilty pleasure.

Johnny R (nl) wrote: All the negative reviews I see about Adam Sandler movies makes me like them more I guess it's my guilty pleasure idk what it is but all his movies just feel like home to me good or bad I grew up with all his movies and like all of them including mr. deeds loved the modern day remake and the cast was good together!