Hell Baby

Hell Baby

After she and her husband move into a haunted house, a woman gives birth to a demonic infant that wreaks havoc.

. There, they encounter a neighbour named F';resnel who tells them about the bloody history of their house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hell Baby torrent reviews

Alfonso d (it) wrote: The horrible acting of Paz Vega, who believes she is in some kind of latin soap opera, ruins the whole movie. It is disgusting to see a person who can't act in the central role of a movie. She left a bad image to latin actress who could make a better job with her role. By the way, she is not even mexican. Couldn't the producers find a mexican actress to perform a mexican inmigrant woman?

Chris W (gb) wrote: Not for those with a weak stomach...

JORGE R (nl) wrote: incredible offering, n very honest

JuanKa P (kr) wrote: Una nave espacial ha aterrizado forzosamente en La Tierra, planeta que ha sido abandonado por los humanos y que se ha regenerado de tal forma que todas las especies constituyen al menos cierto peligro, precisamente para los humanos. En esa nave la tripulacin est compuesta por Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) y su padre Cypher (Will Smith). El padre se encuentra herido y la misin de encontrar la forma de pedir ayuda, pesara en el joven Kitai y su habilidada para sobrevivir en un ambiente tan hostil, mientras intentan retener a la Ursa, una criatura aliengena que llevabana para entrenarse junto al resto de la tripulacin. La colaboracin e interpretacin entre los dos Smith, Jayden y Will es lo mejor de la pelcula.

Peter W (au) wrote: A great reflection on the conflict between science and religious fundamentalism, this movie has a lot to offer, not least two hours of great entertainment. The story of Hypatia and the Library of Alexandria has been adapted with outstanding attention for historic detail and accuracy.

Claire L (es) wrote: An unconventional romcom about different relationships. The characters were very human and endearing. **SPOILERS**Thought there were some loose knots regarding the former love interest of Kenneth that were quickly brushed away after he realized that he was into Aubrey Plaza's character.Requires some suspension of belief at the end, but maybe that added to the charm of the movie. For me, I found it a bit hard to believe, maybe it would've been better if they didn't show the end (whether they do successfully get to time travel or not).