On the outside, Helen has it all – a loving family and a successful career – but when her suppressed mental illness resurfaces, the world crumbles around her. Crippled by depression, Helen finds solace through her friendship with Mathilda, a kindred spirit struggling with bipolar disorder.

A talented professor is forced to come to terms with her clinical depression. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felix C (mx) wrote: Daniel Stern's character of Marv is replaced by French Stewart. That's all you really need to know.

Ivan S (gb) wrote: The dialogues in this movie, mainly those payed for San Juan, are memorable and brilliant. the best ones from spanish cinema. It's unecessary the musical part but in spite of this it's a great movie and deserves to be seen.

Ray L (fr) wrote: Awsome, scary, really fires your imagination. I like it a lot.

Tristan P (nl) wrote: And his initials are......

Leo L (us) wrote: Fantastic movie by Nisha Ganatra!! Great story plot. Filled with a bit of hilarity, but intriguing story about Reena and her sister. Great cast! Phenomenal music!! Worth watching.

Andr (us) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 28.02.1999

Dan N (ru) wrote: Great movie intriguing exciting interesting as real people real problems real emotions and excellent movie you won't waste a minute watching it all the way through great cast well directed excellent music watch it it'll be really worth your time

Kimberly S (nl) wrote: it was the best of them all. Justin is amazing, he helped me with my depression and he doesn't even know it. I use to be and deep deep deeeeeeeep depression where I would self-harm but his music and words helped me so much. God bless everyone.

Trent K (es) wrote: Imressive,visually stunning horror film with few scares.