Hell's Half Acre

Hell's Half Acre

A woman travels to Hawaii to find out of a man in prison there is actually her missing husband.

A woman who believes her missing husband is in prison in Hawaii on a murder charge travels there to see if it actually is him. However, he escapes before she sees him, when he hears that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maryanne M (gb) wrote: I am so surprised at the low ratings! I loved the book, and loved the movie. Full of quirky characters that you can love or hate. The movie just evocates a part of Savannah, that I am desperate to enjoy! The acting is charming, the story is arresting, and I'm not sure what the haters are up to. Totally worth a rental on a Saturday night, and hope you will invest in the book as well!

Edgar C (ag) wrote: After the underrated drama Mother and Child (2009), Colombian director Rodrigo Garca explores alternative choices. The fact that he maintained the same degree of quality adapting new material is a sign of two possibilities:a) He is trying to find his directorial signature.b) He is not an uncommitted film-maker.In this new delivery set in 19th Century Ireland, a time and place in which women had nule personal development possibilities to have an independent existece, legendary actress Glenn Close shines in a brutally compelling performance, taking a mature story to new heights. The movie deals with deep emotional themes that might be difficult to understand or empathize with for some people, because we are talking about entirely different life conditions. However, we also are talking about a situation of sexism and chauvinism that makes modern times stink even today.From that point of view, our current situation is a tragedy in the same way the film becomes one. It should definitely be seen despite my rating and despite some points of improvement yet to be checked my Garca. Albert Nobbs never deserved this lack of attention/popularity.66/100

Karin R (mx) wrote: The message is spot-on, but the documentary is only so-so.

Nick P (fr) wrote: I wasn't so sure how I would feel about this piece, but it proved itself to be important. Of course, to a degree, but it's still glorious.One True Thing stars Meryl Streep, Renee Zellweger and William Hurt. This centers around Ellen Gulden, a young, ambitious yet hard woman who works for a newspaper and is very successful at it. Her life seems to be ideal and normal, a job she loves, a boyfriend she has a passion for (it doesn't feel like love) and a girlfriend she hangs out with. She lives the desirable life of a person in their twenties. This is all interrupted one day when she gets a call from her father, Kate. He calls her and tells her about a birthday party her father, George, is having. Annoyed and feeling forced, Ellen decides to go. Kate appears and is genuinely a soulful, extremely delightful woman of two children and a seemingly lovely husband. She is bright and a joy to be around, making you want her to be your own mother or at the very least, a family member. But Ellen only sees her as an irritating, stubborn pushover. You can see this from her attitude towards her and begin to feel sympathy for Kate and rather frustrated with Ellen. Not really angry, but frustrated. It is clear Ellen adores her father, a middle aged college professor. As the story progresses, Ellen realizes and finds out that Kate is ill and eventually diagnosed with terminal cancer. George forces her to stay with her mother and she reluctantly does. As she spends time with her ailing mother as her caretaker, she slowly realizes that she is becoming her daughter too. And as she becomes closer to Kate, she notices her father's sneaky acts as he is cheating with a student. But of course, the best performance is Meryl Streep. She never comes off as bad or mediocre or even simply as OK. She enters Kate's world of bottled up pain and shining nature. She is like a warm blanket you climb into bed with at the end of the day. Her work paid off with her 11th Oscar nomination, which she would receive seven seven more in the future. Renee Zellweger seems as if she is in a simple soap opera in the beginning, but she is perfectly fine as a regular woman who has problems with keeping relationships with people who are close to her. Hurt is solid but seems a bit dull in other scenes. The film itself sounds like a typical old family soap opera, but comes off as uncanny and intriguing. It's not about troubles in families, but about how to improve them.

Vincent P (gb) wrote: Dopey fun that could've benefitted from more hallmarks of Euro sleaze: sex and violence. Cannibalsploitation lite.

Ken S (mx) wrote: An interesting entry in Hammer's Frankenstein series, though I'm not sure if it all worked...at the very least it was better than "Evil of Frankenstein" and at least tried something unique with the franchise. Peter Cushing is once again creating mad experiments to beat death, this time he is convinced that if only dead for an hour, he can revive the deceased because their soul is intact. It's less physical and more mental this time around. His young assistant is accused of murder and put to death, and his scarred girlfriend witnesses it and kills herself. The Baron is able to bring her back to life via his assistant's soul, and she seeks revenge on the people that killed her father and blamed her boyfriend. The movie takes a little too long to get going, but when it does it doesn't hold back on the gruesome factor.

Nathan M (ca) wrote: This film resonates as much today as it did in 1964. Just amazing. The DVD has a solid transfer and great interviews (particularly with Abbey Lincoln).

Tyler J (ag) wrote: Yay IM Rating This MOVIE Not at Christmas Time Who Cares For an Upgrade And For The Movie Being SO GOOD They Dersurve A Christmas Cookie and Nice Mulk Sounds Good Huh!

Gilbert M (nl) wrote: I don't know what the hell is wrong with those critics. This movie kept me up, and I mean that in a very good way.

Filippo V (kr) wrote: Un film tutto sommato apprezzabile che nonostante molte incertezze riesce comunque ad intrattenere con facilit.