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Carlos M (nl) wrote: It may be "The Blair-Squatch Project" but I haven't seen a found footage movie this well made and scary in a very long time - and it is so great to see how it takes its time to bring us close to its characters before throwing them (with us) in such a terrifying situation.

Pablo B (de) wrote: Why this is rotten I will never understand,

Juli R (br) wrote: When I was 10 or 11 years old, I was obsessed with this movie. So much so that I had to have an ice skating birthday party. Which was when I found out I *don't* have a natural talent for ice skating.

Helen H (de) wrote: Another animal/small child film. I might just puke!

Tommy K (br) wrote: The costume work on the main character is pretty good and the movie does have its moments, but the acting ranges from lazy to obnoxious and the humor is very disrespectful to the original Dr. Seuss classic. Not horrendous, but still pretty bad.

Tyler B (mx) wrote: Fun movie that has some flaws that made it slip from being perfect but not too bad. Very slow but it builds up well and ends good. A little too focused on Stiller and Leoni for my liking.However you have great supporting performances from Alda, Muphy, and especially Matthew Broderick (in a great return to form,) to make this work. Alda is in a rather baddie role and does it well. Shame I missed it back in 2011 but it's not as bad as many make it out to be. Wish it made more $.

Rob B (mx) wrote: Ray Wise's right wing father alone is funnier than most other comedy films and that has to put it ahead of the pack. The story is very baggy and meanders like the Amazon. However, while being aware the film was playing for time I can't deny that it thoroughly entertained me while doing so.

Jaime L (au) wrote: Haven't read the Stephen King novel this is based on so I don't know if it made a mockery of the source material but on its own its a serviceable thriller.