Criminal Frans Weeling realizes, after he has a revelation on the island Texel, he is only another link in the chain of the whole universe. This idea enlightens him, but also conflicts with his position and perspectives in the underworld.

A young boy Alfred is dying, but through the stories about HELIUM - a magical fantasy world, told by the hospital's eccentric janitor Enzo, Alfred regain the joy and happiness of his life, and finds a safe haven away from daily life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Helium torrent reviews

Private U (fr) wrote: The soundtrack was very impressive and the story was very touching..Love is perhaps knowing when to let it go and wish the best..it hurts however, like anwar it may cause diaster for both of them...

JamesMasaki R (gb) wrote: Michel Gondry has possibly made the greatest home movie ever, but like all other home movies, it doesn't do that much for people who aren't related. But to see where some of his inspiration as an artist came from is a very rare touch that people seldom see with great artists.

Joe A (de) wrote: This is one of those movies that try's really hard but just doesn't get the job done. Despite being a story of a haunting, the director never establishes any atmosphere and using cheezy video effects during the supernatural sequences ruins them, when in camera effects would have been far more effective. The cast isn't bad but, their performances never show any real life or energy. And using hand held camera in a lot of scenes was just distracting and annoying. The story's been done before too, so, despite appreciating the effort by someone who was obviously trying to make a good movie, there's not much to recommend here.

Brian G (gb) wrote: Tender true tale of depressed housewife finding purpose in helping war effort. Says a lot about repressed Brits who'd already lived thru 1 great war & the young who came thru this one. As usual Brit historical costume drama always well done down to last detail

Andrew P (nl) wrote: Simply, cute film. Made me laugh a lot througout. Brenda Fricker, Imelda Staunton and Vanessa Redgrave did fantastic.

Ken S (br) wrote: Besides some descent breast casting, this pg-13 poor-man's Jaws rip off is pretty unremarkable.

jason h (gb) wrote: I just can't explain why I love this nonsense.

Amanda H (kr) wrote: This movie interested me for about the first five minutes, but after that the endless jumping around and the heavily Irish dialogue lost me. Don't bother with this one.

Kimberly C (jp) wrote: 1.) I want to live in a moldering old english castle 2.) then I want to swim in the moat 3.) how could Cassandra prefer Simon and not Stephen? Not logical!

Allison M (it) wrote: 2 stars for james marsden, 1/2 a star for the movie.

Kieran F (mx) wrote: Obviously at the time this film was made Hollywood was in a decline. Film goer's where fewer and fewer and this also meant that the studios didn't put as...much..effort in to their films as they use to simply cause well they knew the film goer's were not interested in the films(Why put a lot of effort into a film if no one will see it?) This film is no exception. It looks cheap,the effects are cheesy and it's got a short some what..cliche story. So..it's not a surprise that it would get bad reviews.Personally speaking I think the film is okay. it has some decent actors and interesting performances and the music isn't too bad. but it's also it's downfall the music,although it's a musical, is almost too much and get's slightly boring after a while. But the actors are decent and so it does help. As I said at the time this film was made Hollywood was in a weird time around this time,late 60's early 70's, alot of the famous directors from that time where leaving the directors chairs,either due to retirement death or what not, and so alot of the people in hollywood where looking to get OUT of movie making and not get into it. At the same time you had a lot of film studio's being sold to larger conglomerates. and thusly ALOT of people thought this was the end of film making as we knew it. it was as if the film goers changed their opinions on films like a person changes their clothes. For example this film was directed by the same director who just the year before released a film that was great box office success and so they assumed this film would work out like that since it had the same director and crew etc. yet it bombed. It was unbelievable to see how quickly public tastes changed, and interestingly enough 2 years latter the movie industry had it's lowest performance at theaters ever for film goers and films, It was almost as if the film fans where...almost..ADDed or something. You know they had a very short attention span or something. I wouldn't be surprised if in years latter we look back at this time of film making and going to the movies as we look at Vaudeville. A very peculiar time for film making. Now that all aside it's no surprise that this film didn't do great. I guess if you look at it now it's not BAD but it's definitely not great. to be quiet honest. I thought the film was okay. but the story is a little cheesy. Come on the story is about a guy who can talk to animals..okay. THat I don't care about really but...what got me was how the film as it went on started adding all sorts of..weird ideas. Such as Dr.D being charged with murder because he dressed a seal up as a woman and threw it into the sea or...how they didn't know exactly where they were going so instead stuck a pin into an atlas. But It didn't ruin the film for me. It was nice to see a lot of good actors,from Dr.Doolittle all the way down to Geoffry Holder,who would become a house hold name 6 years latter thanks to his appearance in Live and Let die as Baron Samidi. But it was weird when the film didn't exactly flow great.All in All the film isn't GREAT but it's not bad either. The story is ridiculious but the acting and actor's are decent and the music,surprisingly, is quite interesting but..it doesn't save this film

Private U (mx) wrote: Now *here's* a chick-flick worth watching. Parker Stevenson, sigh. Sam Elliott, sigh x 2. Swell California lifestyle flick, too. Pass the popcorn!

Jared B (ru) wrote: Tense, psychological thriller. Well acted all round, but I can see why this was the breakthrough performance for Ellen Page. Great ending too.

Walter M (us) wrote: In "Smashed," it may not be Kate(Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wetting the bed that she shares with her husband Charlie(Aaron Paul) that serves as a warning that she is drinking too much nor twice waking up in a strange place nor smoking crack with a veritable stranger. It is when she throws up at her job as a elementary school teacher that forces her to lie about being pregnant that gets the attention of Dave(Nick Offerman), a colleague, before he tells her about the time he drank liquid cocaine. As extremely well-acted as "Smashed" is, especially by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, with very fine support from Octavia Spencer and Nick Offerman(And I checked. Megan Mullaly not being annoying is a minor miracle.), it is a shame that in its tale of alcoholism that it is nothing we have not seen hundreds of times before. Plus, the faux pregnancy storyline simply goes on too long and for such a functioning intelligent alcoholic it is surprising that Kate has not worked out a decent hangover cure by now.

KJ P (it) wrote: "The Art of Getting By" stars Freddie Highmore in the leading role as a very smart loner becomes entangled with his high school crush and begins to slack off in school when he can no longer focus. With themes about the meaning of life, the outlook on the world itself, and how love can find it's way back no matter what, this is a very well-made picture. A very small-budget film with a great script are always my kind of film, seeing as the crew and cast all devote their time to something they believe in. This story works on many levels and the editing style is very unique. The cinematography, mainly the filters used over the lenses for each particular scene, was genius. Although I think the film loses an insane amount of ground when the love interest, played by Emma Roberts, is an extremely unlikable character, going for his friends other than him. The first half is a very enjoyable indie film, but everything good is swallowed up halfway through. The cast is great but the characters are not likeable enough by the end. I really enjoyed the outlooks on life, but the film is kind of a mess otherwise and the conclusion really didn't feel earned.

Annette M (fr) wrote: This movies a piece of shit.